Monday, January 10, 2022

"Ryo Takamisaki Rockman Works SSR" Delayed to Mid-February

Ryo Takamisaki's latest book was originally slated for a January release in Japan. However, Fukkan recently changed the date to mid-February. Other retailers, like Amazon Japan, moved their shipping dates up to February 25.

Rockman Works SSR compiles Takamisaki's Rockman 11 and Shooting Star Rockman 3 manga, both of which were never distributed outside of their one-time CoroCoro Comics serialization. The book also includes a brand-new, 106-page manga called Forte: Time of Reunion.

Both the regular version and the limited set with five original drawings are still available to pre-order from Fukkan via proxy. If you want a more economical option, you can always pre-order via Amazon Japan.

And finally, Ryo Takamisaki himself gave us another batch of sample pages a few days ago. Hit up that link and check them out!

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