Friday, July 4, 2008

News Roundup: RnR3 and RM9 Goodies

Boatloads of news today concerning Rockman 9 and Ryuusei no Rockman 3:

Rockman 9
-Capcom of Japan officially announced RM9. They plan to unveil an official promotional website July 15th.
-To celebrate RM9, Capcom plans to release the original Rockman game on the Virtual Console in July, followed by Rockman 2's release in August. Hopfully, the US will get a similar treatment.

Ryuusei no Rockman 3
-ITMedia posted an article with a little bit of new RnR3 info. The info primarily discusses the four main cast members and hints the title will have a "new transformation" system via the Hunter VG:

"In every Hunter VG the Satellite Police have installed an EM transformation authentication system. In theory, this would allows anyone with a Hunter VG to do an EM transformation like Geo, except the EM transformation program is locked and can only be opened with an authentication code sent by the Satellite Police. MegaMan's appearance after transforming has also changed due to the Hunter VG's Wizard control system. With all of the battle card data stored in the left hand buster, weapons can be equipped more freely than before. There are also other hidden abilities, which are secret for now."

-Capcom announced both Rockman 9 and Ryuusei no Rockman 3 will be on display at the upcoming World Hobby Fair. It's possible new info about both titles will come to light here.


  1. I like Rockman's slightly changed look. It's better. I guess my prediction of Warrock leaving isn't true. This game looks to be a bit darker and more serious looking to me, I like it. I hope they completely redo the overworld in 3D and go back to good ol' side-view 3x9 battles. It seems kind of weird for everyone to technically be able to wave change... and am I wrong or did Burai not have an EM being friend? O_o Oh wait, I haven't beat RnR 2 yet. ONE last thing, did anybody else notice Rockman's ear looks more like the emblem thingie that Navi's have...? I really hope they tie some MMBN stuff into this...

  2. July 15th, eh? I'll be there, baby.

    I like the direction RnR seems to be taking. Just hope Shidou, Acid, and Laplace turn out to be interesting characters.


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