Friday, November 11, 2011

Mega Man X Is In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3... Sort Of

Now, now -- don't get too excited. The scoop: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 isn't due out until November 15th, but some fans are already getting their hands on the official Brady Games guide book. Midst the pages of strategies and tips, was this:

Mega Man X and Frank West in Mega Man X threads. But more importantly, MEGA MAN X! Splendid news, right? Like I said, don't get too excited.  Indeed, the guide confirms X as DLC... but ONLY in the form of an alternate costume for Zero. Not exactly what most people had in mind, but that's how the hammer falls, I'm afraid.

Now, there are a few details that remain obscured for the time being: Will X play slightly differently? Can we expect a new voice? How about all-new cutscenes? And so on. Many questions, little-to-no answers currently.

We'll be keeping an ear out, of course. In the meantime, feel free to voice your opinions in the comments. Satisfied? Disappointed? Sound off!

Thanks to all who submitted the tip!


  1. More like Ultimate troling 3, amirite

  2. I'd be disappointed, had I not already stopped expecting Capcom to put X into a fighting game as a unique character. I'm not even going to play this, so I don't really care. But wow, Capcom. You guys really do love trolling.

    Incoming fan rage in 3...2...1...

  3. Honestly, I wanted an X alt for Zero like this. X and Zero have different playstyles in the games, but they do have their similarities. I'd prefer to see some Classic and EXE/Starforce representation than another character from the X or Legends series.

    For Frank West... what else would be his alt? This is his costume from the first game, and it shows some love for Inafune and his works.

    A lot of people are going to think this is Capcom trolling, but I'm pleased with it.

  4. Better than nothing at all. This is more than I could have hoped for. It is rather underwhelming, but it's something.

  5. And here I was thinking his alt. would be his Zero series appearance, or even Model Z/ZX. But this...
    Screw it!

  6. Better than nothing? I disagree. Doing this destroys even POSSIBILITY of X as a unique character for UMVC3. Every costume I've seen aside from this is exactly that: a costume. I would be SHOCKED if they changed Zero's name, voice and win quotes just for ONE downloadable skin.

    The ONLY bright side with what we currently know is that now they have a model. They can give it new animations and a new stance. When Capcom makes Super Ultra Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Arcade Edition Turbo (and we know that they WILL), it will take *slightly* less effort.

  7. "Indeed, the guide confirms X as DLC... but ONLY in the form as an alternate costume for Zero."

    Well, now isn't THIS the surprise of the century?

  8. Not exactly what most people had in mind, but that's how the hammer falls.
    Hey, that was my line! :/

  9. As I've mentioned in MMN,

    It's still kinda hard to believe. And all I can imagine is X wielding an invisible sword.

  10. HOLY GOD. This is next-level, man. Unbelievable. And how would Capcom be able to put X in this game now that they've enabled another character to look EXACTLY like him in every way? This is like the final message from Capcom that X won't be his own character in the game.

    And with this, only classic MegaMan has a chance of being well-recieved by fans now. As much as I like Starforce and Battle Network, non-MM fans will rage at anything other than classic at this point. Not to mention that neither BN nor SF are relevant series today...

  11. And once again, a half-assed attempt on answering fans about the lack of Mega Man in the recent years.

    Told you they wouldn't learn.

    Oh well, it's better than nothing. Nothing to rage about, since we saw this kind of thing coming a mile away, right?

  12. F**k you capcom. Mega mans bloOd is officially on your hands

    You capcOm are dead to me.

    I will never buy anything from your trolling company again until YOU PAY US WHAT YOU OWE!!!

  13. No Capcom, I want you to give me TvC Frank as DLC. I want my real megabuster back ASSHOLES!

  14. Okay. Wait.


    ...let me see if I've got this straight.

    A Zero alt that looks like X when he speaks a line that badmouths X? Does this X have a saber? And Frank has an X alt?

    What sense does this make?

    Additionally, a Jon Talbain alt for Amaterasu, and not actually putting in Talbain?

