Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So, How Much Will Rockman 9 Cost?

1,000 Wii Points, approximately $10.00 USD. Not too bad.

I was expecting the game to go for a minimum of 500 Points ($5.00) since it's basically a NES game, but I'm more than willing to pay an extra five.

Can't fall come any faster?

Credit: Famitsu


  1. The reason why this game is 10 dollars is because its a newly made Mega Man game that cost money to make even if it didn't cost uber amount like a retail game. The 5 dollar NES games already made their money back in the day and are just simple rom dumps that don't cost that much to put on the Wii VC service. However Rockman/Mega Man 9 didn't make its own money yet so thats why its going to be at least 10 dollars.

  2. I was willing to pay up to 2000 points for it so to me 1000 points seems like a bargain! 500 points is way too low since a new NES game shouldn't be the same price as old NES games.

  3. That's an awesome price! A full retail MM9 game (if it weren't 8-bit) would likely charge $50! $10 is awesome!

  4. I expected something like 1,500 points.

  5. Some people may complain but I'd gladly pay $10 for a new NES style Mega Man game.

  6. If I had to i find a way to pay $100 for this game I been waiting for this for a long time and now we have it

    Now all they got to do is make sure it stays with the old way and not try and add any of the new stuff into it after all it the last game as we know in the classic game line up

    It is going to ROCk


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