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First Batch of Rockman Online Questions Answered

The first round of Rockman Online questions are up for consumption, with a translation provided by Amunshen and The Mega Man Network's Heat Man. Mind you this batch does not include your questions, but questions submitted by fans in Asia. Your questions should appear in the next round, should NeoWiz choose to answer.

Q&A below and more after the jump:

"Good morning hunters, this is Alia (the blog manager). As per our announcement last week, we prepared a place where we could answer questions submitted by users. Mr.M, the chief of the Rockman Online development team has written his answers while going through every question. Development is still ongoing, so in cases where we’re unable to answer questions concering elements we couldn’t made public, we respectfully apologize. We will be continuing to takes questions until November 13th, so by all means, if there’s something on your mind please leave a comment and ask us!"

Question 1 from  신디루비
Q: As Rockman Online is an online game based on the original games, have the developers played any of the previous Rockman games before…!? Of course I think you’ve played many to completion, but I’m curious if there are any truly passionate fans on board. Also, the “version development”… Is that related to the development of Online?

A: There are indeed passionate fans among the development staff. (Though exactly who is a secret… ^^) And yes, the “version development” at the top of the Rockman Online blog is certainly a Rockman Online development thing.

02. (from 페릴로드)

Q: Does the scope of the characters appearing in Rockman Online include every series? If not, what series is the game limited to?

Please state your answer exactly in form of like "from the classic to Command mission". it seemed to appear to be references to Rockman Zero characters, so I have my hopes... hehehe.

A: The basis of Rockman Online is to contain every Rockman series.
(However, since there are certainly far too many elements in all, we are planning the appearance of characters to balance the story. So, it's difficult to say what series we'll definitely use.)

03. (from 하뉴)

Q: It seems like Capcom is abandoning Rockman, so will you continue Rockman Online on your own?

A: Rockman Online differs from the console Rockman series in that it's a game concentrated on being developed together with Capcom and NeoWizGames.
So, even if Capcom cancels their console Rockman series, Rockman Online is in a state where work will continue to progress.

04. (from 열정의버너맨)

Q: When I watched someone's G-Star video of play footage, the characters' functions and the bosses' characteristics seemed totally different from the source material. Why are they so different?

A:In the case of Online, we thought we should especially emphasize the multiplayer with various users. So, while considering this kind of multiplayer, we thought of bringing characteristics that are a little different from those of the earlier series when adding up each character's characteristics. (The characters and the bosses ^^;)

This is the very first Rockman game made in the online genre, so to some extent we will feel saved if the existing can understand these circumstances.

05. (from tlsdnr07)

Q: Question heeere! Naturally I expect this to be a subscription game, but just how much are you thinking of charging? (And please tell me about a virtual currency in the game too. ^^)

A: That's yet to be settled so we can't say with any certainty. ^^;;

06. (from 스카이)

Q: Will Axl be joining the appearing characters? Also, I'd like to hear about the multiplayer fearures with the shop and such.

A: For the time being, Rockman Online is basically being planned as a multiplayer system with many players playing at the same time.
Also, of course we plan to expand the systems for things like the shop while we add to the growth of characters...
As for whether or not Axl is appearing...Anyway, please look into the characters after we have a structured service. ^^ (I know it's boring to answer this way...)

07. (from Crisopraz)

Q: Will more illustrations of the bosses with their new features be publicized?

A: This is still undetermined, so we'll decide whether or not to publicize those considering the progress of development.

08. (from 김찬스)

Q: Rockman isn't a game that puts heavy emphasis on just its action, but its story as well. Although it's an online game, I think Rockman Online should have a deeply fascinating story. How is this being handled?

A: We plan on pieces of the world view being published on the blog from now on one after another. Keep an eye out for them!

09.(from 천영)

Q: I would like to hear about what extent of influence Rockman Online will have with existing Rockman players' game skills. I'm also curious about boss weapons and dash jumping being added.

