Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey Guess What? MegaMan 9 Is Very Hard

The earliest MegaMan/Rockman games were no walk in the park. I can't even begin to count how many times I've died from the disappearing platforms. Major headache.

In this day an age, its become a custom to include multiple difficulty levels for the varying types of players so they can fully enjoy their gaming experience without frustration. However, MegaMan 9 won't be catering to players who enjoy easy mode. MM9's producer, Hironobu Takeshita had this to say about the game's difficulty level:

"Mega Man 9 is very hard. We didn't want to do Mega Man, but easy. We want players to get better, we want them to remember. I've always tried to challenge players, and I think there are gamers who miss being challenged by games."

Oh Yes. I am so looking forward to dying time after time again.

Takeshita also expressed his interest to continue creating Wii games, however it wasn't specified if these "games" are remotley related to the Blue Bomber. MM9 wouldnt be the first time Takashita made his mark on Wii, he served as executive producer for the highly underrated title "Zack & Wiki (Treasure Island Z)."

Credit: Kotaku


  1. Here's a lesson for everyone folks, from this picture, it has to be HARD for the women to enjoy it.

  2. The only original megaman game i actually had trouble with was the first one. and quickman's stage in 2 but after that it wasnt too challenging. I had fun playing the other ones though.


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