Saturday, July 12, 2008

Splash Woman's Sprite Revealed

The recent Rockman 9 trailer gave us a vague look at the newest Robot Masters, showcasing a series of silhouettes. The most notable, was none other than the very first female Robot Master, Splash Woman

Thanks to the efforts of Heat Man, we now have a better look at Splash Woman in all her 8 bit goodness:

Awesome indeed. Anyone else getting a Leviathan vibe?

Credit: MegaMan Network


  1. 20 years and they finally put a female robot master in the game. I'm hoping she has some pretty cool powers. Wave Man may have the worst of water enemy powers from MM games.

  2. Very neat looking sprite for Splash Woman.... and yeah, i feel the vibe on Leviathan there. Almost an 8-bit version.

  3. this game is gonna be awesome... I think :P

    too bad they also released it for xbox360 and ps3... this game was like a bonus for wii... now, ps3 and xbox are getting a lot of awesome remake games like SF2 HD, bionic Commando & others... and the wii owners are getting nothing :< (nothing exclusive) D:

    but... I can't be mad at capcom right now :3

    GO MegaMan!!!, keep fighting for everlasting peace!!!.. or die trying! XD

    (sorry about my english D:)

  4. Might want to take note that Heat Man is a staffer at The Mega Man Network, where the news originated from. The image is from TMMN.


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