A: When we have a structured service you'll be able to experience these things immediately by playing... Please. ^^;;;

10. (from 쿄우렌)

Q: Will I be able to do group play like in other online games?

A: Rockman Online is in development with the foundations of group play and multiplayer.

11. (from 유령님)

Q: The final attack in boss fight actially wasn't seemed cool, and...In a way, it felt a bit like God of War. Why was a system like this put in on purpose...?

A: We're considering various ways to have more fun in the game. The one that you pointed out is one of those ways, so things like this will be reconsidered in various ways during development... We're working hard to make things more cool for when we have a structured service. ^^

12. (from 로제)

Q: Are you planning on putting animations in the game? Like the teaser movie animation!

A: We plan to consider using various production elements like animation if it's necessary to tell the game's story.

13. (from Leeyeezhy)

Q: I'm really interested in who the voice actors are who perform Rockman Online's characters. Please tell me.Also, what's the story to the prologue and ending?
(Note: Do online games have endings in the first place?)

A: There is a chance will will talk about the voice performers in future updates~.
Also I think we ought to be able to inrtroduce story elements as well... ^^;

14. (from 시이아스)

Q: It's been said the open beta test is next year...
Do you plan to continue telling the stories of incomplete series such as X and DASH in Rockman Online?

A: We plan to only tell the story of Rockman Online, rather than further the story of any existing series. (Of course it's not as though we're completely removing the contents of the existing series, but... hmmmn, that's all I can say for now. ^^;)

15. (from 로엔)

Q: Will DASH and EXE be referenced too?

A: Rockman Online is being developed with the intend to include contents and scenarios from all existing console Rockman series.

Since it's difficult to discuss what series have and haven't been used right now, please look forward to the upcoming updates concerning the story and system. (This probably sounds like a way of driving hype... hehehe.)

16. (from 로엔)

Q: Following the posted materials up until now I think things are progressing as a single story, but I'd like to know whether you're using the classic and X series stories, or making a completely original story. With nolstalgic characters being used it seems existing story like may also appear...

A: Rockman Online is progressing as its own story.
To some extent, because existing characters and bosses do appear, I think there is intention to preserve particular stories regarding them.

17. (from 이정규씨)

Q: Can I play as Roll in the game? Please let me use her. >_<

A: As of now the only characters are those which we've announced. We are preparing new characters, but we can't announce them yet.

18. (from Zero멜로)

Q: Will characters' armor and parts be sold as fee items? Or can they be bought in the game with Game money? Also, I'm curious how much the characters' functions (their movements and balance) have changed since G-Star2010...

A: The movements, balance and various other aspects have evolved a great deal since the G-star version. We continue to toil in this regard. T_T As for billing and paid contents, we have not determined these things so please wait for further information.

19. (from 풍천낭아)

Q: I want that helmet~~~. Will Axl be appearing with the original X and Zero?

A: The helmet... is expensive... It's probably difficult to get... hmhm. Anyway, please keep an eye out on the opening of the service concerning the appearing characters.

20. (from Ryun)

Q: Will you be able to look for things like hidden parts in special stages, like in the original games?

A: That's a secret... hmhm. (Actually since the game is still in development those things are... a bit hard to answer...)

21. (from 펑포)

Q: Question here... will you be able to play as the bad guys? For example Vile, Red, etc...

A: Enemies are just enemies... We want the players of Rockman Online to be heroes, not villains.

22. (from g_ga_a)

Q: Will it be possible to gain skills from beating bosses, like in the existing Rockman games? If not, will we learn them from the skill masters by leveling up like in any other RPG?
Who among the characters are those that players can play as?

A: Since the game is still in development, we can't explain this in great detail...(When characters outside of X, Zero and Duo, who were shown at G-Star are determined, we will announce them on our blog post haste.)

23. (from 마츠모토미츠키)

Q: Will instance dungeons appear?

