Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Man 9's Secret Continues to Elude

Three years later, work to unveil Mega Man 9's enigmatic final secret rages on. Recently, Capcom Unity members have been trying to persuade Seth Killian into revealing the secret as a form of reparation for the past year... you know what I'm talking about.

Not one to outright spill the beans, Seth popped in and opted to drop one last hint:  

"To find my secret, you'll have to look further than you ever have before."

Ambiguous as usual, Seth.

However, some circles are convinced that single sentence holds some literal value. In other words, Mega Man 9's final secret rests in a background, perhaps as some sort of hidden image. Pure speculation, of course.

As a friendly reminder, Seth also provided three disclaimers intended to give the secret some context:

1) yes, "the secret" is real. Just because people looked hard and didn't find it doesn't mean it's not there. If you don't want to believe its there, that's cool with me (and probably a better use of your time).

2) the secret is not a huge deal. It's a footnote that would be included in an FAQ (even if it wasn't "the secret") but of you're looking for secret playable Wily, you'll be sorely disappointed.

3) in the case someone does find it and posts it to the thread, I will tell you "yep, that was it!" and we can cross a game off the list. 
    So, the search continues. If you spot something of interest while combing through MM9, be sure to share it on Capcom Unity.


    1. I'm convinced at this point that it doesn't exist. If it is real, it's been 4 years Seth, just tell us the damn thing.

    2. There's a sort of mean-spirited quality I get from this. I mean, there's teasing and then there's dismissing.

      The "it's just a footnote" thing just rubs me the wrong way. If it's not a big deal, why all the secrecy?

      I'm all for making a game out of it, but this doesn't seem like a game. It seems . . . I don't know, like a jab.

    3. Maybe it has something to do with the endless stage? But that would mean you would have to buy the DLC for it...

      1. it is at the 999999 screen count in endless mode

      2. the secret is somewhere in endless mode at the 999999 screen count

    4. And those who hack the game haven't found it yet because...?

    5. Just a footnote?

      ...that would've been nice to know four years ago.

    6. Complete 9999999 stages in Endless Mode. The secret may appear, but a Moblin is in the way.

    7. Yeah I remember Seth also stated you need DLC to unlock the secret. so its probably endless stage.

    8. Guys! Pay attention, it is obvious:

      The secret is the screen you get when you reach the 99999 (don't remember the exact number) in the endless mode.

      A while ago, there was supposed to be a guy that reached it, as we all could have seen on the leaderbord. Recall also, that at one point Seth said that the secret was been discovered, but then he said it was a false alarm.

      The 99999 record was deleated from the leaderbord, as if it was fake, so nobody has reach that point.

      Makes sense, right?

    9. Why are we still listening to Seth after all the crud he's said lately?

    10. You'd think by now someone would be ripping the game's ROM dump apart to find it.

    11. Some people don't seem to realize yet that this secret was and still is a way of generating lasting interest in the game that frankly was going to fade in about 6 months after we'd all beaten it over and over and begun to move on. I was excited as anyone could be and even bought my wii just for mega man 9, but in this day and age, there's just a million things to distract you no matter how much you love Mega Man. They needed some way to keep the hardcore coming back.

      Also, why are so many of you still hung up on the idea that this secret is actually in the game? It could just as easily be a bit of info ABOUT the game or related to it, and not some piece of code IN it.

      Yes, those of us that were around back then were EXCITED and or DISMAYED when Proto Man's transformation to Break Man was discovered in MM3's ROM years ago. That was cool, and it was years after release. Once we had the internet and then rom hacking tools were invented.

      After so many years of being probed, defiled, and raped over, someone would have noticed SOMETHING if it were in the ROM. We've had all the time, tools, and talent needed from day one.

      I'd love to see what it is too, but It could be a pixel out of place in one of the names in the credits, or it could be a factoid ABOUT MM9 like: "there was a consideration to make a flying monkey guy playable, but we decided to use Proto Man instead." Something like that would fit into a FAQ as a footnote, but be "not a big deal".

