Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RUMOR: Command Mission Beta Leaked

Yesterday, I received word of an interesting discussion going on at the infamous Japanese board, 2chan. 2chan users are claiming that a former Capcom of Japan employee has leaked a beta build of Rockman X Command Mission onto the internet.

The beta build is described to be significantly different than the retail version:

-An "armorless" X (as seen on the right)
-No music, various unheard sound effects
-A "trimmed" plot
-The absence of Marino, Cinnamon, Massimo and Spider
-Bosses appear in unusual locations
-A different logo on the title screen written entirely in kanji/katakana
-Same group of enemies in every battle
-X, Zero and Axl have different "Final Strikes." X's is described to be a "fire" based Charged Shot.
-There is no customization of abilities whatsoever
-The game is approximately two hours in length
-File size is said to be 393MB in PS2 format
-Compressed in a Torrent

The 2chan topic has disappeared since its conception yesterday, so this is pretty much all the info my source was able to get. I personally looked around the net for the supposed leaked beta build, but I've yet to discover where it's hiding.

Until such a file can be found, I'm classifying this as a rumor.


  1. Meh, sounds crap. Give me the real version any day! Interesting find, though.

    On a similar note, MMXCM just happens to be my favorite Mega Man game of them all. =0)

  2. haha, it sound like the difference between the real game and the beta is the beta sounds fun and enjoyable.

  3. I'd like a leaked copy of a Megaman Network Transmission Beta so we could play 3D boss battles. :(

  4. No Spider, eh? ;) Spider kinda is the plot. I'd like to see how a MMXCM like that would work - I guess they'd just emphasize the Rebellion's actions more.

  5. Well, If you check the first 2 trailers for the game, there are many things in them, (especially the first trailer,) that you dont see in the game,. such as the action triggers look different, and such, but ive always wondered about that, after one day finding that very picute on google, but much smaller. and I really dont dbout it, as in the concept art, especially Botos' size comparison to X, they show a picture of X in regular armor.
    BTW, dunno if anyone noticed this, but the reploid behind the counter is the reploid that attacks X before you meet Spider.
    and its the teleporter arcade too. which makes it funnier.

  6. Will any links to where to obtain this be posted here if you find them, Protodude?

  7. @Pluvius: Definitely. But, I still have had no luck finding it.


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