A: Currently Rockman Online is being developed in the way of entering to battle fields from the Town.
(Note: Both the question and answer given were very vague, so I'm not certain of the meaning.)

24. (from 골숭이)

Q. How's the criteria for voice actors?

A: The voices match the characters... plus very cool...*cough*! Please check future updates pertaining to the voice actors.


Q: Looking both objectively and subjectively, compared to other famous online games, do you think that this game will give value that appeals to gamers more than other games? Can the player be considered from the standpoint of a game company?

A: For now, the focus is the players. The core of development is always "What are the players thinking of." Certainly we can't expect to account for every single player's opinions... But it's reasonable to do everything we can, and we promise to take this into account as much as we can.


Q: To put it simply, can you make a better Rockman game than Capcom presently can?

A: Personally, all of us think that the series Capcom has put our previously are amazing. The goal now is to make games that are much better than the games that came before, even if there are only a few, because they are games made in the present day.


Q: If the game still seems incomplete as the release date draws near, are you prepared to postpone the release date so you can make it more complete?

A: We're already in the processing of stretching our open schedule to make the game complete as we're working. Ahahaha.... T_T

28. It appears, to a certain degree, Rockman Online is using a managerial strategy when you look at the practice of marketing via a blog. In this case I'm concerned about the most important element: the needs (desires) of the customers (players), that is, how much their desires are being grasped.
Moreover, today's gamers are not the gamers of old. Especially because in the Korean game market, if desired elements are not delivered, these products will be weeded out. Countless games that were extremely trendy
simply ended because they couldn't satisfy desires.

The truth is, while I'm looking forward to this game myself, I'm worried whether or not it will fall under the radar when it starts. Personally, I don't think it would be bad if this game were developed in cooperation with Keiji Inafune.
Well anyhow, I even would like to send the development team a box of nourishing drinks to cheer them, so I'll quietly pray that a good quality game is made. I pray for that result above all else.

A: Generally speaking, we plan to continue gathering data by any means available in regards to the needs of the players, and we think we ought to accomplish making a good quality game from this sort of research.

(from 콜드커스텀)

Q: When's the closed beta test gonna staaaaarrt.... I'm gonna die if I keep waiting... When when when.

A: The service schedule will be decided soon... Right now we're concentrating with all our might, so it's difficult to answer on the open agenda and such.

More questions and answers coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my... Question 3...
    That's awesome!

    ...More hyped now.

  2. See Protodude? This is why we have to be patient.

    It sounds like the games received a major overhaul since we last saw it... Almost like Universe :(

  3. @Anonymous

    That is what exactly happened in Korea when G-Star 2010 ended. Well, but don't worry. It is very rare case that an Online game get cancelled during the development in Korea. Even despite the game is totally failed, they tend to release it anyway. I guess they extended the time of development to upraise its quality, so that it doesn't fail when they released it.

  4. @Anon Number 1

    Yeah, I know. THere were people bitching about MegaMan games getting canceled and crap and MegaMan Universe being hated for god know what reason (Cough! Krazy Monkey! Cough) but it's sad to say that Universe and Legends 3 got canned cause of the evil company known as Crapcom.

    But there are some gaming companies I haven't lost faith in and I can name a few, Nintendo being one of them.

    If Crapcom would have handled MegaMan to Nintendo which I doubt they will, Nintendo will make MegaMan even better. See, I been a Nintendo fan ever since I was little and sure, the legendary gaming company has some setbacks this year, but unlike Crapcom, Nintendo learns from their mistakes. That's why I have complete trust in them.

    The point is, Nintendo will always be a better gaming company than Crapcom.

  5. Question 23 seems to mean 'will dungeons be made on the spot' akin to rouge-like games, like the new Binding of Isaac, and the answer was saying that the battle fields were already made as in not going to be random.

    At least, That's the vibe I'm picking up. I could easily be wrong though. Nice to see all these questions answered though!