      Lets look at some other info and think outside the box here.

    12. Yeah, Seth is just being a right prick about this. I was just thinking about the secret a few days ago. Okay, man, if it isn't important, if it isn't that huge of a deal, since it's been years, why not just go ahead and share it? My god, did you swear with a fuckin' blood oath not to share it or something? lol.

    13. What about the mm10 secret protodude? apparently there is also a secret yet to be discovered in mm10 remember:

    14. It's going to be something completely underwhelming.

      That's probably why nobody has found it yet. It'll be something stupid and unworthy of secrecy.

    15. When I'm 74:

      "Today in Holographic entertainment: Senior citizens at the Soylent retirement facility have discovered a long-lost secret in an old 'video game' (the form of audiovisual entertainment that gave way to holograms in the 40s) called Mega Man 9, one that was teased for half a century by the game's creators, Douchecom, which was known as Capcom at the time.

      When asked for comment, Douchecom promised us eternal happiness and the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but then reneged and released a fighting game starring our news staff."

    16. I believe this has to be the secret:

      It's so obscure to not be it!

    17. I've stopped caring about this so-called "hidden secret" over three years ago. The only reason why I even entertained the thought of trying to find it, is because I thought it had something to do with unlocking Bass as a playable character, but since that wasn't the case, I no longer cared.

    18. fuck u seth u dumb cunt

    19. Did he said it has something to do with DLC? Maybe it's something related to the download screens? I hope he isn't talking about the Mets...

    20. @Gimme5
      ... *stares at the image for a while* ... oh!! Heeeeey, good eye! But unfortunately, you don't need the downloadable content to see that image. Still! That's pretty damn observational! Well done!

      Seriously. Seth is just being a troll. Mega Man 9 isn't worth all this attention. *shakes his head*

    21. The Mega Man 9 secret is that there is no secret, Seth just wants to troll us

    22. I think the secret is basically Megaman's BBA color costume. You know after you beat Splash Woman you get the yellow-blue scheme? BBA Megaman shares that color scheme as well.

    23. @Joseph Collins:

      "Mega Man 9 isn't worth all this attention."

      Considering what a disappointment Mega Man 9 turned out to be, I couldn't agree more.

    24. @Krazy Monkey

      Oh so spreading your hate on MegaMan 9, aren't we? I guess hating MegaMan 2 and Universe wasn't enough, huh?

      Then tell me this, how the hell did MegaMan 9 got good scores if it was a disappointment, hm?

      I'm sick and tired of idiots like you disrespecting MegaMan games that either got praised or canceled by the evil company known as Cashcom?

      If you don't like games that are either good or worth playing dispeite being canceled or not, or getting people's hopes down the crapper, then leave this blog if you can't handle the MegaMan 2 or Universe fanare.

    25. @Musashi/HeroManX/Alantor/Whatever else:

      "Oh so spreading your hate on MegaMan 9, aren't we? I guess hating MegaMan 2 and Universe wasn't enough, huh??"

      I just love how you go out of your way to call out me out for having something negative to say about Mega Man 9, whereas Joseph Collins said the exact same thing, and it wasn't so much as given a second glance.

      "Then tell me this, how the hell did MegaMan 9 got good scores if it was a disappointment, hm?"

      I hope you realize that game review sites like IGN are purely subjective, as in, completely opinionated, not factual. These are also the same people who outright bash games like Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, and Mega Man & Bass simply for evolving from the 8-bit art style, which is a clear demonstration of blatant fanboyism. That's precisely why I don't pay attention to game reviews, and use my own judgment when it comes to buying games.

      I'm sick and tired of idiots like you disrespecting MegaMan games that either got praised or canceled by the evil company known as Cashcom?

      And I'm sick of idiots like YOU constantly go our of their way to attack people for having opinions that are different from yours. Newsflash: Your opinions aren't facts, so stop acting like it.