    Who...what...what are these people SMOKING?!

    What is with Capcom?

  15. Capcom trolls. Hard. So very hard.

    But...I suppose I am going to make the best of it and pretend it's X in X3 and X6 using the Saber, lol.

    I am sure Darkstalkers fans are equally or more pissed that the alt for Amaterasu is Jon Talbain if you can envision that. Look it up. Looks like Tiger from Monster Rancher. =P

  16. Is Capcom serious?! What the hell are they thinking?

  17. Down with Capcom! We want X as playable! We don't want Zero as X alt costume!

    Down with Capcom! We want X as playable! We don't want Zero as X alt costume!

    Down with Capcom! We want X as playable! We don't want Zero as X alt costume!

  18. i'm fucking glad he's only a DLC skin. X doesn't have any kind of business being in a fighting game. classic megeman was in the last 2 MVC games and he was one of the worst characters. they don't lend themselves to fighting games. the producer said as such and that's why zero is there.
    BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO. you fucking whiny assholes had to keep bitching about it and now we have an X alternate. congrats guys, you win. you took away the chance to have zero zero instead of X zero.

    seriously. you megaman fans need to learn to grow a pair and shut the fuck up and learn it's a fighting game first and fanservice second. if the character wouldn't be a worthwhile fighter, they aren't getting into the game. it'de be a wasted slot. this isn't MVC2 where you can throw in 6 joke characters, they put roll into TVC and she was pretty damn rubbish and as such nobody played her. we have zero so be grateful they even bothered to do anything with your series that has been dead for the last 10 odd years (the X series, not megaman in general). and hell, tron is in there too. and guess what, she's a well liked competitive character because she actually plays well. there isn't much you can do with X other than blaster shots and maybe a hadoken.

    megaman has been shoehorned into the rest of the game just to say that they remember him and you all acuse them of trolling. how? just because they cancelled legends 3, a game that was never technically officially being made. or because they didn't put your beloved X in the game?

    i think a lot of you have to realise that it's capcom's franchise to do with it what they will and they don't owe you anything. they chose to put megaman stuff into MVC because they want to please you and you throw it back in their faces because it isn't good enough. grow the fuck up and get some gratitude, they don't owe you anything. they don't need to do anything to please you. you should be thankful that they do anything at all and even make these games. because if they weren't here, you'de have no fucking megaman at all. stop acting like spoiled kids. you're sounding like the sonic fandom.

  19. whhaht the? i dont even...
    i dont even like the stance... boo give X the original stance he had...

  20. @Bigdonkey1

    "learn it's a fighting game first and fanservice second."

    So, how does a lawyer fit into this game again...? Wasn't it the fans that wanted him in the game in the first place?

  21. So it’s just a costume for Zero? Not X?! NOT X?!!!!!!

    Capcom’s trolling us. THEY’RE FREAKING TROLLING US.

    On another note, the Frank West DLC costume is nice if IT DIDN’T SHOW HOW MUCH CAPCOM HATES US BY TROLLING US!!!!

  22. @bigdonkey1


    We're not that dumb yet.

    Thanks for trying, though :D

  23. @Anon:

    when they found a way to make him interesting with systems of his own in place. which is why he wasn't in TVC or the original MVC3. and they had a lot more to work with there. what would X do other than shoot and jump and dash, give him a Z-saber? zero already has that. give him alternate weapons? well those are just variations on shooting. when you look at what X does as a character he doesn't work as a fighter. phoenix wright works because of his bizzare character structure and the systems in place with him. if you start doing those for every character, everyone needs more work done on them, you don't get as many characters and it just becomes blazblue.

    TL;DR - because pheonix wright is interesting and has potential.

  24. "you megaman fans need to learn to grow a pair and shut the fuck up and learn it's a fighting game first and fanservice second."

    Which is why we have Akuma and Ryu in the same game, or to a lesser extent Dante and Vergil.
    Thanks for posting that on a Mega Man fansite, by the way. Like we weren't getting enough FYGM already.

