Saturday, January 1, 2022

Review: Kotobukiya Mega Man X/Rockman X (Reissue)

The kit that kicked off Kotobukiya's Mega Man X line has been reissued at long last. Whether you're new to theKoto kits or a seasoned collector, this is the one you'll want to get. 

After the break, I'll tell you exactly what X is all about, how to get the most out him, and what makes this line so special.

Review unit and cutting tool were provided by HobbyLink Japan. Go check 'em out!

Originally released in 2019 and recently re-issued in November 2021, Kotobukiya's Mega Man X kit is the perfect start to your Mega Man X series model kit collection. As if it leapt straight out of the concept art of the PlayStation era games, this kit is a perfect representation of X. It's a very beginner-friendly build and requires no glue or paint to be fully enjoyed. 

Though the  kit can be built right out of the box, I highly recommend using a good set of nippers to cut the plastic nubs off the pieces. The nippers I used were the HG Fine Nipper SP (for Gate Cutting) and are definitely the best and most precise nippers I have ever used on a kit. Seriously; it felt like cutting through butter.

While building this kit, you may just find yourself feeling as though you are Dr. Light, himself.

As stated earlier, this X is a relatively easy build, especially compared to the Fourth Armor kit; just set a few hours aside, take your time, and you'll get a beautiful Maverick Hunter for your shelf. With a simple internal skeleton, X can move in all the ways you could ever want him to. His ability to pose is very strong and is only limited by your imagination. 

The blues on the kit are very vibrant, with both shades reflecting their original source art. The gems on X's helmet, feet, and X-Buster are transparent and reflect light in a unique way. There's no mistake that this is X.

In addition to X himself, the box includes three interchangeable face plates (neutral face, teeth gritting with eyes looking right, and shouting with eyes looking left), three sets of interchangeable hands (one set of fists and two different sets of open hands), an X-Buster, and a green charge shot based on its appearance from Mega Man X4. These options let your X do all sorts of action poses! Will you follow the poses from the sprites and official art, or will you forge your own path and come up with your own poses?

If you have one of the other Kotobukiya X kits, such as X's Fourth Armor, you can mix and match Armor pieces! You can re-create your favorite partially armored look, or get creative to build your own unique combination!

All in all, this kit is eXcellent. With how simple it is to build, this is the perfect kit to start with. 

If you have the tools, this is also a perfect kit to recolor into your favorite special weapon. With Kotobukiya's Mega Man X model kit line, the sky is the limit. So be like X and show your infinite potential!


Oh yeah; check out the video below for more poses. This kit is available now from HobbyLink Japan along with the newest Second Armor X kit.


  1. After building several of these Kotobukiya kits: this is still the best one of the whole bunch.

    I still think Kotobukiya is way, way overpriced compared to comparable products from Bandai, but this kit is fun. (The Kotobukiya classic series kits were like $30, and they're about the same quality, so I don't know what happened to the prices.)

    If I could only pick one kit to build from this line: this one would be it.


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