Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get This Mega Man Shirt While You Can (Updated)

If you're in need of a new Mega Man shirt this Spring, you might want to race on over to TeeFury tomorrow. Word on the street has it a limited edition Mega Man shirt will go on sale tomorrow, March 16th, titled "The Morning Routine." It looks like this:


If you dig the design, don't delay: TeeFury will sell it for 24 hours only. Once the time has gone, the shirt is removed from the site. Hey, they don't call it limited edition for nothing.

UPDATE: The sale is live right now! Stock shouldn't be a problem, but you might want to get on it ASAP just in case. Click here to purchase!

Thanks for the heads up, Michael.


  1. the girl is hawt.

  2. #1,

    You are being silly.

    Focus on the picture of Megaman and comment about it and not match dating online. *Rolling Eyes*

  3. It's a sitcom about two siblings living with their single dad in a Megaman stage. The twist? The dad is invisible.

  4. "Focus on the picture of Megaman"

    Now I'm looking at her chest. You aren't helping.

  5. @Rockman,

    You are not helping either. Sadly.

  6. Classic is great and all, but...

    I was wondering, has anyone seen Zero or ZX era based shirts? I wouldn't mind something like that.

  7. @Anon 2

    Yeesh talk about uptight. Try taking out that stick up your butt.

    Anon1 said nothing about dating and was just making an observation that the lady on the photo was hot.

    *Rolls eyes* Rolling is continuous and looks rather silly :P


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