Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Angepitoyeir Revealed for Rockman X DiVE

The storyline that started during the "Pulsing Force of Destruction" event stage continues to unravel. And now, on the heels of Droticlair becoming a playable, a second mysterious, original character has been revealed...

Angepitoyeir, Droitclair and Eratoeir

First we have to address the names. It appears that both Angie and Erato's full names are Angepitoyeir and Eratoeir, respectively. 

Now, when it comes to the event storyline itself, we learned that the Deep Log errors are caused by a virus. A virus that, by chance, resides inside each of the three siblings since they were born. And stopping them will restore the world back to normal. 

Rockman X... a virus. Yep; you guessed it right. The three siblings carry the Sigma Virus. Locally, the gang managed to defeat the virus inside Droitclair who manifested as Gunner Sigma. Ultimately, however, Droitclair was destroyed too.

RiCO (somehow) managed to touch Droit's body after defeating Sigma. Thus, she will be able to convert Droit into a Hunter Program, which players can acquire through the gacha as usual.

If you're interested in fully diving into this new story development, check out in the video below!


It's quite an underwhelming stage design, in my opinion. The boss fight against a boss we have fought many times before is disappointing. How cool would it have been to fight Droitclair powered by the Sigma Virus? I guess the development team didn't think about that one.

Anyhow, let us know what you think about the story and Angepitoyeir's design in the comments!


  1. What do you mean Angie was destroyed? He had just left with Erato, lol.
    I guess you confused Dorowa (Droit, I mean) with him?

  2. What the heck is this bro? You know Mega Man 11 was IS a really good game all things considering. I am at a point where I want safty over weirdness and "subversion of expectations". Next X game please stay true to the past games essences. If lost look no further than X currupted for aesthetic ques and gameplay maybe then look at games like X3/4 for gameplay structure tho (don't really need to turn Mega Man into Metroid).

    1. 11 had quite a few flaws and please no don't go back to the ugly X SNES aesthetic, X1 looked worse than some NES games like Kick Master, just stop this nostalgia and gacha train and make a plain good game for once

    2. My point about 11 was that in a vacuum it is bland, but in today's society with how bad things COULD have turned out, it damn near looks like a masterpiece. To me at least.

      I meant more along the lines of "art style" like character designs, universe building, stuff like that, not the literal graphics like 16bit and such...

      That said, how dare you!? X series on the SNES are THE BEST looking games in the 16 bit era (save for some treasure/Imagesoft games) and X corrupted looks fan-freaken-tastic!

      (mind you I am not actually offended, my tone is in jest. Opinions and all that) ... Also just saying I don't think the X series should emulate 16bit graphics (even tho it is TOTALLY AWESOME and has its place in fan works) and I think the next X games should go for the most advanced technical push that complements the aesthetics as possible (my dream is for straight up hand drawn animation like Cuphead but with anime movie inspirations instead of old cartoons).

    3. @Mark Havoc
      fair, given both inafune and capcom's efforts before 11, yeah.

      oh, well then, as much as i like the ps1 games too, that's fair, SNES X did have great designs and all that.

      i dunno, i thought the levels were usually really bland looking and the sprites were sometimes really offmodel, with some (like third armor X) looking horrible. though, that might be me being biased towards prerendered graphics liked donkey kong country and kirby super star.

      an X game that looks like a 90s anime and plays as smoothly as X2? that sounds amazing, honestly.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. A hybrid of X3, X4 and X8 to me is ideal. X3's stage lengths and ride armors, X4's music and characters, X8's, colletibles, music, navigators, shop and and intermissions.

      X4's stages are not ideal with split routes, short end casyle and forced ride chaser.

      Repost: fixed a typo

    6. Damn it i hate typing on a phone 🥴

  3. Ok, this game has become very weird...

  4. Angie's design is better on the eyes,at least for me, waiting for erato to shows up,these characters are a bit confusing, I'm not sure how to feel for them anymore,but it was sad what happened to droit,last this game need to be more darker to settle things up, cause this hunter program stuff is annoying and gives the same vibes of dragon Balls resurrecting

  5. So they gave us Vocaloid reject 1st and now a Genshin Impact reject?....dang...

  6. I really hope they don't put these characters in mainline games because they look so out of place.

  7. Another bad design, but somehow more tolerable than Droitclair's. 100% sure the last sibling is going be a "sexy waifu" cuz why wouldn't they?