  25. @Bigdonkey1: Ya, Phoenix Wright pretty much destroys your entire argument, dude.

  26. @BigDonkey1
    If that wasn't [an obvious attempt at] trolling, then you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Since WHEN was it not allowed for fans to complain about something they're not please with? Capcom's a business, if their fans aren't pleased, they're not going to support them.

    concerning this DLC an X fan I feel conflicted to even support this kind of stuff. Personally, I'm pretty sick of Capcom's half-assed attempt at pleasing MM fans. If they're not gonna give fans what they ask for, don't give them anything at all. This is just getting ridiculous now...

    The worst part is that this will pretty much reinforce everyone's assumption that X fights like Zero. They're completely different! And if he's getting the same voice/dialogue, it's just going to be so out of character I might actually cry.

  27. @Bigdonkey1:

    Screaming at and belittling a fanbase does not automatically make you the smartest and toughest guy in the room. Especially if your comment amounts to little more than opinionated, and at points incorrect, ranting. Yes, MML3 WAS being made; remember the Prototype Version that one member of Nintendo Power (Hoffman, I think) actually got to play?

    I guess it's nice that X is technically playable...but at the same time, he's just an alt for Zero. I like Zero just fine, but I acknowledge that Capcom made him into a bit of a spotlight hog. Now X, who probably got pushed aside in his own series for a time, is just an alt. costume for Zero...

    Those are some very unpleasant implications, man. D:

    So what is Niitsuma/whoever approved this trying to say? Support a character too hard, and we'll fuck you over? Might be a bit harsh...but this is not victory. This is trolling.

  28. What annoys me most is the fact that Capcom clearly has all these DLC costumes finished before the game even releases.

    How musch more DLC are you hiding Capcom? Did you not include this DLC in UMVC3 because of the earthquake?

  29. @Bigdonkey1

    You really have no idea what you're talking about so please try to refrain from posting again, lol. There wasn't going to be a Zero Series alt for Zero anyway, one if alternate color schemes represents it already. As for fanservice, the VS Series was BUILT around fanservice. Enough said. X had PLENTY of potential to be his own character, the "X Vs KOS-MOS Card Saga Wars" video proves that.

    As for Capcom not owing us anything, forget about growing balls, you should grow a pair of eyes. Mega Man is one of, if not THE title that boosted them to super success back in the NES days. It's still a top selling series. Millions and millions of fans love the franchise as a whole and would love to see more from it. Capcom is the one completely in error here. We, who throw money at them, keep them in business. If they want more money, they should listen to the fans. Like, uh, all the other game companies do. Really, they do. The bond between developer and gamer is KEY.

    And yes, they a trolling because they can very well include a unique Mega Man character and it's not just because they CAN, but they SHOULD. What the hell is a MvC game without A Mega Man on their side? Christ, you'd think three RE characters was enough, but here comes the undesired Nemesis.

  30. Oh, and one more thing. I consider Mega Man Keiji Inafune's IP more so than Capcom's. He deserves it more.

  31. @Bigdonkey1: Haha, you're so full of shit. Sorry man, but Marvel VS Capcom 3 IS all about the fanservice. Just take a look at Phoenix Wright.

  32. Fuck it, id rather have nothing at all. Not a damn costume.
    Fuck you too Capcom. I know you want to kill Mega Man, but this is just an insult.

  33. Wow you all are correct. To Big donkey,I feel that statement ''they owe us nothing'' ,but with great power comes great responsibility.Responsibility to the fans that LOVE thier products ,and to the fellow Megamaniacs....
    I FEEL YOUR PAIN. But all is not lost take heart that he at least made it in UMVC3.It will suck for me the most i would have loved to have seen him change into his armor like Arthur.that would've been sweet. Welp there he is in his BLu glory idk bout ya'll but ima hava ball.

    here's lookin at a glass half full...

  34. Sven's quote from Capcom Unity:

    "So to understand you correctly, we can't use MM in any form or make any references (other than as a playable character) without pissing some folks off?

