Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breaking News: Roll, Mayl and Luna Form Idol Group (Updated)

Today, Rockman Unity brings us a surprise announcement: Roll, Mayl Sakurai (Battle Network) and Luna Platz (Star Force) are teaming up to create a pop idol group.

The trio's debut album, titled "Transmission to Your Heart", will release on December 17, 20XX in commemoration of Mega Man's 25th anniversary. Furthermore, the girls will host a live concert on the rooftop of Capcom HQ on the album's launch date. Original posters will be distributed to attendees on a first-come-first-served basis.

Truly, an unexpected announcement. I mean, it’s not like it’s April Fools' day in Japan or anything. Preposterous!

I have to admit, it's delightful to see these three beloved characters perusing a singing career in lieu of starring in actual Mega Man games. You gotta get bread on the table somehow! Curiously, singing sensation Sonia Strumm isn't included in the group. Perhaps she's off honing her solo career? Or maybe her and Luna had some sort of juicy fallout?

We'll keep an eye on the tabloids. (Update: In case you haven't figured it out by now, yes; this was an April Fools' joke.)

Source: Rockman Unity (thanks, Amunshen)


  1. Hello there, pretty art! :D

    I guess they didn't pick Misora because they wanted a tsundere character, lol

  2. Google put up it's Japanese April Fools Day pun already. So I guess this IS a pun. At least they provided great artwork for it.

  3. I'll admit, I laughed.

  4. Capcom doing something involving Megaman? Definately April Fools :p

    At least Luna is involved!

  5. What, no Ciel?

    I kid.

  6. And yet, with the Miku hologram shows, I could definitely see this happening.

  7. Their tour would have just gotten cancelled anyways in favor of the Chun-Li, Viper and Juri group.

  8. "Capcom doing something involving Megaman? Definately April Fools :p"

    Best comment right there! :-D

    I'll admit it, I like this art piece.

  9. @Anon5: Eh, Chun-Li, Juri, and especially Viper (who is a mother) seem too old to be idols. Maybe if the group were Sakura, Karin, and Ibuki? They're at least high school aged (which is still older than Roll, Mayl, and Luna, who are elementary school aged, but I think high school age can still work).

  10. April Fool's Day joke?
    I'm seriously doubting everything Capcom does these days with regards to MegaMan.

  11. I guess Splash Woman went solo, too.

  12. Reminds me of ZX Gigamix:

    Nice artwork.

  13. Not caring unless we get us some Guts Man Karaoke to go with it. Preferably singing A-Ha's "Take on Me."

  14. They should give us a new Megaman Game and not this stuff. 25 year anniversary, anyone?

    Capcom buried Mega Man.

  15. Of course it's a joke but capcom making jokes about MM related things is wearing a little thin, it's kinda like dangling a carrot in front of you and then wisking it away and laughing when you try to grab for it. Enough already make jokes about something NOT MM now.

  16. Wait was BBA Megaman supposed to be the April Fools joke?


  17. It's a slippery slope from group synergy drama to cocaine-fueled shenanigans, interventions, plummets in sales, and eventually a "Behind the Music" episode detailing their fall from glory.

  18. Ah, so 20XX is 2012? :P Anyway, quite fun, and great artwork there! :)

  19. So that's what the Tumblr ask-box question was about...

    /goshdarn anon

  20. It's a shame it's an april fool's joke. I'd like to see some stuff from Luna. I'm surprised it was her and not Misora in the prank, though - after all, Misora's an in-universe idol, so it'd have made a lot of sense.

    Still, I can at least use this to troll and claim it as more evidence for Subaluna shipping. :3

  21. @ MNV: haha, nice.

    It's sad, these days when cute fan service is taken as a kick in the crotch by insatiable crybabies.

    I actually enjoyed this joke. Thank you Capcom Japan! :)

  22. @undamned: Actually, I saw very little "whining" over this--probably because it was obviously an April Fool's joke.

    Me, I like the outfit designs. :)

  23. A well done april fool joke. I fall for it the first time until I realize the date.

    Hmm I ahve to disagree with Role.
    I doubt that picture as any decent evidence for a Subaluna since it's an april fool joke.

  24. Really, anon? We have Roll, the love interest of pretty much EVERY OTHER ROBOT in classic by nature of the smurfette principle (barring gay bots, of course), Mayl, the love interest of Lan, who eventually marries him, and... Luna, romantic interest of Subaru. Clearly this is all about the love.

    To hit it home, Misora, the ACTUAL idol, isn't in the idol group at all. Rejected. Tossed aside. Worthless - not even worth considering for an AFD tease. Clearly, this is a win for SubaLuna fans everywhere. *sagenod*

  25. Well Role.

    After reading what you just said. And a shipping couple sudject on top of all.

    True Roll was portrait as the love
    interest to several Mega man heroes but, Luna and Misora (Sonia) is still a tabou subject since Capcom never gave on official result in Mega man starforce.

    And base on The starforce and the original Megaman Official complete work. They're never been mention about it either. And that picture it still an april fool joke and sum up. The people that made the artwork may have put them for fun. And I said that base from a quote said in one of their complete work artbook on a another official group artwork they made. In other words, you can't virtually tell what was their idea either and I do think you know better than Luna isn't a singer herself but a piano player.

    Second. Just because Misora is an idol that doesn't mean she can't have Subaru. Games and Manga story are fictive not reality. And that art it still a april fools joke not a valid proof.

