Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rockman DASH CFC Demo

I am happy. Extremely happy. Today, my mail man delivered a small package. Inside was my prized item that I have searched eight years for: the Rockman DASH beta in its entirety. Packaging, disc, everything. All of it right before my eyes. Within moments, it became the holy grail of my collection.

But, why all the fuss? What's the big deal behind the demo build of the game? First and foremost, the demo contains a vast amount of differences from the final retail version, specifically in the graphics and audio department. (Witness most of the differences for yourself)

Secondly, this specific version of the demo is,  one of the most rarest and sought after Rockman items. The beta build was only given out to new members of the now defunct "Capcom Friendly Club" who joined the club at the right time. Thus, it is rumored that only ten to fifteen copies exist.

So yes, I am quite happy. However, I wish to spread my happiness to those who have searched high and low for the beta as well. Therefore, I am considering publicly releasing a .iso of the beta to Rockman community. However, I currently lack the tools necessary to successfully rip the disc's image, so it will take some time.

In the meantime, here is the disc's specs. Searching for the specs may lead you to an already existing .iso of the game:

NAME: Rockman_das
CODE: SLPM 80158
SIZE: 128 MB

UPDATE: For a great walkthrough of the beta and all its differences, head down to MegaMan Legends Station's guide and PRC's previous look at the beta


  1. Congratulations on such a rare find, if I may ask a question, do you have any other equally rare Rockman items? Or is this particular beta without equal since there are so few copies?

  2. Well, I have a few other rarities but not as equel as this:

    Rockman EXE 5 Movie Edition
    MIB Rockman Strategy
    MIB RockBoard
    Frramed, Autographed 20th Anniversary shirt (Inafune)

  3. You're lucky. I have also been trying to get my hands on that for quite some time. Something tells me I'll have to pay twice/three times the amount you paid if I find it. :)

  4. Yeah, I would say you got a good deal on that. I used to have all kinds of rare items and sold them all off in I'm slowly re-buying them as I find them.

  5. Ooooh, nice. What's so special about the beta, though?

    Personally, I've always wanted a copy of Rockman X4 (PS1 version), or at least an ISO of it. The English voices just make the US version too painful to play these days. Not to mention that it reminds me how the Collection got nerfed...

  6. :O Protodude actually ripping a disc?? XD Well, whatever the differences, they can't be THAT special. I'd like a MMNT beta disc... I still wants thems 3d boss battles!!

  7. Updated the post with a guide showing off all the various differences

  8. Oh, you got it too! Contratulations, Protodude. ^^

    I was happy when I got a hand of mine, from Capcom Friendly Club. It took a while before it was sent from there to my place, but the long wait was worth it. >w<

    I love how different Apple Market was, more open environment. Not to mention Rock's crazy hair. X3

    Again, good work. The price was worth it too. :3

  9. Congratulations Protodude!

    Question: Hoe long is the beta? I mean if the story goes to the end?

  10. @Vixy: Thankyou! XD

    @Zx: The beta takes you all the way up to the fight with the Feldynaught. However, the game skips the "find gramps" sceneario.

  11. Very nice find, Protodude!

  12. I think you should hold off with sharing a ISO for a pricey rarity like the Beta. You have to make sure you get credited for the effort first. I've stumbled across some shady characters that took stuff I made without crediting, and I hate to see you fall into the same kind of incidents. Share it only with people you trust. I might consider dumping my games someday though, but that's gonna take a while before I do that. ^^;

    I forgot to tell you that I do have both versions of the game. The Capcom Friendly Club and the Biohazard 2 Trial editions. They're actually the same "demo" games, besides the title change.

    There are some changes in control movements too, like say when you climb up a ledge, you have to press up another time to climb. It doesn't let you climb up automatically if you hold it up. Circle button doesn't turn Rock 180 degrees either, which can be tedious, but you get used to that. When buster shots hit enemies or walls, it fades away differently. Most areas in Kattelox Island are closed off. And also, a lot of the music tunes were changed, mostly the cutscene music, and you can't skip cutscenes. >w<;

    Like I said, congrats for getting it, because it's really hard to find these days, since most collectors decide to keep it to themselves. Do whatever you feel like doing with the disc, but I suggest you keep the game to yourself, and make your own gameplay video of it instead, unless you feel that the ones already up on youtube are enough. I have my very own screens to share though. :3

  13. Good idea, I'll keep it to my self and be selfish :)

    Yea, a YouTube "video tour" might be a wiser idea.

  14. I don't understand why anyone would keep something like this to themselves. It's totally selfish. Did Demi keep Earthbound Zero to himself once he got hold of a copy? No, after dumping the game he let everyone play it. Most people in the emulation scene still give him lots of credit for doing so (not that "getting credit" should matter anyway, because you don't own the rights to the game to begin with). Likewise, the guy who released the Chrono Trigger beta through Chrono Compendium is pretty well known too. Basically if you want to be vilified as that guy who was generous enough to allow other people to look at what they would love more than anything to play, but too selfish to allow them to play it, do so at your own risk. No one likes a beta ROM hoarder.

  15. I'm suggesting that it should be spread in a way so it's well-accepted by others. I'm not against the sharing, but there are some idiot hoarders around that wants to be annoying like that.

    I dumped an ISO of my own to check something, and wanna mention that zipping this Beta in RAR will shrink it to 29MB. That's a great size for anyone who's up for a quick download. ^^;

    - Rebecca

  16. It's something I'm gonna have to consider. Vixy does have a point and so does Anonymous 4.

    One thing I know for a fact is that a majority of those who want the beta intend to use it for experimental purposes. It's their wish to crack the game open and look for unseen oddities Capcom hid from consumers. This reason alone makes me feel like uploading the beta is worthwhile, regardless if I receive credit or not.

    I've waited eight long years to get a hold of this beta, and I too would be pretty ticked off if I knew some guy had the ability to distribute the ISO but chose not to out of selfishness.

    With that said, I'm considering distributing it. Maybe even for a limited time or for requests, I dunno.


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