Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mega Man 10 Won't Feature Co-op

From IGN's hands-on Mega Man 10 preview:

"Capcom was also quick this morning to strike down the rumor of a new co-op mode in Mega Man 10. Mega and Proto will not be sharing the screen any time soon. According to Capcom, Mega Man 10 is slated to drop in March on all three download services. Expect a $10 price tag."

Amidst the many Mega Man 10 rumors floating about, a postulated cooperative multiplayer mode was undoubtedly the most popular.  It's truly unfortunate to see this one ruled out as I'm sure many were hoping this one to be true.

Check out IGN's hands-on preview for more details.


  1. OH!!!! do i have to be surprised?
    thanks keiji ok?

  2. That's a shame, it seemed like they were putting a lot of emphasis on RockMan and Blues' partnership that I was really getting convinced they were jumping on the awesome multiplayer platformer bandwagon.

  3. And the angry whining commenceth.

    I guess they couldn't get the mechanic to work well?

  4. Yeah one reason more to play this game on an emulator instead of buying it (as the console itself)

  5. That sucks but I'm not surprised that co-op wouldn't be included.

  6. Eh, oh well. No big deal.

    And kotipeltox, why? You're going to pirate a game simply because it won't have multiplayer that even 9 didn't have? That's...a really freaking pathetic reason to pirate a game(and this is coming from a pirate).

  7. Truthfully, I honestly couldn't care less about multiplayer, since I normally play video games by myself, anyway. It didn't interest me much in New Super Mario Brothers Wii, and it was the same case this time around.

  8. I wouldn't be suprised if all this emphasis on Rockman and Blues is hinting at Rock finnally learning that Blues is his brother. Apparently in Japan Megaman STILL doesn't know he is, or maybe I'm mixing it up with here ^^;

  9. kotipeltox is a great megaman fan i think we should all aspire to be just like him

    I wasn't under the impression co-op would be included anyway. :I

  10. i didnt think there was a co-op. seemed more that each character played different parts of the same level and you switch off according to where you were as one. kinda like resident evil 2 i think.

    -under the shadow of an aged tree....

  11. - It's just fun to read things from fanboys. :)

    - Well, it's not a impact regarding the lack of multiplayer. ^_^;;

  12. I thought the rumors about this were bogus anyway, so I don't exactly feel like anything was lost like others here do.

    And really, kotipeltox? Or were you just going to pirate it anyway and are now finding a poor excuse to justify it?

  13. @Khorosho
    If he's a great Rockman/Megaman fan, then why not BUY the games so that Capcom has more money towards the next game.

  14. @kotipeltox
    What an sad creature, you simply hate Mega Man if it don't please your nerdyrage desires 100%. Guess what, it will never happen, They will not try to please one single individual that even isn't look an viable costumer.
    One thing is play an old game on a emulator that isn't acessible in the market, other is a new game that cost what? 60? 50? 30? no, around 10 bucks...

    An "fan" that steals an product for an sellfish reason, ins't an fan.

    Buy the game or don't play it at all.

  15. I was hoping it will be like X7-8 switching characters, that will be awesome

  16. Way to fail Capcom. Way to fail.

  17. Also, @ Radix: If a FAN GAME made from nothing with no budget can make it work, then a big name company with tons of people to work on the idea sure as heck can. Even if it's inti makng the game, Capcom sure as hell can get them to work on the idea.

  18. @anonymous who replied to me

    your sarcasm detector is off ;P

  19. @Generic

    "What AN sad creature"??
    "AN "fan" that steals an product for an sellfish reason, ins't AN fan."??

    OK, I´ve finally understood why my father used to say " any Generic product is defective" LOL!!

    And, I don´t hate megaman,but capcom evil marketing as inafune slavery.

  20. No Co-op? In a game like this?

    Come on, Capcom.

  21. AKA: Capcom = lazy and incapable of daring to try new things. At least, not anymore...its pretty funny really.

    Also @kotipeltox: You continue to say, "emulate". To my knowledge of many pirating subjects, I have never been aware of a WAD emulator. How do you go about playing WiiWare and such on a PC for example or do you refer to Wii hacking as "emulation"? Just curious, lol. :)

    I probably will purchase this on PS3 and partake on the Wii. Hmmm...Wii shall see.

  22. @MegaMac

    Geez, have you heard about a gamecube/wii emulator called "dolphin"?? yeah it also emulates wad files, in fact, i have played and finished megaman 9, contra rebirth and castlevania new adventure with it!

  23. I don't understand why so many are content with this. Aren't you disappointed that Capcom refuses to evolve it's games? I want Mega Man to sell great like anyone else, but I must say that it's quite annoying that it seems that they will not go the extra mile to make a game the best it can be. Brings to mind X7, both Aniversary Collections, the dead Mega Mania, MM8, and the lack of co-op throughout the years. I've been a fan since '89. I appreciate the games that were given, but I do see that Capcom will always take the lazy way out as long as nobody complains about it. As much as I want MM10 to do well, I want Capcom to know that they really let their players down and our expectations are higher than what they are delivering to us as a finished product. It seems like many of you would be pleased with a Mega Man fecal statue if Capcom sold it to you. Seriously? Come on people. You know this has been expected of Capcom for some time now. They just refuse to deliver. Why should they go the extra mile if you'll buy it regardless?

  24. Please support megaman games by trying buying the games, look wat happen to RM-OSS and ZX how can the makers have the motivation to make a new game Like Legends if the games i not reach the target sales so lets support guys please..

  25. @Last Anon

    I understand what you are saying, but MegaMan 8 was outstanding and another evolution. Just like the intro to the MM9 trailer, shows all the sprites then 7's, then 8's, then.....8-Bit again. They do need evolution and I think MM8 was a step in the right direction. Also, the collections were a great way to introduce new comers to MegaMan. They pretty much just ported the Complete Works PS1 titles into one mesh for the classic collection, but its something most of us havent been able to play yet. Not to mention how Power Battles and Fighters as well as Battle & Chase were first released for a big home console in the US. Though Capcom could have made the collections so much better, taking the extra time to work out the kinks, they didnt. Capcom doesnt have heart anymore. They mean well, but you are absolutely right. They are extremely lazy with the MM series and its time they gave their mascot some upgraded respect. The nostalgia factor was neat, but MM10 is alright...but too much of a good thing.

  26. @kotipeltox
    When you insult someone that isn't fluent in english languange in the first place, doesn't help you to "prove" your point, in fact just shows how you try to hide the many flaws your prespective have.
    Just shows more how you are.
    But i guess everyone here already knows that.
    You just find lame excuses, for what you were thinking to do with Mega Man 10 even before they told details about it. You just need to read what you already wrote in previous posts.
    Maybe in the end you are not an elitist picky nerd that isn't happy that all things in live are perfect, jut another internet troll.

  27. @MegaMac
    I hear you. But twenty years later and no co-op is rediculous! MM8 was a good thing as far as graphic appearance and cinemas, but I think that it made Mega Man (as did Powered Up) in too childish of a light to were it became very unattractive. I appreciate the additional games on the collections, but the lack of taking a bit more time to fix the issues that some of the games have is stupid. And the collection itself has more flaws than the original games like the end music of MM2 on the collection and so on. And yes, their mascot is due some seriously upgraded respect, as well as his fans the made him so big. They never listen to what the fans really want. Co-op has been screamed about for years now. MM9 did alot to put Mega Man in the spotlight again. I fear that if Capcom doesn't get it together soon, interest in Mega Man will die if they don't give up the goods while people are interested. That's just how things go.


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