Sunday, March 11, 2012

SFxT: Mega Man's Rival and Ending Cinematics Revealed

Fighting Game Addict has uploaded Mega Man's Street Fighter X Tekken cinematics in their entirety, including the real ending. If you don't mind spoiling things before March 13, feel free to check them out. You'll find the ending after the break.

(...and no, that's not an alt. costume. It's a customized color scheme)

For comparison, here's the fan dub that's making the rounds.

Incidentally, Mega Man and Roll's voice actors are Chris Cason (Dragon Ball, Full Metal Alchemist) and Michele Knotz (Pokémon) respectively. That's right; Roll is Jesse. Props to everyone who called it.

Thanks for the tip, cyberlink420!


  1. I don't understand this shitty ending either. Not that understanding would make it any better.

  2. I guess they were making a reference to the 'balls of light' Mega Man usually gets after defeating a boss.

    Pac-Man vid is just weird though.

  3. @Anonymous1: Understanding it less would make it much better for me. How humiliating for Mega Man fans...their hero being reduced to this...

    At this point I'm not planning to ever buy anything from Capcom just for the sheer fact that they are obviously mocking Mega Man fans. I don't even care if Inafune was involved in this decision or not - this is just uncalled for.

  4. Heh, Pac-Man is such a douchebag. Especially if you watch his ending--it's quite funny.

  5. seriously? it's not that big a deal. holy fuck, all you goddamn babies crying about this? how many of you even fucking play fighting games? holy shit, it's just a cameo. the only time I've heard babies cry this much, they were in the damn maternity ward.

  6. @ March 11, 2012 9:32 PM Anon:

    Replying to you will probably be a mistake, but if you had any sense of context, you'd know why people'd be depressed over it.

    Oh, and before you insult me? I'm mostly indifferent towards this ending (thanks to fatigue).

  7. That was... different.

    What happened to Mega Man's yellow coloring on his armor? That's all I'm wondering.

  8. @Dr. Jerk

    The guy playing used the customization options to change Mega Man's color scheme, evidently in a bid to make him look more like his classic counterpart.

  9. When BBAMM meets up with him, he sounds and acts like a wimp.

    And BBAMM's ending, he is so clueless and indecision like a nerd.

    Weak. Capcom, you are pretty weak. Try again.. this time... try harder... and no troll. Got that?


  10. Well this vid is just further proof that Capcom is mocking its own franchise and its fans.

  11. that was one serious rape face pacman had.

  12. Eeyup, that's exactly what I imagined Bad Box Art Mega Man sounding like.

  13. Yo, guys... news flash.







  14. ...Wut?

    I'm sorry, but... that's my only reaction after seeing those... just... wut?

  15. Seriously, everyone needs to chill and stop taking this the wrong way. It's not a joke at the expense of the fanbase, or at the expense of Mega Man himself. It's a joke at the expense of the ridiculous localized box art for Mega Man 1. There's a good reason why, even in Japan, this character is called Mega Man, and not Rockman.

  16. @Wretch

    I would totally buy Legends 3 for that visual alone. And be satisfied. And even ask for a sequel. XD

  17. It may just be a joke, but it's a poorly timed one. They cancelled Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, then they ridicule the character making him appear as a fat, dimwitted old has-been. Of course people are going to react to it.

  18. @Wretch
    that why im spoiling myself
    ill never scam myself with this shitty game... no offense for street fighter and tekken fans... just, it sucks just for having BBA megaman

    P.S: the fandubbing is better

  19. @Wretch: So what if it's a "joke character", or if Inafune approved it or not, or if it's not the real Rockman, or not a Megaman game? Doesn't make it any less of a shameful disgrace.

  20. that megaman.. scares me even more, now that we see it in action...well lack of action/scared of pacman? ...dude you've fought things that look way bigger and scarier than that and you're on the floor = =;; LOL.

  21. @Wretch: No shit sherlock. But to those who AREN'T Megaman fans they may not realise this.

    And either way, it affects how people perceive Megaman.

  22. And then when I tell the complainers to quit it, someone's gonna say "Oh, you have no right to criticize their opinion." To which I say "No, that's not opinion. Not liking BBAMM is opinion; saying that Capcom is mocking MM+fans is a flat-out wrong statement and anyone saying otherwise is a fool. End of story."

  23. I can see fans getting mad about the exclusion of Mega Man in UMvC3, but to get angry about this? Which was planned long before the cancellation of MM games and approved by KI himself?

