Sunday, January 30, 2022

Double DiVE Festival Coming to Mega Man X DiVE This Week

This week in Mega Man X DiVE, we have a double does of DiVE Festivals!

The NA Server will see the arrival of Third Armor X. He's packed with the active skills Cross Charge Shot and Hyper Chip. The latter grants 25% increased attack and defense for 15 seconds, and even permits X to perform an extra movement in the air. What's more, the X DiVE Maximum Race will take place too. 

When it comes to the LATAM/EU Server,  the next DiVE Festival with Ciel will take place alongside the on-going Mega Man Legends event. She'll come with a skill that summons a Cyber-Elf to automatically lock onto enemies. It provides support fire too. Further, she has the Ciel System skill which deploys a lotus-shaped force field that not only slows all targets in range, but boosts shots for the Cyber-Elf skill.

And finally, NebulaJoy are skipping the Spring Festival that Capcom Taiwan featured in their respective X DiVE version in 2021. But fear not; they'll be providing various Spring Chest of Good Fortune for free via social media campaigns and login bonuses.


  1. And now, January 2022 is the busiest January since 2013.

  2. Doube DiVE Fest, hopefully that becomes a regular thing. It's about time NebulaJoy took the idea of "catching up" seriously. I'll still hold for more Iris alts (Valentines and Another), but that's favoritism on my part; Third Armor X is a beast and absolutely worth your summons. I have him on my TA account.


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