Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RnR3 Official Site Is Live

Capcom has officially opened the doors to the official Ryuusei no Rockman 3 website. Inside, you'll find tons of new art, information and a few other tidbits.

From The MegaMan Network:

A system running rampent that's making the frequently appearing EM viruses around the world to grow ferocious and causing the Noise ratio to climb. What could be this cause of this calamity? Above the heads of Geo and the Satellite Police, who are working to resolve the situation, an unbelievable thing comes into sight: the mysterious giant meteor "Meteor G."

As Meteor G approaches the Earth, the EM world begins to decay due to the effects of the Noise. Just how will Geo and co. be able to hold back this giant meteor?

And, just who or what is guiding Meteor G towards the Earth!?

"The mysterious giant meteor "Meteor G." It is a thing which causes Noise to break out in the EM society. Its true form is an enormous server of accumulated Noise data drifting in space, and at its core it's said the Noise is a beast-like EM being that possesses intelligence."

Alongside this, the updates also reveal a new boss called Spade Magnets;

Spade Magnets: Rocket's Wizard Magnets goes wild due to the effects of the Noise. His gentle face turns to a fiendish one, and both his arms transform into swords.

The new transformation system mentioned in the last news update is also expanded upon and are revealed to be Noise Changes;

Noise Change is a sudden mutation which happens when the malevolent Noise produced by Meteor G resonates with the Noise Control Program installed into the Hunter VG. The Noise of FMians is contained within the data absorbed by Meteor G in outer space, and when it resonates with Omega-Xis's frequency, Mega Man's former appearance seems to imitate the one of an FMian after encountering fierce combat.

When performing a Noise Change, Mega Man's outward appearance changes in a big way. Take point that along with the change of his appearance, Mega Man also receives different kinds of abilities.

Furthermore, the ability to Noise Change seems to be related closely to the Noise ratio, and this number is shown during battle in the upper-right corner of the screen. You could say that the influence the Noise ratio has on battles is pretty big.

Credit: Heat Man, MegaMan Network


  1. It's looking much better. And I like the noise change explanation. I hope EXE will be a secret boss as rumored... If this is Duo's meteor, it could have kept a copy of Rockman.exe, and therefore you get to fight him...? Sounds reasonable to me...

  2. Meteor G, eh? I can only think Duo here. The noise idea seems different, have to wait and see.

    Off topic: Spade Magnets??? Well, damn... so much for my originality. I created my own FM character for my future audio column colum, Pyxis Magnet, on my site a motnh ago.... i feel cheated.

  3. Duo had better be mentioned somewhere. This is just too good of an opportunity.


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