Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SOTA Toys Shows off Mega Man Volnutt Figure

Remember that magnificent Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars commercial from a couple years ago? You know, the one with the stop motion action figure combat between Mega Man Volnutt, Ryu, Ken the Eagle and Tekkaman Blade?

Well, turns out that SOTA Toys were the ones behind those amazingly articulated figures. While the manufacturer has no intention of selling them publicly, SOTA uploaded several close-up photos of each figure for your admiration, Volnutt included.

"In short time we produced these 4 figures to the specifications requested: They had to be limber. They had to be pretty," reads SOTA's official recollection. "And they had to be BAD-ASS. We succeeded on all fronts." I'm inclined to agree, if I do say so myself.

How awesome would it be to actually own these? Unfortunately, those plans aren't in the cards. I suppose we'll have to make do with some nice imagery, for now. Click here for more pictures of each individual figure.


  1. I think the custom made volnutt figure that score6 is selling looks a lot better then this personally.

  2. @First anon: Maybe. But remember here Capcom had set standards for what the toy had to be and had to do. This thing was used for a stop motion commercial afterall. In addition, who knows how much time Capcom gave them, which is definitely less than what score6 had to do it.

  3. Aw man, for a second I thought it was a retail figure. :/ Regardless, that's some nice work they did on it. :)

  4. I was wondering when this figure would get attention. I saw these pics months ago. But the figure is cool and of course looks cool in the commercial, but I think it was indeed made for the commercial purposes. Either way I'd purchase the figure if it was for sale, though the only thing I'd change on it would be the color of his hair to a darker tone.

  5. It looked bad enough in the video, but now that I can see it on a picture, I can't decide which one is the worse, this or the figure made by score...
    Still waiting for my Kotobukiya/Bandai Volnutt figure.

  6. This guy looks like a classic example of "WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?!".

    His hand is as long as (or longer than) his thigh, he looks like he could stab you to death with his hair, he appears to be saying "Go go Gadget neck!", and creepiest of all, unlike in the games themselves, it's impossible to even imagine that he's hiding a human hand inside that buster of his.

    But when I saw that trailer, man, I squealed like a fangirl.

  7. Score's Volnutt is way better than this thing.

  8. You guys are comparing a figure made for display purposes and a figure made for functionality in a stop motion project.

    The Sota figure looks sloppy but it was never meant for retail. Articulation was the important factor.

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