  6. That sucked. I learned nothing new from that. Why have a Q&A if all your going to say: "It's still in development, so I can't anwser that." Really? That's lame.

  7. @Musashi: Since when did you call yourself 'The Master"?

    Universe was cancelled probably for several reasons:

    a) Complaints about the controls
    b) The fans complaining Capcom was continuing to ride the 2 boat.
    c) The look. It was terrible.
    d) Megaman's key demographic right now, Japan, isn't adopting very quickly to downloaded stuff. Which means it would have been screwed for sales since it was all a downlaod. Remember, Capcom holds no faith in NA to sell Megaman.
    e) A possible factor may have been it wouldn't have been on the Wii, thus possibly having a major effect on sales.
    f)The major overhaul we never saw may have set the game back way too far for Capcom to consider it profitable.

    And Nintendo isn't untouchable. They've fucked up in the past, and recently too.

    Shall I point to the lack of North American localization for Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower?

  8. @Anon1: Being patient is one thing. Being kept in the dark after a series of blows to the fandom is something else entirely. After MMU and ML3's treatment by capcom, fans had very good reason to worry about RMO. It'd have been better for them to reassure our fears rather than to stay quiet, and probably would have stabilized the fandom quite a bit.

    So while patience has its virtues, you've got to realize that sometimes PR is important too. Question 3 I'm certain was specifically chosen to ease our fears, but those could have been addressed earlier with simple things like updates, or even a "Don't worry, we're still going strong!"

  9. @Role: Or you know they are probably focusing on the game itself instead of wasting manpower and time deciding who gets to write up the blog post, and what is ok to release and what isn't as well as determining what's too spoilerish.

    Plus they don't want to give away too many details...

  10. "THere were people bitching about MegaMan games getting canceled and crap and MegaMan Universe being hated for god know what reason (Cough! Krazy Monkey! Cough)"

    ...Do I really need to explain why that game is garbage again? You've complained about me having negative things to say about it in the past, but it definitely seems as if you want me to, since you went out of your way to provoke me like that.

  11. @Mushashi: Let me guess, you're Dr. Regal from Mega Man Network? *Rolls eyes*

    After Nintendo's handling of Donkey Kong Country, that is when Rare first left I mean, I don't really trust Nintendo handling certain series. This coming from a Nintendo fan.

  12. I hope Capcom makes a Q&A soon so I can ask why Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled and which criteria wasn't met.

  13. @Dr. Jerk: You mean Donkey Kong, not Donkey Kong country. The franchise includes that series, but is not named after it. And I think after Retro's fantastic effort DK won't be straying again. Plus some company called Paon did like 3 of those garbade DK titles, much like Team Ninja did Other M.

    Nintendo's beginning to choose wisely when giving devs franchises.

    Plus after the Prime games and DKCR, I think Retro would be the ones to do the Megamn game if Nintendo did make one, seeing as how they managed to turn Metroid into a FPS while keeping most elements intact, and create a perfect new Donkey Kong Country...

    But still, why is Musashi so insistent on it going to Nintendo? Why not Comcept where Keiji would have full reign?

  14. @ November 6, 2011 10:38 PM Anon:

    Giving it to Inafune would probably be a double-edged sword. While he is one of the founding fathers of the franchise, given the directions that the franchise has taken over the past decade...

    I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that if Inafune took full control of the franchise, future games would have less to do with Mega Man and more to do with side characters like Zero.

    Plus, right now, I don't think he has the funding necessary to do the franchise justice. Capcom (and Nintendo, if we're bringing them into the equation) does, but as we all know, it's a question of whether they want to or not.

  15. @Anon; "Wasting Manpower": Spending five minutes to make a post on a blog to reassure fans that they're okay and won't be cancelled is hardly a waste of manpower. I think you're grasping at straws here.

  16. @dat cosplayer:


    Mega Man Universe was probably cancelled by the sheer amount of negative reviews it got right off beta gameplay, yes. Why would a game like that get negative reviews so early in its development stage?.