    I think you need thicker skin. I'd also think as a fan, you should like to see any/all exposure for MM to raise awareness for the brand in any form, even if you personally aren't satisfied by the execution."

    So that mean... Sven is angry at us because we don't want Zero as X alt costume? Maybe he wants to force us to buy the alt costume and make it a trolling on everyone who doesn't like Zero as X atl costume?


  35. Source from Capcom Unity:

  36. JESUS! Why did they do this?? How HARD is it for them to put a Mega Man in a game??? And they also decided to put MegaMan's face on some endings but not a trace of him being playable. I am completely unsatisfied with this! This is horrible!! DARN IT!

  37. What one user said on the Capcom Unity boards about X.

    "I don't think that the Infune hate applies here .after all if they really wanted to mess with Inafune then they would have taken out zero .zero was supposed to be the star of the x game but capcom forced Inafune to put a mega man character."

    There goes one motive you guys have.

  38. @Bigdonkey1:


    troll harder next time.

  39. ''So to understand you correctly, we can't use MM in any form or make any references (other than as a playable character) without pissing some folks off?''

    Actually yes, Sven. Glad you understand that after all the shit this year, we're not satisfied with half-assed attempts to please the fanbase.

  40. You want to know the sad thing? The model is there. The model of Mega Man X is right there. All they have to do is spend some of their precious (lol) time animating some moves, get a suitable voice actor in there, and bam. There ya go. X topped the polls as a PLAYABLE character. Not as a damn lie. It really is an insult. We appreciate the exposure sure, but I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of the Mega Man franchise. -_-

  41. I'm really not sure what to make of this. I kind of have mixed feelings.

  42. Would you guys think I was crazy if I thought that Capcom is essentially trying to blackmail the entire Mega Man fanbase into buying whatever Mega Man game (if any) comes out during the 25th anniversary at this point, lest the entire franchise faces true cancellation? And if it's a new series, the incarnation from the new series is the one that will make it into MvC3?

    I think Capcom is trying to unite the fanbase. Just in a not very obvious asshole way that involved sacrificing Legends 3 to start the plan.

  43. to Bigdonkey1

    1) Classic MegaMan was high tier in Marvel vs Capcom 1 - nowhere near garbage. They actually had to tone him down for MvC2, and he was still mid-high tier. MegaMan/Tron/Cable was a pretty high-calibre team made famous by players like Preppy.

    2) Tatsunoko vs Capcom is considered one of the more balanced versus game entries ever, with the only debatable exception being the giant characters. Roll was nowhere near garbage there either.

    Please avoid fact-less game references in any future replies.

  44. Darn these deluded Capcom fools...

    Haven't they learn the lesson? NO! They didn't!


    When I looked at this picture of DLC alt costume for Zero, it hit me as heck as my eyes opened wide. I thought like this, "...........What? Zero as X alt costume? This isn't what I want to see! Zero isn't X! Why did they do to you, Zero? Oh, my gosh! What are you doing, Capcom!?"

    Then I raged quietly, thinking about blaming Capcom for trolling all of Megaman fans... even Niitsuma. Remember what Niitsuma? He said X would be fit in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Then what happened? This happened!!!! He tricked me and everyone! He lied to me again. What is he thinking?!??! This is unacceptable! I never want Zero as X alt costume! I do want X as the playable character!

    I am offically blaming on Capcom for trolling and lying in front of Megaman fans who don't want Zero as X alt costume!

  45. I do think Sven's response in Unity is good: "I'd also think as a fan, you should like to see any/all exposure for MM to raise awareness for the brand in any form, even if you personally aren't satisfied by the execution." Why can't people be happy for the success the brand gets? Can you look beyond your immeditate desire and consider the greater good?

    It's true that Capcom doesn't owe anyone anything. No group really ever owes anyone anything unless some sort of amends are due, so that kind of thinking is pretty illogical on a fundamental level.

