Monday, March 12, 2012

MML3 Fan Movement Launches Weapon Design Contest

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but in case you haven't heard, Get Me Off the Moon kicked off a community-wide contest in an effort to revitalize the Devroom.  The aptly titled Neo Devroom campaign invites fans to design a new weapon for Mega Man Volnutt.

Simply design a cool, unique and useful weapon for ol' Volnutt, and you could win some pretty slick prizes. The top entries will receive either a set of Legends themed Perler Bead sprites, a copy of Mega Man Tribute, or one of Ryan Shower's custom Mega Man Volnutt figures WITH the winning weapon attached. Oh, how sweet it is.

Anyone can participate, so long as you're a resident living in North America and the UK. Up to three entries can be submitted by March 29th. Full contest rules and regulations can be found here.

So far, things are off to a great start; everyone's excited, everyone's having lots of fun. In fact, this is the first time Capcom Unity publicly recognized and supported a Get Me Off the Moon campaign. That's pretty interesting in itself, wouldn't you say? So get those designs in ASAP! Capcom's watching...


  1. "Anyone can participate, so long as you're a resident living in the North America and UK"


  2. Everyone who loves Megaman should like this page.
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  3. Only for US and UK citizens? With international fandom like this, this seems rather restricted and stupid

  4. Give it a rest. It's futile. Capcom's not reviving it. This isn't Operation Rainfall, with decent developers and some already existing interest in seeing the game reach their homeland. This isn't Darkstalkers, with a fanbase who has signed petitions for years to finally make a fourth game happen. This is just making the Megaman fanbase seem really retarded. Nothing's being accomplished here.

  5. @Anonymous: They can still try(and Legends fans have been trying for more than 10 years). No shut up and don't kill their hopes. If Rainfall didn't get any of their games you'd say the same thing about that movement. Same will be said for Moonfall should the MM remake not happen.

    And I've seen people like you in the Darkstalkers community when it came to petitioning for the game so don't be the Megaman equivalent lease :)

  6. Hear hear, anon!

    I agree! Nothing is being accomplished! Nothing at all! Why, these silly fans are coming together and wasting their time talking about their beloved franchise, organizing events and rallying for something they believe in and love!

    Finally, someone who understands how futile it is to be a fan and supporting something you care about!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to rain some some parades! Huzzah!

  7. Awww makes me a little sad since I'm living in germany. Oh well good luck to everyone who participates!

  8. @Anonymous # 3,

    I agreed with number 4.. Bring back Megaman legends 3 for 3DS and new Megaman games! Thats about it!

  9. @Anon2: They can't extend the contest to anyone outside North America and the UK because of international contest laws.

  10. Cactus and toilet cleaner!

  11. [In response to anonymous replying to me]
    There isn't any hope. Rainfall only worked because NOA already expressed interest in localizing it. For example, Reggie said he'd watch European sales, and what do you know, we're getting 2/3 of the games already.

    But look at Legends 3. It's not going to be revived. Capcom's said so. Take a look at Starmen's EarthBound for VC and MOTHER 1+2 effort. That didn't work. There was a decent amount of hope there, but it still failed. NOA actually was GOING to localize MOTHER 1+2, but ultimately didn't. Legends 3, on the other hand, has no one going for it but the remains of the Devroom and "lol xd le reddit i'm such a nerd b/cause i like old games" people supporting it. No. Nothing good comes of it. It's futile to get Capcom to revive the games and makes the entire fanbase look retarded. Just accept it. Move on. Mother games clearly aren't going to come over here without divine intervention, and Legends, not even being MADE and the devs showing NO interest in reviving it, regardless of fan efforst, is even less likely to be picked up again.

    Maybe it will be, like EarthBound 64 and Mother 3, but the fans won't have much to do with it.

    (I apologize for using Mother so strongly as an example, but I thought it fit pretty well.)

  12. @ The "give up" anon:

    If we do that, than Capcom would be justified in saying that no one cares about MM, and then the series would REALLY be doomed.

    MML3 specifically might only see the light of day if there's a change in Capcom's management for the better, but if the outrage over the way it was cancelled will persuade Capcom not to pull shit like that again, then I'd say it was worth still caring about.

    On-topic, I'd like to enter this contest, but right now, I've got nothing. :(

  13. Even if the effort accomplishes nothing, I imagine people still have fun participating in this sort of thing and sharing stuff in the new devroom.

    I can't imagine what goes through the mind of someone who'd come in with the intention of telling everyone this effort is futile. What would that hope to gain? Is it a crusade to prevent people from from wasting time? Imagine people listened - then what? Nothing's accomplished by forgetting Legends 3. Let people pursue what fulfills them.

  14. Fighting, MM fans, fighting for everlasting in peace!

    Dont let Capcom won!

  15. Guys, can we just all shut the hell up about whether Legends 3 will be revived or not?

    This is just supposed to be a contest for fun, at least that's how I view it, and a chance to win some sweet prizes. Can we just leave it at that.

  16. that is one of the best looking figures ive ever seen of the legends megaman, much better looking then the dash 2 model kits bandai released back in the early 2000's.

  17. Great contest! gonna to join u on facebook and twitter and submit my designs!


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