    It had an icky art style, yes.

    It had wonky, stiff and unresponsive movement input, yes. Or at least it did, as far as the reviewers told us.

    It was all around based on a SF-esque DLC system (multiple DLC characters (each with its own abilities, which could be mashed up with other abilities to create custom characters), multiple DLC map packs, building packs and construction tools), yes.

    Few hints were given over the existence of a single player mode with a story, which would be, and I will probably quote from the game producer's words about it accidentally, "pretty much based around MM2's plot". Plus, it was stated that the game would've arrived to multiple consoles that very same year.

    All the game had to (and was used to) sell itself at that time was:

    -MM:PU's Construction Mode plus lots of (and customizable) characters (which we know is a potential gameplay breaker).

    -Retro nostalgia factor, with all the 90s propaganda vibe, the slick, western comic art style that was bashed by everyone and their grandmommy, and the NES throwbacks.

    -OMG Ryu no wai.

    Your move.

  17. @ November 6, 2011 10:38 PM Anon:

    Capcom has refused to let MML3 go to Comcept, so I don't think any other MM-related thing will, either.

    Man, there was a lot of question-dodging going on here (amidst some decent answers). It probably has to do with how development works and all that, but still...

  18. @MusashiAA: The only customization options we SAW were the different Megamen, a mettaur one, and the Megaman 2 Robot masters. Plus some chips and that, but not much else.

    And I could care less for SF. If I wanted that, I'd play the original X. Now that suppsoed Arthur character was something I wanted.

    And not just 'multiple consoles'. It was plainly 360 and PS3. Remember Capcom's got their big Megaman bucks in Nintendo right now, and the Wii was not one of those consoles. They said they'd try to make it work though.

    And that interview says multiple times 'MEGAMAN 2' both premade levels and story. Not much was given on NEW premade levels, nor if stuff like Rush would appear.

    Plus note how she said it was just beginning development which was in September. A bit after that I think, the game got nailed by the bad reviews of controls.

    Most of the time would have been spent revamping the engine, controls and look afterwards, since in order to ensure success it had to make the masses happy. Plus, the complaint over riding the Megaman 2 boat most likely lead to them having to add in one or two of the other Megaman games. Which took time.

    Then Keiji left.

    And remember what was mentioned during MvC3 development? About the trouble of getting the creators of each series to approve of their characters being used or whatever it was? Perhaps that same issue reared it's head again

    Or they tried Phoenix and he was too broken and wasted time.

    By the way. They were already planning DLC. Something people hate Capcom for, and most liekly meant we were only getting the Megaman shown, Ryu, Arthur, and the MM2 Robot Masters. DLC milking was most likely expected by many.

    Not to mention we already rode the retro train with 9 and 10, and 2 was already on the VC.

  19. @November 7, 2011 10:34 AM Anon:

    See? That's a move.

    On a more broad comment towards the whole MMU situation...

    Stating that Mega Man Universe was cancelled solely by the fact that it got (and still gets) negative reviews, and that there was no reason for Mega Man Universe to get negative reviews, is inmensely far-fetched and false.

    Stating that people who hated Mega Man Universe out of sheer spite helped in the cancellation of it is not only false, if you take into accound that the thing they hate does have certain characteristics that can be seen as "garbage-quality", but is also a desperate attempt at silencing dissenting opinions, while trying to keep feedback controlled, just for the sake of seeing the game all the way to completion, untainted by negative feedback.

    Luckily, Rockman Online hasn't seen much negative feedback. Or barely any feedback at all, as far as I know. The fears of cancellation in Rockman Online are based around the idea that Capcom wants to kill the Rockman franchise (and the subsequent thought that it wants to because it takes so much badmouthing), and solely that idea.