    Anyway, this is is getting off topic. Although Capcom is kind of insane to be doing all this, I was planning to buy UMvC3 from the start. AND I'll be rocking the X alternate outfit, and thus probably enjoy life alot more than haters.

  46. Why? Why do it so sloppily?

    If I were a producer/designer on that game, I'd despise the jury-rigged feeling of having X only as a skin.


  47. @Dhylec:

    You're also forgetting how Rock Volnutt was Top Tier in TvC (all versions) as well.

    He just happened to be the bar-none, hardest character to master in the game, making people believe it wasn't worth the effort to learn him.

    Just wanted to point that out to those who were about to go "VOLNUTT SUCKED IN TVC DEAL WITH IT".

    And I would know. I'm the guy who strives on purposely using Low Tier characters to prove to the tier whores that they are still viable. I was actually UPSET that Volnutt was Top Tier, at first, but then seen he was still one the least used characters competitively because of his high learning curve. So I let it slide. :3

  48. @BigDonkey1: You keep saying that while I go play Smash Bros which is built on fanservice. So much they delayed the game for Sonic. Hell Marvel vs Capcom is popular BECAUSE it is pure fanservice since the first iteration, and blatantly obvious in the second one.

    And also, X and EXE have potential because they could have their own systems. Volnutt had his arm system, which is amazing when used correctly. X has his armour system and special weapons, meanwhile EXE has his chip system, style change system, double soul system, soul cross system, beast out system, dark soul system. That same system for EXE can pretty much be applied to SF.

    I'm sorry did I just ruin your argument?

  49. @Alilatias
    That is a very optimistic stance you're taking. It's also a highly naive one.
    If Capcom has us shown anything in the past few years, it's that it doesn't know how to think long-term.

  50. Not what I had in mind. But hey, it almost works, right?

    I do love, however, that Capcom likes every Mega Man character except for the blue bomber himself.

  51. @Bigdonkey1: OOoooooh no someone's actually played the Legends 3 demo that got cancelled, Chriss Hoffman from Nintendo Power, and he said it was f*cking finished and could've been released and was quite entertaining. In fact, he said if the game maintained the same quality as the demo, it could've easily been a 8 if I recall correctly.

    They hassled the Hoff with that BS. And you NEVER hassle the Hoff.

    Also, Roll is a good character in TvC. You get a chary with a zoning assist, she does her heal move, and tada. Your starting allllll over. Plus she can be VERY annoying if used properly. Volnutt was a giant demolishing machine and was a great character both for upclose and zoning.

  52. @ November 12, 2011 6:42 PM Anon:

    Which is why I said crazy. The only kind of long term thinking that Capcom seems to be good at seems to be restricted to one or two years ahead.

    Everything's riding on that 25th anniversary... In which it happens to be shared with Street Fighter. [censored].

  53. Come on Capcom, you gotta be kidding! There are many good costumes possibilities for Zero:
    1 - Zero (Mega Man Zero series)
    1.5 - Omega (Zero form, minor color change from 1)
    2 - Zero.EXE
    3 - Girouette with Model Z
    4 - Model ZX
    5 - Other sword wielder like baldy Sigma (original form), Colonel, ProtoMan.EXE, Colonel.EXE, Donovan or Oki.
    ... - ...
    999 - Zero as X when people want him playable. And it's kinda pointless as Frank already has one X costume and Zero has one X-themed color.

    I know you are trying to please the fans, and you did a good job so far. Frank and Wright were added and Frank has a REAL X costume, and Felicia being Yellow Iris is cool. But this X-Zero, this isn't a descent costume nor fan service, it's hard trolling. Seriously...

  54. @ Bigdonkeyd1ck-oops-I mean-Bigdonkey1

    ... ... ...

    F*** you.

    But you're right about one thing. Maybe Capcom doesn't owe us anything, so that also means that *WE* don't owe Capcom any money for not listening to us (in asking for a character, NOT a costume. Since when did DLC start meaning downloadable *costume* anyways?)

