Saturday, January 1, 2022

Limited Run Mega Man: The Wily Wars Collector's Edition Shipping Update

As shipping containers continue to linger at Long Beach, Limited Run Games issued a statement on the on-going Mega Man: The Wily Wars Collectors Edition delays. They write:

"It’s been reported by our partners that this title has been delayed at the port. Customs agents at the Long Beach port informed them that the items would be released “any day now.” We anticipate Mega Man Wily Wars to get out of customs sometime early in January. From there, the games will be sent to us from the publisher, and we will ship them out ASAP. We anticipate all this to happen within Q1 2022."

In other words, Limited Run anticipate supply to arrive sometime this month. They'll ship your copy out soon after. 

However, I think it's safe to say that -- even though Limited Run's supply is due in (early?) January -- there's no guarantee your copy will arrive this month. They have a whole batch of other pre-orders to fulfill, I imagine. It make take some time. 

We'll have more updates on this front as it comes!


  1. I mean I can agree with you until the part when you mention they have a whole batch of pre orders to fulfill. They did state that as soon as they receive it, they would sent it asap. But again I could be wrong. Thanks for the article

  2. He doesn't mean just this game. My copy of castlevania is the same way. They have at least 4 titles that I know of that they will have to work to get out at the same time. Possibly more than that thanks to the issues at the harbors.

  3. I'm wondering how companies like this deal with the things which get looted off trains traveling between the port and distribution hub, as I have seen video and footage of the tracks going from Long Beach port, and they're littered with opened boxes. I guess thieves are just jumping the trains, pulling stuff out, and looting the boxes.


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