    I once read a very intelligent article which said that game developers should not listen to the very vocal feedback from their franchise's fanbase because, sometimes, said feedback can be formed around very pitiful and subjective opinions which don't really seek the improvement of the game itself, but rather the control over what gets in and what gets out, thus halving the developer's cretivity by redirecting their work to only what the fans like.

    Of course, there is an abysmal difference between baseless bashing and well-based negative reviewing. If you can't see what other people might see as bad, you need a perception check.

  20. i cant belive the most important question is "The Megaman Online will Be Global or Korean Only" and no one seens worried about that

  21. @MusashiAA:

    Alright so let's think of it as this.

    Let's take a game such as Mario, or better yet Sonic since he has the better example.

    Sonic has clearly defined momentum and physics for his games. When Sonic 4 rolled out, reviewers noted that it wasn't the same as the Genesis physics and momentum programming, which isn't a good thing since this is supposed to be a throw back to the Genesis games.

    Megaman platformers are known for tight controls. Simple as that. Hasn't changed over much over the many games.

    When reviewers noted the controls weren't that great when they played it, it meant to those who cared to read it that something was wrong.


    "Stating that Mega Man Universe was cancelled solely by the fact that it got (and still gets) negative reviews, and that there was no reason for Mega Man Universe to get negative reviews, is inmensely far-fetched and false."

    Never did. I said the negative reviews prompted a major overhaul of engine and graphics. I said they may have been adding more levels to the game due to criticism over riding the two boat. I said they may have been unable to guarantee more crossovers, or something may have changed that caused the SF and GnG crossovers to not happen. I said that the efforts to make it possible for the Wii may have had an effect. I said a massive overhaul so early in it's development may have had a major effect. There's also the mysterious quality standard that gave Legends 3 the ax. It may have gone on longer and cost more money than Capcom wanted(Keiji said they(the Megaman brand) don't get much money to work with. Or was it Capcom being an ass after Keiji left?

    I gave many reasons as to why it may have been cancelled. The negative criticism spawned many things which could have been the cause or could have been the cause itself. You can't say it's true or false, because no one freaking knows.

    I don't know how it looked or played when cancelled. I don't know how much it changed. I don't know why it was cancelled. I can only speculate. And the same applies to you claiming that the negative reviews were not the cause yet you aren't giving solid proof to back up your own point.

  22. @November 7, 2011 3:16 PM Anon:

    Which is why I stated right before starting my rant:

    "On a more broad comment...". As in "directed to the situation". Not towards you.

    My argument stands still, though. Negative fanbase feedback was most certainly not the only reason behind MMU's cancellation. This is clear to us, seeing how there are many factors to take into consideration in game development.

    If a recently revealed game gets negative first impressions from the gaming critic media and the franchise fandom, things will change in its development phase. One of these changes might have led into the overall shutdown of the development for that game. Maybe the devteam for MMU was shifted into a different game's devteam? Maybe the budget assigned for MMU's development process was phased into another game, or decreased? Maybe the game was just shown to put a marketing experiment into practice?.

    There are many things we don't know about Mega Man Universe's development process, and why it came to an abrupt end. Any well-thought reason that is given to explain that will be coupled with a "maybe". Which is why I said this:

    "Mega Man Universe was probably cancelled by the sheer amount of negative reviews it got right off beta gameplay, yes."

    Read: PROBABLY

    After that, I exposed the reasoning behind that statement. Doesn't make it automatically true nor false, but it is a possibility.

    But stating that MMU was cancelled SOLELY (read: SOLELY) because of negative feedback from both game critics and fans... ONLY because of that...

    That is far-fetched and false. That is thinking Capcom stopped caring about the franchise, and used MMU as a marketing experiment to see how a westernization of the Rockman franchise would fare up on the side of the pond where, as they stated, "Mega Man is not popular anymore". This is a very draconian perception of Capcom. A perception that has been very strong lately, thanks to the MML3 cancellation craze.

    tl;dr, my last comment wasn't directed at you, but rather at the whole MMU situation. My point was delivered as a possibility rather than a fact right from the beggining (again, read: probably). Saying MMU got canned just because of bad reviews is bad thinking, and still is, because we know so little about what happened right before it got canned. Yes, MMU probably got canned because of negative feedback. No, MMU didn't get canned only because of egative feedback.