    No hard feeling. I gave my answer and wanna to thanks the comment you gave since I'm doing a personal reasearch on the whole shipping couple war on Megaman starforce and your comment will be useful thought, If you really wanna to stick in the shipping aspect. Let's talk about it in another place.

  26. No hard feeling.

    I find this comment cute. You're taking my 'argument' seriously, when I specifically said in my first post that I can use it to troll with. So in regards to you taking my teasing seriously... No hard feelings, right?

    Second. Just because Misora is an idol that doesn't mean she can't have Subaru.

    Oh, wow, you didn't even read my post. I said nothing along the lines of Misora not being able to be with him due to her idol status. I won't even put up with that crap from other SubaLuna fans - that's not a valid reason as to why they can't get together, that's grasping at straws. Now, if you were paying attention, I was making fun of Misora for not being in the faux-idol group, despite, you know, being an actual idol. How can you not find that funny?

  27. No worries. There's won't be any hard feelings. My only wish is to be able to explain my point peacefully without any war between us. That's all I want.

    To answer your question.

    Guilty as charged. ^^;

    Honestly, You did mention it. However, due to my reasearch work on the shipping couple wars in a neutral way (Despite being the opposition). I may have seen it a different way. But if you said it was a tease to make fun then, there's no panic. I'm going to take it has a joke and laught along.

    So, in conclusion. I own you an apologize.

  28. No problem. I hear you with the objective approach, by the way. I've gotten so much crap from people on this blog simply because I'm not a crazy fangirl - I take things more objectively than most. For example, play devil's advocate and explain why people are frustrated with a lack of game news, and suddenly everyone's accusing me of claiming that the people on the blog hate merchandise.

    Which I didn't do. Total bullshit when it happens, but I've gotten used to it by now. So trust me, I can see where you're coming from in your reaction.

    It's the same on digimon blogs for me as well. In order to review episodes properly, I set my fangirlism aside, and some people turn around and tell me to leave if I don't like the show, since I rated an average at best episode a 4.5/10.

  29. I understand you. It's not easy nowadays for people to understand choice. I prefer to say people are free to choose what they believe in. In the way, some will believe you while some don't.

    What I fear if for those who doesn't believe and goes in the extrem ways. It's Reason like that I prefer keep my research personal.

  30. sinful celes traitorApril 6, 2012 at 3:23 AM

    Man, it's always exciting when shipping discussion happen.

    Take the decided official shipping result aside, one thing I always wonder up until now is that why most of the shippers tend to bash the opposite character. (SxL bash Misora or SxM bash Luna) Couldn't they just live in harmony with each other. T-T

    Maybe, it's just like Anon said that some people who disbelieve in that choice might go aganist it in an extreme way.

  31. It's legendary!! SubaLuna to the extreme. :-) Or not, eh?

  32. To anon above me

    This not what I'm taking about and,

    I still consider this artwork an
    April fool joke since it's an april fool joke.

  33. To anon above me

    No, you're missing my point, it's just that I believe only in SubaLuna to the extreme way. I don't saying that your shipping are bad, everyone have their own taste.

    I just prefer my own choice because I believe in the fact of SubaLuna as shown in the best Star Force fic ever known as "Mega Man Star Force Zero 1-3", you should give it a try. :-) I'm really moved by the profound and sacred romance of SubaLuna shown in that fic.

  34. To anon above me

    I hope there won't be any hard feeling between us. I'm just explaining my point.

    It's not then I miss the point

    '' It's legendary!! SubaLuna to the extreme. :-) Or not, eh? ''

    Like I previously said to Role. I may have seen your comment a different way. The thing is, She told me right away it was a tease so, I took as a tease. At this point I hope there's no hard feeling between us but your comment could I have meant another thing in a objevtive way.

    To me the extrem way I see is someone who will try prove something without knowing if it true or not. Believing your own choice is good thing. I respect that. Not being able to explain your own point without creating chaos around, that something I hate.

    Ah Megaman starforce zero fanfic. I already read it but not all. I stop in a certain chapter due to an shipping investigation. I'm not going to say the result since it's a personal reasearch work I'm doing about Shipping couple wars. A subject I don't wanna to talk about it here.

  35. To the anon above me:

    You know, I've been thinking about doing an interesting fanfic... one that merges three realities.

    One where he got with Luna.
    One where he got with Misora.
    And one where crap hit the fan, he regressed, and embraced Mu Energy.

    Of course, the obvious issue of the Hero, the Lancer, and the Villain ALL being different versions of the same guy has kinda put me off to the idea, but it is something I'd love to see touched on. The big "what if", you know?

  36. To anon above our beloved Subaluna shipper, the peerless beauty Dark Lady Role:

    Kyahkyahkyah, I just know it that you would be in awe for the epic of our mighty Subaluna fanfic known as "Megaman Star Force Zero 1-3". (they seriously need to be the official story of Star Force 4-6) Just you wait for another Subaluna fanfic from our beloved Dark Lady Role, I'm SOOOO sure that you'll eventually give in for the epic of Subaluna's profound and sacred romance. :-)

  37. To Role

    That a great idea. :) Like the item choice in RNR3, by putting three diferent stories. It will calm both side. Thought the bad ending remind me of games like Chrono Trigger when you fail to save the planet.

    To the other anon

    Not going to happen. As long I have my personal research, It's not over until I see for myself the truth and I got a huge work ahead of me. ^^;

  38. Subaluna to the extreme!! They truly are the official couple of Ryuusei. Noone could deny this very fact, whahaha. XD


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