Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mega Man Hits Street Fighter X Tekken on March 13

Street Fighter X Tekken official drops next week, but PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait just a teeny bit longer to get their hands on old man Mega. Capcom has announced Mega Man (and Pac-Man) will be offered as free DLC on March 13, a mere week after the game's launch.

For those not in the know, Mega Man is based on the hilariously terrible Mega Man 1 box-art. Footage of the big guy in action can be seen here and here. They're a bit old, but I doubt much has changed since these video originally dropped. Naturally, we can expect a plethora of new footage around the 13th.

Street Fighter X Tekken launches in the U.S on March 6 and March 9 in Europe.

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. I just want to see his ending and find out what the heck is up with this guy.

  2. I highly doubt his ending will show anything worthwhile...

    But in the case of the DLC get what you pay for. -_-

    That for free is all it could be.

  3. @MecaMac: I agree completely

  4. Looks like we don't have to wait until Marth 13th after all...
    Note: The vocal track is missing.

    Yep. His ending explains everything, alright. Absolutely everything.

  5. Here's his ending with the audio. It's pretty sad.

  6. @Niroth: The only sad thing is that he exists, lol :P

  7. Huh. I was being sarcastic when I said the ending explained everything. But... it really does explain everything! Yep, this should satisfy pretty much everyone who was all "OMG THAT'S NOT MEGA MAN".

  8. I just feel sorry for the guy. He ends up with nothing. After all that trouble. The Damn box doesn't even do anything. How is he going to explain to Roll that he got a box of Nothing?
    Honestly, I would like to see more Bad Box Art Character (Roll got the better end of it.) Especially a Blues and Forte Box art characters from Megaman 10.

  9. Guess what guys? People with early copies were looking around and found 12 DLC characters! (Not including MEgaman and Pacman)

    And guess what they found on the 360 version as well? Thats right.

    Megaman and Pacman.

    Capcom is most likely gonna fuck you guys over.

  10. @Anonymous #4
    Dude, it's Capcom. Capcom has yet to figure out that pre-downloaded Downloadable Content is always a bad idea. Mega Man Powered Up was a perfect example. Someone actually uploaded a save game to GameFAQs with everything loaded on it long before the last Roll update was due out. Capcom actually had to trim their custom level listings because people kept uploading levels with tile packs that "weren't released yet". It was pretty damn funny. XD

  11. The dubbed BBAMM ending is a fake, this proves it:


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