Thursday, July 31, 2008

RUMOR: R20 Official Complete Works Volume 2 Preorder?

PRC reader “banana phone” claims that his local Japanese bookstore (Kinokuniya Bookstore, New York) is taking preorders for a second volume of “Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works (R20)”, slated for a February release.

A second volume of R20 shouldn't come as no surprise, Hitoshi Ariga previously confirmed Kodansha would be releasing a follow up in the future. One has to wonder just what the second volume would contain as R20 seems is fairly complete as is. Artwork from more of the 'obscure' titles? Who knows.

In any case, this is classified as a pure rumor until I see 'preorders' from other sources.

Thanks for the tip banana phone


  1. Perhaps this one will have all the factoids regarding the various games that people had hoped would be in the last one? That'd be kind of cool.

    But darn, didn't know there was going to be ANOTHER 20th Anniversary book. There goes another $50 from my wallet, lol.

  2. Maybe they'll include a proper section on Super Adventure Rockman (with a warning, since it got shafted last time due to its dark nature)? Or maybe sketches/art for MM9?

    Mr. Rock Miyabi was nice enough to scan portions of the first volume for us, so perhaps he'll do so again. (Or I could buy the damn thing, if I'm not broke)


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