Monday, September 22, 2008

More October RM9 DLC Revealed

Apparently, a complete list of October DLC for Rockman 9 was revealed in the game's manual:

- Endless Attack: A never ending level where players compete for who arrives the farthest. (300 Points)

- Hero Mode: Play the whole game on a higher difficulty. (100 Points)

- Superhero Mode: Play the whole game on an extremely high difficulty. (100 Points)

- Proto Man Mode: Play the game as Proto Man (200 Points)

- Special Stage: A brand new stage with a brand new boss for Time Attack. (100 Points)

Wow. So in short, we'll be paying a grand total of 1,800 this coming month. Lucky for me, I'm loaded!


  1. T_T

    I have to wait till October to get the new stages and Blues?!

  2. Brand new boss? Words cannot express how much I hope it's Forte.

  3. If it was Forte, he wouldn't be brand new...

    Also, am I the only one who is sick of companies withholding content to be sold to us after release? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Rockman bitch, so I will be buying it all, but if it was anything else, I wouldn't shell out a single cent for it.

  4. After seeing the final room, I am guessing the hidden level/boss if Forte/Bass.

    When Wily is defeated you enter a room with a blueprint of Forte/Bass on the monitor behind you. He has to be the hidden boss. The ending is awesome however.

  5. I won't pay more for those silly things. I am fine with Megaman 9 just like NES and Blues (Protoman), thank you very much.

  6. @hypercoyote:They do it because they know you'll buy it. ;)

    Protodude, any chance you'll share some of that loaded-ness with some of us less money-having-inclined? :D XD

  7. har har, not a chance.

    I am still considering holding a RM9 giveaway however...maybe this weekend.

  8. @ Oyster:

    SO this game happens in between 6 and 7 then?

  9. I have a question...

    Does anyone know what the subtitle of this game is? I haven't been able to find a translation ANYWHERE...


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