Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 08 Round 2: Nintendo Press Conference

The big N kicks off the second day of E3 this morning. What will they deliver?

I've heard a few possibilities that RM9 will actual be mentioned during the briefing, so be sure to watch the Live Stream of the event here. (Doesn't start till 9:00AM PT)

Check back at 4:30 PT for Capcom's press conference where they will unveil everything we need to know about RM9


  1. nope, nothing. On to Capcom's press conference! You can check it out live at g4tv.com

  2. Their conference was ok...

    No rockman info, no hard drive for wii, or new ds model in development.

  3. But there is Wii voice chat ahead. Welcome to last-generation, Nintendo.


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