Monday, July 7, 2008

First Rockman 9 Footage!

Looks great. Sounds great. Sure to be a winner


  1. Same vid twice?

  2. Hello, nerdgasm.

    anonymous: It's because of differences in quality.

  3. I'm so happy ; Finally a Megaman game that looks GOOD.

  4. Pfft, says the video has been removed when I click on it....

  5. This file is a rip from niconico douga. The original is here, if you're registered there:
    The Japanese commercial, original.
    Something interesting about it: The ending of the commercial gives these copyright credits:

    (C) Capcom Japan
    (C) Capcom USA
    (C) Daletto Co, Ltd.
    (C) (kanji)/Gold Lightning International co, Ltd.

    Not a sign of "Inticreates" on there...


    Just found this too. Actual gameplay footage? It's four minutes long, and contains some familiar elements- the lead in to MM2's Wily fortress, including the eyebrow wiggle, first level music, final boss-dragon and apparently some weapon-reuse (something that seems identical to the Leaf Shield but manueverable like the Metal Blade)- but there is a weapon in use at times that matches one used in screenshots and the Spike Shoes are used strategically throughout the level. It certainly appears to be legitimate footage.

  7. @disaffected

    Hmmm, maybe legit maybe not. The video was put up in November, way before all the RM9 hoopla started.

    Actually, it kinda looks like a hacked version of RM2.

    Meh, I wouldn't look to much into it.

  8. I guess my workplace was blocking the video, I was able to get to it from home. Stupid work :P

  9. So excited... finally, after ten years, Mega Man's back. This is going to be a great game.

    What I didn't realize was how much they were going for the Mega Man 2 aesthetics -- from the video, it sounds like the sound of Mega Man getting hit is coming from MM 2 as opposed to the different sound from MM 3-6. Not sure I like that, but whatever, it's very minor. Also, the Metool was obviously the MM 1 version... wow. 8-bit presentation is great, but do they have to reach that far back for so much? A lot of people seem to forget that all the NES MMs after 2 were great too and had their own qualities to contribute. :(

    Still, these thingd are very minor -- there's almost no way this game can't be fantastic. :D

    @ disaffected --

    Is there any way to view that video without signing up at Nicovideo? Even though it's likely a hacked MM 2 or something, it sounds like an interesting watch...


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