Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rockman 9 Trailer Debuts, NOT Wii Exlcusive

IGN has put up the debut trailer for Rockman 9, displaying a wide array of in game cutscenes, stages and glorious 8bit music. Joy!

Plus, IGN has confirmed with Capcom that RM9/MM9 will be headed to all three home consoles, PS3/360 users won't miss out (unless you lack an internet connection)

Finally, IGN confirmed RM9/MM9 will contain leaderboards where you'll be able to track your time and score against other players.


  1. *Drools* Oh yeah. Game is the hotness!! From the trailer, it looks like MM9 will make players move fast.

  2. LOL, why did Capcom say before it was Wii exclusive? So I wonder how much it'll be on PSN? Still $10 or maybe less....This is a really smart move, or rather, it is not a dumb one like having it be wii only since the game will be available to all gamers (well, the nextgen ones at least).

  3. Ah, glorious nerdgasm...

    I'm surprised that Capcom apparently changed their minds about MM9 being Wii-exclusive. I get the feeling the other versions will take longer to hit "shelves", though, given that Sony and Microsoft no like 8bit.


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