Thursday, January 20, 2022

Rockman-san Chapter 18 Now Available

In Rockman-san's previous chapter, Enker returned after saving Rock and Guts Man's life in the construction site incident. However, the Rockman Killer was still troubled with his "purpose in life". Faced with the impossibility of killing Rock, he asked Rock to kill him.

But Rock had a better idea. Just like he did with other Robot Masters in previous chapters, Rock helped Enker find a new purpose. After showing him how to socialize in the "Robot Bar 8-bit" or enjoying the treats of the "Robot Resort", the gang eventually came up with a solution: Enker would become Dr. Light's bodyguard.

In the latest chapter, Dr. Light has built a new battle suit for Rock, capable of protecting him from anti-robot bullets. With Enker now living in Dr. Light's lab, there's no one better to give the suit a test run.

You can check the chapter here!

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