Friday, January 28, 2022

The Beasts From Mega Man 2's European Box Art Invade Rockman-chan

"Bad Box Art Mega Man" was the star of Rockman-chan's sixth chapter. And now, chapter 17 brings another infamous package design to life — European Mega Man 2!

In this week's entry, Rock, Roll, Dr. Light and Rush travel to France. When their plane is about to land, they see the shadow of a "big fish" in the water. Then, they spot a looming dragon-like shadow heading towards a city where the "definitive gentleman of the year" Grand Prix is taking place. 

A third giant creature appears, crashes the ceremony and grabs the winner. Meanwhile, a mysterious blonde woman appears while Rock and the gang go shopping, oblivious to the chaos. To be continued.

Ain't that cool? The shadows in this chapter represent European Mega Man 2's take on the Anko, Mecha Dragon and the Alien. The bizarre trio have jumped to the pages of Rockman-chan, and you can bet the silver Mega Man himself will show up to save the day in the following chapter!

For now, you can check out chapter 17 here!

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