      "If you don't like games that are either good or worth playing dispeite being canceled or not, or getting people's hopes down the crapper, then leave this blog if you can't handle the MegaMan 2 or Universe fanare."

      I could say the same thing about you. Seeing how you're always throwing a tantrum like a five-year old whenever someone disagrees with you, you're clearly unable to handle conflicting viewpoints, so why do YOU even bother coming to this site?

    26. @Krazy Monkey

      Ya know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry for attacking you and stuff, but I can't help but get angry at Crapcom for ruining the MegaMan franchise and turning the fanbase into a bunch of immature children.

      I know you hate MegaMan 2 and Universe, but that's your opinion and I need to respect it.

      That's why I focus on franchises that haven't been reduce to crap. So please forgive me for treating you like dirt and I hope we respect each other's opinions.

    27. @Musashi:

      Alright, apology accepted.

      Just to clarify, I do not think Mega Man 9 is a thoroughly terrible game. I had my share of fun with it, but at the same time, I feel as if it left a lot to be desired. I just don't quite think the game's all it was hyped up to be.

    28. @Krazy Monkey: Megaman 7 got 7/10, 8 got 6/10, Megaman and Bass got 8.5 out of 10 on IGN.

      Megaman and Bass had no hate on the graphics. They noted that because it was an SNES port they didn't really try to see what else the GBA could do, that there were some translation problems, that they could've done more for the sound. They also noted it followed THE SAME GOD DAMN FORMULA.

      Megaman 7 they did not like the boss choice designs, feeling they were recycled riffs of older bosses in some cases(FreezeMan). The limited boss choice got criticized. They said the music was strong, but sound effects were weak. Oh and the sprites? They praised them, but felt Megaman's animations were wierd or off(especially his run which I have to agree on.) ALSO THE SAME GOD DAMN FORMULA.

      Megaman 8. You know what they simply said for the review? It's more of the same and said if you're tired of that wait for the inevitable 3D Megaman, which is fair as the X series had received 3 entries by the time 8 came out as well. Another IGN reviewer said compared to other sequels happening at the time, it fell flat. Do you know what had come out by the time 8 had? Several Super Nintendo sequels which were amazing, but also two N64 ones. Mario Kart 64 and the 3D defining Super Mario 64, with Ocarina of Time having already been shown off in demos.

      I may not be a fan of IGN but 7 and 8 deserved their low scores. Trying to blame fanboyism is BS.

    29. @Anonymous:

      I still think it's hypocritical for them to criticize those games for reusing the same formula, and then turn around and praise Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 for doing the very same thing that they slammed the later two games for.

    30. @Krazy Monkey: The logic though is that when 9 and 10 came out, the home consoles hadn't seen a Megaman title in 3-5 years. The only platforming Megaman titles that were recent were ZX, which didn't really follow the traidional format, and the two PSP remakes, one of which(MMPU) I feel is overrated. The home consoles, and classic in general, hadn't seen love for a long time, the format hadn't been seen for a long time, with Zero and ZX basically eliminating it and creating a more linear story line. Plus in a world where 3D graphics are the norm for home consoles and stories are extremely linear(sidequests don't count towards this in my opinion), the NES 8-bit graphics and fight the Robot Masters in any order were welcomed back with open arms.

      Plus, unlike 7 and 8, 9 and 10 didn't have 6 entries released over the 6 years before their release. The lack of installments several years before 9 and 10 made them feel fresher than 7 and 8 which had entries several years before they were released.

      It's all about the factors man.

    31. I belive that it's not in the game at all, not a sprite, background, anything. I have two words for ALL of you... release date. Megaman 9 came out in 2009, and 10 in 2010 and, like the older megamans, 10 came out 1 year AFTER 9, like old megamans. and seth, please reply, we are all sick of this.

      1. Actually Mega Man 9 first came out on September 22, 2008.


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