    I just want this crappy game to run into the ground and never to return again in the same vein as XOver.

    1. Yeah, I'm referring to this thing as X DuMP from now on.
      I have 0 (absolutely ZERO) hope for the franchise at this point.

    2. There's a new mainline game this yea... oh, it'll probably use designs like these.

      Why don't you watch The Ma... I kid, I kid, you're probably an OT purist anyway.

    3. @Austin Reed
      the what? i am curious

    4. The Matrix.
      Of which there is only one of value.

    5. The context actually implies the Mandalorian. OT is an obvious star wars reference.

    6. @Austin Reed not really, there are many OT's.
      Just not many MOVIES that start with "Ma", but yeah I see it now.

    7. @shrap XDump! Good one! Lol

      @Austin Reed If these designs or anything like them are gonna be used in a future X game, I'm rioting.

  8. "Oh no, this game introduced new characters that feel different from the usual characters!"

    I think everyone is missing an important point that most X games had and that something called theming since X2 we got different types of Mavericks/Characters that had a running theme:

    X2 introduced us the X-Hunters, which all had pointy and sharp edges on their designs.
    X3 introduced the Nightmare Police, featuring Bit and Byte whom design was based on mystical japanese folklore.
    X4 introduced the Repliforce, Colonel, General and Iris had all designs that resemble military clothing designs.
    X5 had Dynamo whom was designed after cowboys
    X6 had Gate and Isoc whom are themed after scientists (for obvious reasons)
    X7 had Red Alert, which i'll be honest, their designs felt like X1, not much of a theme going on
    and X8 had Lumine which had a really alien look (i can't really find a theme here either)
    Meanwhile, the Xtreme games had Zain, Geemel, Berkana and Gareth which all share the medieval look on them.
    This game seems to introduce a more techno vibe on the designs. But people are like "WHAT IS THIS DOING ON MAH MEGAMAN" when it comes to X DiVE original designs for some reason. We get it, mobile games are not really the best in terms on quality, give it a rest.

    1. What about Command Mission? I feel like the X5 support cast had a simple, rounded design sense.

    2. Except that argument doesn't work because, despite those characters being based on certain archetypes and themes, they STILL look like reploids.

      All these new designs in XDive don't follow a theme, nor do they look like they belong in a Megaman X game. Instead, they look like Vocaloid and Genshin Impact rejects. Both games which are popular with the weeb demographic.

    3. ...Thinking about it, indeed the PS2 era didn't have much in the way of unifying themes, but even in the older games, there are still outliers; X3 and X4 had Mac and Double, both of whom share the same spiky and hostile aesthetics of Sigma, Vile, and the X-Hunters, showing their true natures clearly. Iris without her beret (especially in Xtreme 2) fits more in with the simple, rounded designs of the X5 support cast, and thinking about it, those characters had a lot of white highlights on them, which Layer also has despite not fitting in as well otherwise.

      And @Nico, I don't think these designs have fallen as hard as the Sonic series did, and they do so far seem to follow the relative lack of theme that the PS2 era had. In fact, when I look at them, they do seem to more closely resemble Danganronpa characters than any toku characters, which is what the original games, even up to the PS2 era, were based on, with some direct parallels existing; Ferham takes elements of Mazenda (Liveman) and Keris (Ohranger), for example.

    4. I find Nico's reply amusing. Not only does Droticlair's design fit in with Mega Man X. She looks like she would be some punk rocker reploid in canon if she were ever implemented. Look at the different Navigator characters (Nana included) and try telling me again. Just because she doesn't have the traditional bulky shoulders, a helmet and bulky legs doesn't mean she's ill fitting... Come on now.

      -and I say this as someone who doesn't play X Dive regularly.

  9. Lol, I showed this to my friend, and they said it reads like a description of someone's crappy OC. Not the least accurate thing I've heard. :P


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