Friday, March 9, 2012

Ruby-Spears Mega Man Production Cels Up for Auction

What better way to show your affinity for the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon than owning a tangible piece of the show's history. Van Eaton Galleries are apparently auctioning off four original production cels from the cartoon, each opening at a meager $9.99. Three of the four cels depict different frames of animation from the show. The fourth is actually two sheets attached together to form one big drawing of Mega Man. Neat stuff, if you ask me.

If you're into collecting cels, or really just want to own a few bits from the show (literally), you should definitely look into these. I can't vouch for their authenticity, but Van Eaton insists they are originals, not reproductions. The winning bidder will even receive a certificate of authenticity.

You'll find all four auctions here. Best of luck!


  1. All I really want....... is Gutsman's ass.

  2. *sighs*

    I was afraid that someone would notice this. Now I'm probably going to have to fight for these auctions . . .

    I can't blame ya', it's really cool that people DO pay attention to the Ruby-Spears Mega Man. ;)

  3. Best of luck to the bidders! :)

    @TheTrueLegend: Agreed. :)

  4. Is it bad that i recognize what episode these are from? (It's Mega Dreams.)

  5. Even the production drawing? That one looks MUCH better drawn than the animation cels. I was betting it was an early episode.

  6. @TheTrueLegend - Yeah, I'm not sure what's worse: An auction gaining publicity like this, people bidding too early and upping the price way too high before you can even consider bidding yourself, or getting sniped at the last second. It hurts all the same. ^^;

    I was lucky hardly anyone noticed the cheap E-Tank cushion on there Wednesday...I like my rarities staying hush-hush, too.

    They seem to have a very good track record, and a lot of neat stuff on their site, too. Looks like the villain one will be the big catch, but the sketchy, stunned "sizzling circuits" Mega is probably the one my eye is on.

  7. Right now my big rare item from the Blue Bomber is a Mega Man 9 Press Kit, but honestly, I'd trade it for these cels and that production drawing.

    I grew up with the Ruby-Spears Mega Man and it's honestly the version I'm the most affectionate towards.

    Don't mistake me, I'm a fan of the franchise, but having a physical piece of the show that introduced me to him would mean the world.

    Here's hoping I can make off with something. Best of luck to everyone!

  8. Am I the only diseased mind that thinks Protoman looks like he just got caught about to perform unspeakable acts on Elecman's unconscious body?

  9. ^LOLing so much at the above comment!


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