    So thanks for giving us a good idea. Capcom owes us nothing = we don't owe Capcom anything after all that's gone on. Oh, and, I sure hope you're able to grow you're own balls. I would wish you luck, but then again... I dont know what's more insulting to this fanbase; you calling US kids, or your ass-kissing to Capcom.

  55. ....................................

  56. As much as I don't believe the X costume is sufficient enough to make up for the lack of Mega Man in MvC3 (or lack of Mega Man in general), I don't think it was the intention of the developers to make anyone mad. They were probably thinking that they could throw in a little extra Mega Man something for the fans since there isn't that much Mega Man in MvC3 to begin with. That, and X was probably an ideal choice for an alternate costume because they don't have to mess too much with Zero's model (no having to change the size of his legs for example as both X and Zero have bulky legs). So they kill two birds with one stone. Simple as that. I can understand the anger, sure. I'm still ticked at how they're handling MM/X/etc... but this is pretty inconsequential when it comes to Capcom handling MM as a franchise.

    The cancellation of actual Mega Man games is still the most serious of offenses when it comes to the mishandling of the franchise.

  57. In all honesty, that's not all.. allow me to disturb you all even further...

    Clearly, it's the same model as we now know is Zero's new 'costume'. Once this video used to be thought as some VERY clever photoshop. Obviously it was very legit.

    As you can see, the HP bar claims the character's name: Kinda blurry, but one can still make it out- "MEGA MAN X".

    I think they did plan on putting him in... and then decided to ax him and figured 'aw screw it- the kids are going to find the data here from him like they did Jill and Shuma', and bam.

    Instead of X, we get Zero-in-Lightbot's clothing.

  58. @Wolfshadow:


    You must not be looking at it very well, or got bad eyes.

    Because that image of X in the video is clearly the D-Arts Rockman X figure, photoshopped into a screenshot.

    Hell, that video came out after the figure was available in stores and ordering.

  59. Your doubtfull, Neighborhood metool.November 13, 2011 at 9:50 AM

    You know this is just prepwork for his inclusion in GigaMVC3/MVC3DS/Vita, what with the cameos during the ending and all.

    But at the same time I think that we'll be having this same discussion come the next iiteration of the game. In fact, i can see the new character list now:

    -The rest of the SF2 cast
    -DARK versions of the SF2 cast (As seperate characters)
    -A random Zombie from RE/DR
    -That sheep from flock
    -The guy from Dragoon's dogma

    DLC costumes:
    -Megaman (Classic) for Tron Bonne
    -Lord raptor (For zombie)
    -Bulleta/B.B. Hood (For the sheep from flock, because why the feck not?)

    And then in the ending of the guy from US.Aides (Look it up, i think it's from marvel), Wily will make a brief cameo in one frame as a shape in one of the clouds, and then hype will start for SuperSpecialAwesomeMVC3.

    Just sayin.

  60. you know, if that video is true, perhaps the guide was slightly misinformed? *sees the word Brady* guys, i think they were misinformed. Brady makes mistakes with guides all the time. seriously, read their animal crossing guides. these guys can't tell a shoryuken from a ryuenjin.

    besides, does anyone remember how one of the SSFIVAE (sheesh what a mouthful) alt costumes slightly altered one character?

    don't let your hopes down just yet. these alternate costumes may yield something worthwhile. or since the source of this "leak" is Brady, they very well could have gotten it COMPLETELY wrong. i kid you guys not. they listed items for the original animal crossing, that had been REMOVED from the ORIGINAL N64 version of the game, and the guide was for the updated GCN release!

    grains of salt my friends. for the time being anyway.

  61. Here's the link. This is the interview with Niistuma.

    Tell me... is he honest with us or trolling at us? Hmm?

  62. *shakes head* Guys we really should calm down...

    Seriously think about it for a second.

    Capcom's already in a tough position. I'm not trying to make them the good guys here, but think about it.

    It's one thing to put Megaman in, but another to decide which one.

