Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Capcom Press Breifing: Live Blogging (Ended)

The conference is well under way! Keep refreshing the page for more details. Thanks to the aid of a "reliable source" I'm able to keep up with the conference as if I'm there!

- Capcom is currently discussing plans for a Lost Planet film adaption. It's being written by David Hater the voice of Solid Snake of MGS fame

-David Hayter is an avid fan of the LP franchise. It's their goal to convey an "environmental" message throughout film.

- Keiji Inafune comes up on stage.

-Inafune talks about LP.

-Infaune is delighted to have LP made into a movie. Concept art is shown.

-I'm currently eating a delicious cookie!

-Capcom staff is involved in the LP film.

-Possibility the conference will strictly focus on LP.

-Discussing Capcom films in general.

-Capcom plans to turn more franchises into films.

-Well, the conference is done.

-Capcom games including MM9 playable on show room floor.

-Official MM9 press release to come out tomorrow.

-And that's a wrap!

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