    TAG is absolutely right. If you hate on BBAMM, that's fine, but stop spreading lies that he's some part of conspiracy to kill MM or he's meant to insult fans. People like you give MM fans a bad rep because people think we just complain about everything.

    While you hate on it, the rest of us will get a good laugh out of it.

  24. @TAG: Because obviously anyone who thinks the joke is more malicious than you perceive it to be despite being told AFTER both games it apparently promotes bit the dust AND the series being in danger of existence failure (and not merely "taking a break")is a total knob.

    ...look, if all of the above hadn't happened, I might've found this funny. But it did, and so I'm left wondering if Capcom (or at the very least, the SFxT team) has any sense of context or good taste.

  25. So, I've gotten used to this version of Mega Man and all...

    ...but that ending kind of stinks. The fan dub was actually a lot funnier in retrospect.

  26. Man.
    I still have a bit of a 'grudge' SFxT's Mega Man for seeeeeming like a mockery of the franchise's current position, but...

    But dang, it's hard to not feel bad for this Mega Man. His voice is oddly endearing, as are his mannerisms, and...well, he just seems so down on his luck.

    A lot like Zoidberg. I like Zoidberg. Maybe that's why this guy is starting to grow on me.

  27. @Recoil
    Give me a break, when Mega Man Universe was cancelled no one gave a crap, it was until Legends 3 got canned that fans of that series started crying "they cancelled Legends 3!!!! and.... Megaman Universe TOO , Capcom is Evil" just to give more weight to your whining.

    Seriously the Megaman fanbase is full of whiners these days, everywhere I go I hear "Capcom Hates MegaMan" or "Capcom is killing/mocking megaman", it is really annoying. Grow up please.

  28. Lame ending is lame. Mavel VS Capcom's ending was MUCH better (although not reat in itself).

  29. You know, there are PLENTY of reasons to complain about SFxT. Locked away, on-disc DLC data for AT LEAST TEN CHARACTERS, disappointing gameplay, lackluster and cookie cutter storytelling in an era where Arc System Works is setting the new standard and crappy online play.

    As for the ending, it sucks. But that's a problem with the game itself. It's not a concentrated attack on Mega Man or fans of the series in anyway. Take it from me...

    All of the stories in SFxT are awful. This is not specific to BBAMM at all and it is not the concentrated offense you think it is. This game just has all around poor storytelling.

    Seriously, Bad Box Art Mega Man is NOT such a big deal when it comes down to the quality of a product being sold at maximum retail pricing. I'm more annoyed by the highway robbery and extortionate DLC practices. I can only hope that most of you agree...

  30. @Jouse: I cared... but, then again, I'm indifferent to the Legends series, to an extent (I don't hate it, but whether or not there's more Legends games is all the same to me). I was, however, one of the small handful of people that was actually looking forward to Universe.

    That being said, though, did people forget that BBA Mega Man was going to be in Mega Man Universe? I guess you could argue that it's different there as he was one of many different Mega Men, and in addition he seems to have aged in real-time in SFxT.

    But, really, the idea was approved by Inafune, and Ono himself is a fan of the Mega Man series, so all this hate needs to stop. BBA Mega Man is awesome and doesn't deserve to be snubbed by the fans anymore than, say, Ruby-Spears Mega Man, who is another guilty pleasure.

  31. Mega Man. Depicted as a fat, scared, bumbling buffoon. That rival battle clip is absolutely ridiculous. That is NOT who Mega Man is or should ever be. I really don't know what Inafune was thinking when he thought of or approved of this but there's probably more to that information. I really don't give a rats ass if it's Bad Box Art Mega Manor not. This mongoloid here makes the guy on the box art look pretty damn cool. This isn't funny, it sure isn't cool. It's just exactly what Mega Man fans want! (sarcasm). In response to TAG's post, anyone who likes anything about BBAMM in SFxT is a fool. There can be many opinions, but there will only be one that's right and majority seems to rule this one. I for one don't want to laugh at Mega Man and make fun of him. I don't want to treat him as a joke.

  32. Oh Rockman Corner you use to be a fun place to visit. I understand the disappointment. But I also got that the the first hundred times. Not saying i'm not disappointed also. Capcom shut off a game I've been waiting for years and I also hate of what Capcom has become. The thing is... it's never different when people complain here.

    Those that are displeased basically turned Rockman Corner into an unpleasant place to have a conversation. I swear almost every post Protodude puts up someone will bitch. It's getting tiring. I love this place and sure plenty of you do too. Go to Capcom Unity if you want to be heard. There's a better chance your post will be read there by higher ups rather than turning a great blog site like Rockman Corner into a moanfest. What's the point of complaining this much if you can't be heard?