    They know the franchise fanbase is divided and can be very immature. Put in X and it would be from some 'Why does X get two reps yet Classic r getting none?! Youz stoopid Classic is only reason for X!'. Put in volnutt 'Y U put him in when u cancel his game, and was below Classic, EXE, and X for voting!' Put in EXE 'Y you put the RPG loser in' Put in Classic 'X WAS VOTED HIGHER WHY NO LOVE FOR HIM!?' And you KNOW some fans will bitch about the movesets and VAs of any that do get in. Dare I even begin to speak of the ZX and SF Megamans? It's gonna be a lose/lose for Capcom because they know they can't please the entire fanbase. Unless the polls shift entirely to a single Megaman, it will take a while.

    My next point is that those of us being immature will have effect in the future on our poor Megaman. Remember Smash Bros? IF we're being too bitchy, Capcom and Nintendo may say 'There's no f*cking pleasing them, go with another franchise.' And guess what, after Rainfall Nintendo showed it has the balls to say NO to their fans and keep that decision, so don't expect this routine to work to get Megaman in.

    Ace Attorney, Bionic Commando, Breath of Fire, Dead Rising, Final Fight, Ghost n Goblins, Monster Hunter, Okami, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Strider.

    You know what these are? Franchises that either started on a Nintendo system, have gotten a fair bit of love on it, or both. They all have just a big of a chance of getting in to Smash, some possibly even more.

    Add in the fact that Sakurai said the character has to fit in easily, and there could be issues.

    So calm down, act civil, don't do anything rash, and think carefully about how your actions could affect both a possible dlc character for UMvC3, as well as Nintendo and Capcom's choice for a rep if Nintendo wants a Capcom character in Smash Bros. Because actions have consequences.

  63. This is offensive, simply this is beyond trolling. Cashcom, thanks for reminding me to not pay for any of your upcoming products anymore.

    Viva piratebay!!

  64. @Bigdonkey1: In a few words, you are a DONKEY, mr. danger.

  65. *clicks post and starts reading comments*

  66. @ last anon with huge post:

    if only everyone thought the same way you do.

    i wholeheartedly agree with you on every point.

  67. Just to help this topic a long...

  68. I retract my former state and replace it with this one:

  69. @Amir:

    lol actually, that isn't the D-Arts X in the picture. If you look simply at the underwear-to-thigh black joints, it simply isn't big enough compared to the actual D-Arts:

    On top of other parts being disproportional such as his boots and buster...

    Anyways, don't read too much into it: it's an April Fools made obvious by the hyper bars (4 and 1).

  70. Sigh...

    Look at all of you, you're blinded by rage thanks to Crapcom. Sure, they cancelled MegaMan Universe and legends 3, I was pissed at them, but then, I realized something. They're just games! I seen some games get canceled and I don' see people get mad about it. I was once mad at Crapcom, but then, I got over it and said to myself "They're just games."

    I see the MegaMan fanbase bitching and complaining about those two games and the fate of the Blue Bomber. I'm not trolling or anything, I'm just saying you shouldn't let rage get the best of you!

    Just get over those two games' cancelzation and move on with your lives and play other games that are popular like Mario, Pokemon, Tales series since Tales of the Abyss is getting a 3DS release and the 3DS is doing well this year according to gamespot, Final Fantasy, MMO games, etc.

    MegaMan isn't your life, just calm down and go play other franchises that haven't been reduced to machinzae or any other crap.

  71. @Musashi

    Tch, what hasn't become junk?

    Final Fantasy games are MMOs or movies anymore,

    Sonics are just plain awful to try and control, and

    Mario and Kirby games have become such Collect-a-thons and e-Peen matches that they're not even fun to play anymore.

    Megaman 9 and 10 were solid games. Megaman is usually a very safe gaming bet, so long as Capcom doesn't go X7 or ZXA on us.

    So it's sad to see the franchise getting roughhoused by its own company, even if MML3 isn't too much of a loss for those who didn't enjoy the Legends series that much. It still would've been a solid entry.

