Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mega Man X Headed to European Virtual Console This Week

Well European X fans, the wait is almost over. Mega Man X is headed to the Wii's Virtual Console service this Thursday, March 8th. Nearly a year after being released in Japan and America, the Super Nintendo classic is just 48 hours away!

Confirmation comes directly from Capcom Europe, who mistakenly announced the game would be headed to the Nintendo 3DS eShop, too. Much to everyone's dismay, the error has been corrected.

Set aside 800 Wii Points, and get ready for some good 'ol MMX action. Hopefully, Mega Man X2 isn't too far away!


  1. "Hopefully, Mega Man X2 isn't too far away!"

    Yep I hope we'll get it too. Would be a reason to buy 800 Wii-Points for the first time ever for me.

  2. Congratulations for European people. Now, we are waiting for Megaman X2 in Northern America as well as Europe too. :)

  3. I wonder if they're going to bring the xtreme games on eshop.


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