Monday, January 31, 2022

Rockman DASH Artbook Scanlation Project Update + Preview Pages

In an exchange with RockmanCosmo, I've been informed that the long-awaited Rockman DASH: Great Adventure Guide English scanlation project is now roughly 72% complete. 

Although a definitive end date has yet to be determined, you can rest easy knowing that project is moving towards completion. The scanlation team appreciate your patience. In the meantime, RockmanCosmo has passed along a few new sample pages. There's two above and a couple more below!


  1. As a massive Legends fan, I’m grateful to see something like this! It’s a shame that there is no “official complete works” for Legends like they had for the other series. The concept art from these games was always such a major inspiration for me and I’d love for others who aren’t familiar with Legends to check it out!

  2. I'm impressed at the formatting. They really went all out on it.


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