Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Retro Controller You'll Most Likely Want

Wouldn't it be totally awesome to play Rockman 9 with a classic Famicom/NES controller? You know, relieve the thrill of a small square edged controller? Datel has your fix.

Datel plans to release a collection of retro Classic Controllers for Wii, suited to play every Virtual Console game that supports the Wii remote as a controller. Speculation leads us to assume RM9 may support the Classic Controller, so it might be kind of fun to invest in these controllers.

Currently, the controllers are slated to hit Japan only. However, folks outside of Japan can easily purchase the controllers from numerous online vendors such as Play-Asia.(My personal favorite)

All four variations of the controller are slated for a September 10th release, retailing for about $15.00 USD.

Credit: GoNintendo

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  1. Niiiiice. I'd buy those. Heck, I'm betting some players would line up to get that old-school, NES Mega Man feel with these babies.


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