Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Latest Rockman-chan Introduces "Perfect Rockman"

In Rockman-chan's previous chapter, Shade Man reformatted into Shade Woman after he ingested the energy that turned Kalinka into an adult. It was a weird chapter but this week's entry might just be the weirdest one to date. 

If you'll recall, chapter 2 introduced Super Rush Man. That was something to behold then, but now, in chapter 16, Rightot (Auto in English) comes up with some really crazy combinations to fight future enemies.  These include "Full Rockman" (a Rockman and Eddie mix), "Flying Rockman" (Rockman and Beat) and "Patriot Rockman" (a mix of Rightot and Rockman). 

Now, what will happen if we combine all these forms? 

That's right -- "Perfect Rockman"! A transformation capable of wiping out an entire mountain with its special attack, let alone any Dr. Wily base. It's crazier than Right Great from Otoranger, don't you think?

Anway, you can read the latest chapter here. The plot also brings Dr. Light's new plan into motion --to build new robots with a next generation cognitive circuit. Perhaps the first step towards creating X?


  1. Doc needs to layoff the drugs. No wonder the timeline goes to hell...

  2. I'm disappointed that tango wasn't included

  3. "You wouldn't be so tough without that helmet, little brother!"


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