Saturday, November 19, 2011

An In-Depth Look At Kotobukiya's Localized Zero Kit

Released in Japan back in October, Kotobukiya's localized Mega Man Zero model kit is headed stateside next month. In case your on the fence about this one, this extensive video review from Pixel Dan of the Pop Culture Network may help you make your decision.

Overall, the consensus is pretty darn good! If you're a fan of Kotobukiya's previous Mega Man kits, you can't go wrong with the red crusader. Pre-orders are up and running from a number of online retailers such as ToyWiz, Entertainment Earth, and elsewhere. Availability will increase as we approach December, so do keep an eye out.

It's worth mentioning the Japanese version is readily available right now, but the purpose of the localized version is to provide a budget-friendly, import-fee-less method of obtaining the kit within North America. This version is essentially the same as the former, save for the inclusion of translated portions of text and "Mega Man" branding.

Source: The Pop Culture Network


  1. Sorry but the megaman, protoman and roll's models are much better than this bad big-head zero.

    They should have continued with the classic series models, a Wily or Forte would have been nice.

  2. Did he just say "Rockman Zero" is a spinoff series? derp de derp

  3. Are people still bitching about the head being "too big"?

  4. @anon, zero is a spin off series. so is X. so is legends. anything that isn't classic is technically a spin off.

    on the topic of the video. i really don't care for this guy's videos. we don't need you to tell us what colour it is. don't pause too long and the intro was way too long. although it gave me a decent enough look at the figure. i just dislike how the video was put together.

  5. Wow Kotobukiya, Way to not color his finger tips white on all the hands or color the yellow "flaps" on his chest >_<

  6. I can't even begin to describe how epic this thing looks.

    It's just outstanding.

  7. First, this guy is wrong. The Zero series is not a spin off, it's still part of the story, the classic series goes into the X series, and the X series goes into the Zero series, and the ZX and ZX advent are like way after the Zero series. The spin off are like Legends, NT Warrior and Star Force. It's not a spin off. Second, this guy doesn't know how to build, nail clippers??? Shoot just use wire cutters, that's way better if you can't get clippers for models. Third Kotobukiya's Zero sucks! Missing colors on some parts that could of easily been colored. Lack of weapons. Body looks bulky, especially his BIG head!!!

  8. ^
    Bzzzt! Wrong. Legends is part of the main canon, too.

  9. ^
    How is Legends part of the main story of Megaman??? From what I can see it's completely different, it doesn't fit in, thus being a spin off. There's no Dr. Light or Dr. Wily in Legends. Just because there's Megaman and Roll, but nothing else.

    So BBBZZZZTTT!!! Your wrong!

  10. @Anonymous:

    Various official sources have stated Mega Man Legends takes place in the far future; hundreds of years after the ZX series.

    The world we knew -- that is, the world depicted in the classic, X series -- is buried deep beneath the sea. History was lost to the 'great flood' that eventually whipped out a majority of humanity.

    Enter Mega Man Legends.

    A detailed recollection of how the series fits into the "Mechanical" canon is described here:

  11. the BBBZZZZTTT!!! thing is pretty funny XD

  12. Over all, the pixel Dan guy is wrong. The Zero series is NOT a spin off.

  13. Who gives a shit if it's a spin off or not? It really depends on what you consider to be a spin off anyway. The only thing certain is that it's canon to the main series, and that should be enough.


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