Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anonymous: "MegaMan 9 on the 22nd. No DLC."

An anonymous source claiming to be a part of the press has come to crush the rumors started by SSJ4 while at the same time, confirming MM9's U.S release: September the 22nd.

"This SSJ4 guy is nothing but a fan pulling your guy's legs. His stuff is pure bull. There is no DLC whatsoever. The only thing close to DLC is a few unlockables gained by completing certain tasks in a "Challenge Screen." (Sorry, I'm not going to touch on this)

I've had Megaman 9 in my office for the past week and have been diligently writing up a review slated to hit online next week. I thought you and your readers would like to know that Capcom of America has specifically stated to not release the review until twenty-four hours AFTER the 22nd. Why? Take a good guess :)

However...I do not know if the 22nd release date applies to all three version of the game. We're only reviewing the WiiWare version, so I guess its safe to assume it's heading in the Wii's direction Monday.

Look forward to Sunday night, Capcom is expected to drop a press release confirming the date.

September 22nd is seeming more and more likely. Apparently, during IGN's "MegaMan 9 Week" campaigning, (celebrating the best Wily bosses) they mentioned a September 22nd release for all three consoles.

Why must we be teased? Can't we just have the game now?


  1. Looks like DLC really was too good to be true D:

  2. Wait, are you sure this anonymous source isn't the one pulling your leg? There are other members from the press that confirm DLC

  3. Well, at least we know it's coming to the U.S. : )

  4. Now that I believe.

  5. im ok with no dlc, as long as the said challenge list leads to some of those awesome unlockables

  6. That's why I'm very disappointed regarding the Rockman9 coverage and related-issues. I don't mind - whatever released or not for other consoles (X360 and PS3), fair enough, as the game is already much spoiled, and Capcom needn't to hide anything.

  7. It makes perfect sense that its coming on the 22nd. WiiWare and Virtual Console games only come out on Mondays in America. Not to mention some Japanese-made games are released in America before Japan.

  8. @Radix - was there doubt it was coming to the US?

  9. The official japanese page says 24th for the Wii.


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