Friday, March 23, 2012

Humor: IGN Pitches Robot Master Concepts to Keiji Inafune

Never mind the fact Inafune no longer works at Capcom: it made me chuckle. And, hey, turns out all it takes to sway the man is a minimum three dollar bribe!

Source: GoNintendo


  1. (What do you think of him NOW?)

    And that's how Sheepman was made.

  2. That just made my day! Inafune is such a good sport!

  3. #anonymous,

    you are hyprocite! Pervert. Please grow up! You sicko!

    Antyway, this video is funny. I like that. I am glad that Keiji is doing well and hope he can fight to bring Rockman back!

  4. this is how springman born

  5. That first idea could totally work.

    Batman: "I'm Batman."
    Mega Man: ... O_O *explodes*

    Also... isn't Rainbowman one of the designs from Mega Man Unlimited? As well as one of Mega Man's prototypical names? XD

  6. Bribing Inafune is illegal, does he know that? XP You can't bribe the creator without giving a reason!

    ...Err, did I say in a wrong way?

  7. "you are hyprocite!:
    Unless you have acess to the server or have some psychic ability, how exactly did you arrive at that conclusion from a rather straightforward statement?

    A man finding a woman sexual attractive is not perverted.

    "Please grow up!"
    Finding women sexually attractive is part of growing up.

    "You sicko!"
    Is there a post by another anonymous where he links to a picture of a dead cat? I don't get it.

  8. @Anon: Uh... How is he a "hyprocite"?

  9. 3 Dollars? Um, isn't the Yen worth more? Does that mean Inafune is worth only like 220 yen?

  10. @Rockman

    It's probably the same idiot that bitched at the guy for thinking the girl wearing the shirt from Teefury was hot.


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