  72. @HyperSonic

    That's just your opinion, but the people here in this blog refused to listen, and that's fine by me.

    So if you don't have something nice to say, then shut the hell up.

  73. @Mushashi the Master: Dude. This is not the palce to be saying stuff like that. I'd suggest avoiding making them more angry by just not saying anything, since right now they'll view it as trolling.

    @HyperSonic: Don't be getting on Kirby and Mario's backs. Megaman's the worst offender.

    Before there was CoD, there was Megaman.

    I'm sorry which franchise has 10 entries which pretty much play exactly like each other with no variation in main villian? What franchise kind of changed it up but still remained 99% the same? What franchise got a fresh start TWICE and goofed somehow both times, by either not getting a sequel or falling into old habits?

    Oh wait that's Megaman. The franchise that, unlike Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Sonic, Metroid etc doesn't like to move out of it's comfort zone and EXPERIMENT very often or even TRY to make a unique or excellent entry. It was COD before COD was even thought of!

  74. @anon who responded to me.

    Sorry about that. But I am fed up with the way the MegaMan fanbase is reacting as if it's the end of the world or something. Before MegaMan, i was additived to Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales series, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Oh, and also crossover RPGs no matter what people say about them.

    I'm just stating my opinion. Hell, a friend of mine told me that a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and he even told me that it will help boost the 3DS sales cause of the populity of Kingdom Hearts so yeah, Kingdom Hearts 3D will definately help the 3DS.

    And let's not forget Tales of the Abyss since it's coming to the 3DS which is perfect for those who don't have the PS2 version.

    So I given up hope for future MegaMan games cause of Crapcom and focus on other popular franchises that have not shared MegaMan's fate

  75. @ Musashi:
    Brilliant retort. Speechless.

    Actually, I do see a tender side in that last post. I'm a big fan of all the series you mentioned as well, and grew up with them too, and do want to see them thrive, especially on my hard-earned dollars! But there's a bit of backpedaling on the quality (felt every sting of it playing through SM3DL), and the value's starting to disappear. I've got an objective, perhaps-a-bit-too-well-thought-out mental list of what I'm seeing wrong. But, subjectively, someone will see it a different way, and it's an opinion. So it is what it is.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I am looking forward to KH3D. Looks like a return to KH1 form, even with some newer twists, which is great. Hope it works out!

    @ Anon:
    And Capcom felt the sting of that! Thus they put Megaman 7 on SNES, and also started the AMAZING Megaman X series.

    Besides, that analogy does not work! CoD is an FPS! FPS' generally need to be improved upon, and can be changed up very easily, just by the enemy placement and nature of the beast.

    Megaman is a platformer! Changing the physics, mechanics, anything too much, and it destroys the careful balance that those Megaman NES games struck. The change comes in the form of stage design, enemy design, weapon function, etc. If it's not your thing, okay, say so. But keep in mind that the games sold so well for so long for very good reasons. Legends 3's cancellation doesn't mean that the franchise is going away, but to cancel something that so much thought and work went into was a shock.

  76. @HyperSonic

    Glad you agree.

    I just wanted to tell everyone that MegaMan is not part of your life, well techinally, he is sometimes, but looking at the fanbase due to their rage and hatred of Crapcom, I mean wow... what a bunch of babies. Not trolling or anything, but just stating my opinion.

    But hey, at least there's Kingdom Hearts 3D for those who enjoyed the KH series.

    I mean, wow. I didn't know I could make up a clever retort like that.

  77. Honestly I DO think it's nice that Capcom's making all this Megaman stuff, even if it's not quite what we wanted. They at least recognize that they pissed off a pretty large chunk of the fanbase.

    Honestly though at this stage I think the whole GOD YOU'RE TROLLING US reaction to pretty much any Megaman thing they do now is starting to be unwarranted, and actually possibly counter-productive. If they think they just will never be able to please us then they'll just stop trying and then we get nothing.


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