Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rockman 9 At Summer WHF '08

World Hobby Fair attendees got their lucky chance at playing a demo of Rockman 9. The demo showcased two playable stages, Concrete Man and Plug Man's stages in all their glory.

Japanese Rockman fan, Gyroman_Black managed to spend some quality time with the demo:

"The game felt just like a Famicom Rockman game does, a perfect rendition of a Rockman game. I also played the game by holding the Wii Remote sideways and it didn't feel discomforting at all.

The first stage available was Concrete Man's stage and the second stage was Plug Man's stage. On the boss select screen, the mugshots has a R number mark on it. Does this indicate that Dr. Light is the villain this time?

Concrete Man's stage was a very tough level with unpredictable attack patterns from enemies, and not to mention a elephant midboss that I faced three times, and from whom I got lots of damage from in the process. Plug Man's stage looked more like the stage that aims at instant death type elements, where the disappearing blocks are present, hovering so gallantly over spikes and pits. The first stage was a slow stage, where this stage on the other hand was very quick, at least that's how it felt!

I stood in line three times so I could play Plug Man's stage, and beat it a second time, but when I manage to beat it, there wasn't a boss at the end.

It was embarrassing to die on the same spot three times in one try, so I went and asked Mr. Horiken (Capcom producer Takeshi Horinouchi) if I could give it a second shot, without any mistakes this time. I went and stood in line again and try what I thought was Concrete Man's stage, but it was in fact Plug Man's stage again... I ended up beating the stage again and hand the control over to the next person in line.

I lacked the energy to stand in line again, so I had to call it a day and went home again."

For more WHF pics and info, head on over to Dengeki Online.

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  1. On a side note...

    Could this mean we may have some new Legendary characters for Ryusei 3? ;3


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