Saturday, July 19, 2008

RnR3 News From Dengeki Online...Lots of News

Dengeki Online has updated with new Ryuusei no Rockman 3 information, information that covers practically everything we wanted to know.

Courtesy of The Undersquare:

-Something definitely worth noting is that the top screen is now the over-world screen while the touch screen is now the "Pop-up Window" of the Hunter VG. This is now possible since the touch screen is no longer used to wave into network spaces like in the first game of the series. As usual, menus will appear on the screen when the game is paused. Also worth noting is that the War-Rock menu is now gone and has been replaced with a "Rockman" menu. Speculation may lead us to believe that Noise Change may work like Style Change in that only one can be equipped at a time and the Rockman screen will be used to determine the Noise Change used.

This is only a guess and we'll have more information as it is revealed. Also, it seems from these screenshots that Subaru's homeroom teacher, Ikuta Michinori, formerly Libra Balance, will return in this game after his notable absence from the last game.

-Larger images of Magnets and his corrupted form, Spade Magnets, have been posted. Magnets is described as a Wizard used in the Rocket room of Kodama Elementary School's science department. When he is affected by the Noisy Waves and turned into the fiendish, dual sword-wielding Spade Magnets, his combat efficiency increases greatly, putting him on the level of a Battle Wizard. It is written that Denpa Viruses will also be affected by the Noisy Waves. There are also in-game screenshots from Spade Magnet's scenario, including in-battle screens and shots that confirm that the Kizuna Ryoku System and Attack Star system will both be returning. We also get a glimpse at the War-Rock battle card that was mentioned in an earlier news post.

-We have a good look at the new battle Custom Menu, though there is no new information yet on how it functions. It seems that cards will now float around the display rather than stay arranged in aligned rows and columns. Also, despite having the possibility of different angles in battle, it seems that, based on these images, movement will still be limited to only a single row.

Head on over to Dengeki to feast your eyes on all the RnR3 goods.


  1. Well out the window it goes. Still only one row for movement?? Ai ai ai. What are these people at capcom thinking? Give me back EXE! NAOUGHW! On a side note, didn't they say the overworld was going to be completely redesigned? Maybe they just meant the town was redone again. *sigh*

  2. So, the Noisy Waves turn you into a bigger, badass version of yourself? Just like TMNT's Ooze!

  3. "Still only one row for movement?? Ai ai ai. What are these people at capcom thinking? Give me back EXE! NAOUGHW!"
    Exactly how I feel!! ;_;

    Oh, and the overworld thing was just a rumor...

  4. I'm surprised that with all the news we have been getting lately, there is still no mention of versions. Perhaps Capcom finally gave up on that particular form of stupidity? Then again, it was rumored that this game would follow the EXE 3 "pattern", although the source of that rumor gave some information that has turned out to be fake.

  5. Look at the cards.. It looks like Rockman looking at the gap.. Maybe an Area steal?


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