Thursday, July 3, 2008

Games Radar's Exclusive Look At RM9: Pics, Info, Interview With Inafune

Games Radar has put together a large preview of Rockman 9, containing new pics and info.

A quick summary:

-RM9 literally is a NES/Famicom game. No fancy tricks or gimmicks

-As stated earlier, the story involved Dr. Wily convincing the public that the new batch of Robot Masters is Dr. Light's doing. Thus, Rockman sets out to prove his father's innocence by defeating the RMs. (There are even Dr. L doors in front of the RM chamber instead of Dr. W)

-Article contains summaries on each Robot Masters stage.

-Splash Woman was designed by Inafune himself,

-You can purchase abilities and upgrades at Dr. Light's shop. Upgrades include the infamous Energy Balancer, Spike Shoes, and the ability to take off Rock's helmet and play the game helmetless.

-No Charged Shot or the ability to Slide. However, you may be able to obtain these maneuvers as you play, Games Radar came across unreachable small tunnels you can only access by sliding.

-Stage Select screen contained options that cannot be discussed until E3.

-RM9 is slated for a fall release.

For more details, head over to Games Radar. While you're there, check out their interview with Inafune.


  1. It's shaping up well!

  2. I am way more excited about this game than I have ever been about any of the fancier 3D ones. Capcom has made an awesome choice.

  3. It's obvious that charged shot, slide, and everything else would be at the store. If not, I would be really dissapointed

    What are your guesses as for the mysterious extra options? Character select, multiplayer modes, or even online co-op? (waiit... that would be too good to be true actually)

  4. I'm hoping for an appearance by Bass and having him and protoman as playable characters. Playing Protoman in Powered Up was one of the best experiences for me :)

  5. Have we ever seen an 8-bit Bass? :O I wouldn't go as far to say that I like this better than 3D games, but it's soitanly awesome!

  6. Is it have passwords or saves?

  7. I am so stoked for this! I'm already playing through older MM games. Though I am kinda bummed about no slide and no Mega Buster.

  8. Won't miss the slide, probably won't miss the charge-buster, either. VERY happy to hear about spike shoes, at last.

  9. Quote: "Have we ever seen an 8-bit Bass? :O"

    There's Rockman: Battle & Fighters for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, and there's also the fan-made Rockman 7 Famicom game.

  10. I going to love this after years of waiting for this we have it now


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