Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rockman 3 Boss Contest Prize Up for Grabs

An interesting and pretty rare item has hit good ol' eBay: the runner-up prize from Rockman 3's boss character design contest; a tin pencil case and authoritative ID card.

As you might remember, Capcom received roughly 50,000 boss design submissions in 1990, eight of which were selected to appear in Rockman 3. Pencil cases and ID cards were awarded to the runner-up designs that weren't quite up to snuff. Few sets pop up for sale today, let alone in complete condition. I mean get a load of that original envelop!

As expected, the set won't come cheap. The seller is asking for $199.99; however, he is willing to negotiate via the "make an offer" option. Not exactly cheap, but can you really put a price on an item like this? It's part of Rockman history, after all.

Those interested can check out the full details here.


  1. wow, the English on that tin is spot on.. no engrish :o
    Hmm I feel like I've seen these on ebay every so often between $20-40
    I never really noticed that they were the prizes from the contest..
    I'll have to keep my eyes open on that. Anyways its pretty cool to see this item in the condition its in, even kept the envelope after all these years.. Impressive!

  2. Impressive. Too bad the envelope is pretty tatty.

    I'm curious what the actual prize distribution was like. Surely Capcom didn't send out 50k prizes. My guess is that the 1st 1000 or so runner ups got these and the rest got letters of thanks.

    I actually have a decent collection of the robot contest prizes. I'll do a write up when I've got all that I'm aware of.

  3. US $199 for a pencil case is ridiculous, contest prize or not.


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