    I rented SFxT. BBAMM needs love too. I like how he plays and I don't mind the way he looks either. Sorry you guys hate the fact that there are people out there that like this guy.

  33. @MegaMac: Bro, calm down. Mega Man is a video game character. His feelings are not being hurt. and please refrain from calling people fools and idiots. You're not going to earn sympathy for your righteous little cause by being a jackass on the comments section of every related blog post.

  34. @Anon: You'd be surprised who pays a visit here from time to time.

    They are watching.

  35. That wasn't all.Really what is the joke?

  36. "Those that are displeased basically turned Rockman Corner into an unpleasant place to have a conversation. I swear almost every post Protodude puts up someone will bitch. It's getting tiring. I love this place and sure plenty of you do too. Go to Capcom Unity if you want to be heard."

    Then what the heck is the point of writing comments here if everyone has the same positive opinion?

    - "Oh this makes me so happy"
    - "Really? Me too!"
    - "I'm glad we are all happy about this".
    - "Oh hey guys, I'm ok with this too".
    - "Cool!".

    Yeah, screw having different opinions. Screw freedom of speech.

  37. @March 12, 2012 10:20 PM Anon: Maybe people wouldn't bitch so much if capcom did something right with the series for once since Legends 3's cancelation.

    And no, BBAMM does not need love. He needs to be completely removed from the face of this planet and never brought back again. It's not a funny joke. It never was.

  38. @Anonymous in reply to me.

    Seriously? C'mon. We understand he is a video game character and know he isn't "real". One thing I and others like me to do realize is that even though he doesn't have feelings or anything like that, he has affected others over time and became a part of people's lives. The same can be said for people with Sonic or Mario or any other video game or character. To see something we've loved and cherished turn into what's been happening lately is nothing short of disgraceful and yes, it does entitle some bitching. You'll see it all over the web, not just here. Also, it's just an exaggeration that every post is cluttered with hate. I personally only rant when I see stupid shit (ala the rival battle video). As for if I would have bought SFxT with Mega Man or without? Probably, and I actually want to get it because for I do enjoy fighting games and they are arguably the two best fighting franchises going at it with a TON of characters to choose from. More than UMvC3 I believe. So the actual game has nothing to do with this. It's the blatant slap in the face to Mega Man's image. I mean, christ. Is this all so far for his 25th? I'll probably overlook this if it's overshadowed by some really awesome anniversary goodness coming down the pike.

  39. You may wanna include Pac-Man's rival cutscene, which features more Fat Mega Man cowardice antics:

  40. Omg....capcom try to make us CRAZY.

    Please, why Megaman looks like a shit?

    Kill me...... -_-

  41. Megama's voice in SFXT is Chris Cason (Dragon Ball, Full Metal Alchemist) He was Gluttony in Full Metal A. and Shu (the fox dude that worked for Pilaf), Popo and Tien in Dragon Ball

  42. @March 14, 2012 3:42 PM Anonymous:

    Weren't Tien and Mr. Popo voiced by Chris Sabat and John Burgmeier?

  43. About the haters listen. It's not about NOT having opinions. The same people that complian and leave immature negative feedback keep on coming back to complain some more when a new article about this character come up.
    There is a difference between stating a opinion, and whining for the sake of whining or to get attention. Honestly I wouldn't mind if people had different opinions so long as they keep it constructive. People who come here every time to say:
    "Capcom is Trolling us"
    "This Megaman sucks because he's different"
    "I'm not playing this game because it's not the megaman series I like."

    We've heard it all before already. If you don't like something, fine. State your "opinion" saying you don't like it for whatever reason then leave it alone. Don't go around spouting the same crap every time there is a new article on the same subject. Otherwise you're the ones being the trolls.

  44. I came here just for the lulz comments.

    But seriously guys get over it. It's just a poorly timed joke and I know how most of your are still devastated over the cancellation of Legends 3 and Universe (even though I liked the looks of Universe better than any Legends game out there)but it's not like it's the end of the world. I for one actually like Bad Box Art Mega Man so yes make fun of me all you want but still seriously guys I haven't seen a fanbase get this upset over some joke character than the MLP fanbase going nuts over Derpy Hooves' voice and stuff.(Yes I went there) Crying over something like this won't get us nowhere.

  45. @Laro: Not saying anything won't get us anywhere either, so what's your point? Better have people saying what they think rather than just have them eat Capcom's shit up


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