    Lots of discussions and reconsiderations probably happened between the first reviews and the official cancellation anouncement. And people that don't take THAT in mind shouldn't be taken seriously.

  23. "i cant belive the most important question is 'The Megaman Online will Be Global or Korean Only' and no one seens worried about that"

    Tbh, 90+% of the answers were stereotypical "we're not sure at this point" or "it's a secret." I doubt they would say it's only Korea for sure, but neither are they gonna commit to an international release.

    Reading the comments...regarding Nintendo, I would say Other M was one of their biggest mistakes recently. I'm doubting we'll see another Metroid for years...

  24. @MusashiAA: You'd think though Capcom grow a pair? I mean look at Wind Waker. People got all pissy about the Cel Shaded look, and then the game came out and suddenly most of the people complaining went silent. Although I remember some saying the angry look on his face for some Universe artwork didn't feel like Megaman...

  25. Question 3. That's all that needs to be said. Then again, with all the question-dodging, I wouldn't be surprised if something bad happened regardless. I mean, unless Capcom has an unbreakable contract with these folks that explicitly states "No matter what, the commissioned company can go ahead with their game", Capcom could pull the plug just like that.

    On an unrelated note, I don't know why I didn't think to say this sooner, but is anyone else getting a Mega Man MUSH vibe from the project? Same basic principle: all the existing timelines get smooshed up into one delightfully sweet, elegant mess with characters from all over the local multi-verse scattered around. Ah, it's just so groovy! X3

    @Mega Man Universe debate team
    Let the game die in peace, would'ja? Some of us don't need to be reminded of the tragedy... :(

  26. @Soultrigger: Naw naw the biggest mistake was not bringing those THREE games over to NA. That's a waaaay bigger mistake than Other M.

    And Other M I blame on two people(s): Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja. The gameplay was good, yes. But the cutscenes and story...

    Team Ninja I didn't trust to begin with, and I may be blaming them for something they didn't do(which I'm beginging to think is true). They were pretty much following Sakamoto, so not their fault However Sakamoto, someone whose been doing metroid for a LONG time, is the f*cking idiot for the game.

    He was producer, director, AND writer. Literally almost no one could stop him. He was THE boss of the game. Miyamoto was busy with the usual assortment of Mario games to oversee AND Zelda, while the president of Nintendo was following Donkey Kong Country more closely since it was a bigger deal. Not to mention it was MArio's anniversary, Kirby was getting a new game that year and another was in development, Pokepark was coming, and they were riding off the wave of Sin and Punishment 2, not to mention 3DS and Wii U stuff going on. He was essentially unstoppable and ignored due to all of that and the fact it's impossible to make a f*cking bad Metroid game(yet he managed to). By the time it went out it was too late.

    And guess what's worse? He hadn't even touched a Metroid game since Fusion and Metroid Prime 1. Oh what's that? He also worked on the other two Primes? Those don't count. In fact, Prime 1 doesn't count. Why? Miyamoto was there to hold his little pathetic hand as he was a supervisor for all 3 games as well.

    THE ONLY games he made during that time(Prime-Other M) was Warioware games and something called 'Card Heroes DS'. He was rusty as fuck and SHOULD NOT have been allowed to even begin to touch that franchise, even with the ties he had with it. If anything, Nintendo should FIRE HIS ASS FOR WHAT HE DID.

    Sorry for the rant, I still haven't gotten over that idiot.

  27. If we're gonna mention Metroid Other M, let it just be said.

    Gameplay was fantastic.

    Story was fucking garbage.

    /end of discussion on Other M


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