Sunday, July 27, 2008

Castlevania's Igarashi Watching RM9 Closely

Could Rockman 9 start a 'retro revolution?' The return to the more simplistic style of games? Creator of the Castlevania series, Koji Igarashi believes so.

Igarashi is watching the success of Rockman 9 closely to determin if the next iteration in the Castlevania series would return to its 2D roots.

"I’m watching that very closely to see how it does. Myself, I’m a big retro gaming fan, so if it is successful that definitely opens up doors for what I can do."

Like the Rockman series, releasing a new 2D Castlevania title is risky, financially. If a new 2D Castlvania were to be made, it would follow the path of RM9, a downloadable title possibly in 8- bit.

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  1. What would be crazy is to see an 8-bit castlevania in the more recent metroidvania style of gameplay. I classic castlevania game would be welcome as well though!

  2. I think it just might happen. All back to retro would be nice. :D
    We have games like Halo for flashy and great graphics.

  3. Um, I thought all the DS CastleVania's are 2d and they are selling more then most series out there.

    I don't see where another would make less money. However I would love to see more SoTN style infull 2d instead of the 8bit/16bit roots.

  4. I think they're talking more like NES style, at least that's what I gathered.


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