Monday, July 28, 2008

Inafune Talks RM9, Follow Ups Might Follow 8bit Trend

MTV Multiplayer had a chance to interview Keiji Inafune regarding the anticipated Rockman 9/MegaMan 9. The interview covered much of what we already know about the title, but there were a couple of points that caught my eye:

Multiplayer: And I heard someone suggest that “Mega Man 10″ should be a 16-bit game. What do you guys think of that?

Inafune: Well first we have to see how fans react to seeing “Mega Man” in the 8-bit version first. We think this is where “Mega Man” really belongs and we really wanted to go in this direction for any possible follow-ups to “Mega Man.” But once we gauge fans’ reactions and what they have to say, maybe we’ll see another version “Mega Man” in the 16-bit form. For now, we’d like to see how he does in his classic form.

Multiplayer: I’m just wondering — because there have been so many “Mega Man” games — do you think there have been too many “Mega Man” games? There need to be more “Mega Man” games or you’d like it to be streamlined? What’s your opinion on the franchise as a whole?

Inafune: Well, there are a lot of “Mega Man” games. But most of them are what fans have requested of us. And we try to make follow-ups to the games that fans request. I mean, I’ve been involved with “Mega Man’ for over 20 years now, and there are games that even I forgot that I had made. When you think of it in those terms, yes, there might be a lot of “Mega Man” games. But it’s a franchise that the fans love.

I'm all for an 8bit RM9, however if follow ups continue this 8bit trend, how long will our enthusiasm last? Surely I'm not the only one who wants to see a new 16bit or 32bit Rockman title.


  1. I would skip a 16 bit MM, I'd rather have a 32 bit one right away

  2. :D
    All I have to say. I think I read this first.
    I looked at here: Nothing new.
    Left, made a post on a different forum, came back and this was here..
    Something about this makes me happy.. I think it's the thought of more Rockman games.

  3. Woah! Re-reading I found this:[quote]another version “Mega Man”[/quote]
    Meaning new series? Or a different, existing series going into 16-bit? If it's gonna be an already existing series then I say X into 16-bit.

  4. Meh. The whole 8bit thing is okay... but I'd prefer up to date stuff. Ya know how warioland and paper mario are hand-drawn? It could be like that. It doesn't have to be 3d. (although I'd love that too)

    All I gotta say about the branching franchises is:
    I wants me some EXE back. I'm sick of RnR.

  5. "But most of them are what fans have requested of us. And we try to make follow-ups to the games that fans request. "

    If that's the case, then where's Mega Man Legends 3? There have been TONS of requests for it over the years, seriously. And I doubt that little Japan-exclusive cellphone game counts.

  6. The fan request thing is pure bull xD There are so many EXE fans and we still don't see a EXE for DS with WiFi now do we?

    Also, a 16 Bit game would be nice.

  7. You said it, gravetheundead! Ditch RnR! Bring back EXE! Why don't they listen to us? >:(

  8. Personally, I don't mind RnR, in fact, I love it, but I would love to see a WiFi version of EXE.

  9. Interesting. This whole thing with MM9 being 8-bit to appeal to nostalgia has got me wondering...

    Would they bother making another X? If you think about it, the classic series had its first six games on the NES. Then there was one 16-bit one, and two 32-bit ones (R&F was made to look like MM8).

    The X series, on the other hand, only had its first three games in 16-bit, then 3 32-bit games, then two games in 3D. It doesn't have the same nostalgic power that the classic series has.

    So I've gotta wonder. Will they bother to make another X game? And if they did, what style would they go with?

    I have a feeling that if they went with 16-bit, Axl would be "conveniently" forgotten >.>;; (I mean, is Bass even in MM9?) I imagine the thought of that makes some fans happy, but I'm actually pretty fond of him. Somehow they made him fit in the story.

    To be honest, I just want another X series game. I don't care if it's 16-bit, 32-bit, or in 3D. I just want more wall-jumping action (seeing as how we probably won't get a ZX3). The classic series always annoyed me with the "get to the next ladder or screen transition" stage layouts.

  10. No no no, Mr. Inafune--not a 16-bit MM10. Rather, a 16-bit MMX9! =D

    And hopefully a 32-bit MM10 or something along those lines.

  11. I cannot believe that Inafune actually said this:

    "And we try to make follow-ups to the games that fans request."

    1. In case you haven't figured it out by now, you're a good 10 years late with MegaMan 9.

    2. If you make the games based on what the fans say, where is MegaMan Battle Network 7? Where is MegaMan X9? Where is MegaMan Legends 3? I'm waiting... :)

  12. Maybe if we all spam capcom of Japan's email. I've waded through google-translated pages and done it twice. And I got a nice little response twice. :D They seemed pretty open about reviving the EXE series, even though I didn't ask the question straight out. Can you say, "Email your congressma-- er, Capcom of Japan day?"

  13. Really? A new EXE would rock!

  14. I hope he can redone Rockman 7 and 8 into 8 bit first to make all megaman series 1-9 8bits more sense then 16bit or 32 bit.


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