Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Case You Haven't Heard, Mega Man X2 Due For Wii Virtual Console

Yeah, I'm a little late with this one, but it’s worth talking about just the same.

Some months back, the ESRB rated Mega Man X2 for the Wii Virtual console.  Things were quiet on that front up until a few days ago when Capcom Japan confirmed the game for a December release.  Meanwhile, the Australian Classification Database has officially awarded the game with a PG certification, thus confirming the X2's Virtual Console distribution in that region. So if it wasn't clear enough: Mega Man X2 is coming to the Virtual Console.

Australia and North America tend to get Virtual Console releases weeks to months after Japan, so we can probably look forward to a late 2011/early 2012 release. No idea what's up with Europe, I'm afraid. Those folks are still patiently awaiting X1!

So if all the X-related merchandise wasn't enough to deplete your Zenny, be on the lookout for X2. Awfully lot of Mega Man X love lately, what with all the figures, trinkets and classic game re-releases. Gauging interest in something are we, Capcom? Hm...

Thanks for the tips, everyone.


  1. Gauging interest? No. Milking old work so they don't have to make anything new.

  2. First Anon said it best. I've touched on the gauging interest possibilities since back in 2009 on A lot of attention for the X series here and there, but nothing has come of it...yet.

  3. I'd like to believe they are gauging interest, but I've been getting a bit more skeptical over the last month. Be honest, if they wanted to gauge interst, Prototype Version wouldn't have been cancelled.

    I truly hope I'm wrong, but my gut tells me that they're steering Mega Man in the direction of catering only to the older, vocal minority. That means memorabilia to suck up the hardcore's recreational spending, and in games, cheap efforts that won't suffer for a lack of volume in their return, and generally no effort to bring in newer, younger fans, who could actually justify a decent investment to modern game development.

    Obviously it goes without saying that Mega Man is a perfect fit for a younger audience, but the marketing for him has been nonexistent pretty much ever since Battle Network ended, which was 5-6 years ago.

  4. Cool. I guess this means that there's only a matter of time until Rockman X3/Mega Man X3 makes its way to the Virtual Console. That's the one X game I'll be purchasing, since that version will have the original, unaltered music (unlike the X Collection version). Like I said months ago, the arranged track has grown on me over the years, but I still prefer the originals.

  5. @First Anon: Maybe you´re right.....UNLESS YOU CAN SAVE THE GREEN BIKER DUDE SOMEHOW!!!

  6. @kotipeltox

    Thats why prototype was canceled: They're making a new X game featuring the Green Biker dude!

    But in all seriousness, I'm pretty much in the same mindset as MegaMac. Fan's have been showing interest in a new X game for years, hell I remember some people were asking for a X9 /before/ X8 even actually came out. It's kinda just hit me, as a fan, that capcom doesnt really play to the fans hype unless they've already had plans for it, and even then, Prototype is a great example of this not happening.

  7. Can't really say anything that hasn't been said already, so I'll just agree with them: This isn't gauging interest, it's milking the fanbase.

    I'm sick of rebuying stuff. If they'd offer something new as well, that'd be one thing, but they're not.

  8. I used to give a f..., but i got an arrow to knee.:P

    Well doesn't hurt to have more publicty i guess, cuz this is as main-stream as it gets

  9. Big whoop, Crapcom's trying to get more cash by rehashing classic games.

    Thankfully, Nintendo, Sega, and other famous gaming companies aren't like Crapcom and are giving their fans new old games and fan favorites.

  10. It is gauging interest.

    Look at all the spike in MMX stuff coming out.

    Capcom's way of seeking out potential buyers. If things sell well enough, hello MMX9.

  11. Role said: "This isn't gauging interest, it's milking the fanbase... I'm sick of rebuying stuff."
    A.) Capcom is a business. To clarify for all you who don't seem to get it: the goal of a business is to make money. Any game company today not cashing in on their old IP's is insane. It's basically free money at this point.
    B.) Why are you rebuying stuff?

  12. @undamned: Money is very important to a business, but so is not pissing off your customers. Angry customers are much less inclined to give you their money, after all.

    Optimistically, they're just continuing their VC releases of past games...but with recent business practices, it wouldn't surprise me if they were just trying to avoid making new games or something.

  13. Might as well join the band wagon.

    As far as gauging interest, I'm not too sure anyone should get their hopes up, just yet. If you don't remember, a few years ago Capcom put out a good amount of Mega Man Legends related content also, from various cameo appearances, to ported games on the PSP. I don't think I need to explain what happened this year to the Legends franchise.

    Still, the main point is, one should remain skeptical, as far as expecting a new game(not speaking of Rockman Online). That way, if a new game ever happens to arrive, you'll get a cool surprise.

  14. @Musashi:

    And that's why Sega releases a new Genesis/Mega Drive collection nearly every year, and Nintendo's been doing Virtual Console stuff for years?

    And it's not like Nintendo doesn't completely ignore their big name franchises during special times and years either. *cough* Metroid has 25th Anniversary this year and F-Zero has 15th Anniversary this year, both franchises completely forgotten *cough*

    And don't get me started on Sega. When's the last time they released an actual new Virtua Fighter? A new Crazy Taxi? Space Channel 5? A traditional Phantasy Star RPG that doesn't use the garbage Universe and ZERO engine?

    We get it, dude. You're butthurt that Capcom's practically axed Mega Man from it's game quota. You don't need to keep repeating the same shit every time you come here.

  15. Good to see the games in Virtual Console, but I'd prefer a Mega Man series collection for Wii than games released separately...

    Of course, if one already has the game, why buy it again? This is more for newer players that didn't played the game yet. Yet, the way Capcom works, it's likely they have a criteria expecting it to be bought 10 times more than the amount it was for SNES, PS, SS, PC, mobile, and PS2 (MMXC)... If it's not download more than 10 billion times in a week, they will remove Zero from UMvC3 when they fix the mad Wolverine bug.

  16. @Musashi:

  17. @undamned: No shit, sherlock. I know how businesses work. I ALSO know the importance of PR and keeping the fanbase happy. Perhaps you should look that important part of business up? If you don't keep the client's happy with your product, they stop buying it. This is a basic aspect of business that should not ever be ignored.

    So yes, they need to make money. They also need to not alienate their customers. Remember what happened the last time they were said to be "Gauging interest in a series"? It wasn't pretty then, was it, having the rug pulled out from under you like that? They teased us and then punched us in the gut, and you expect us to just roll over and say "This is what businesses do"? No, it's not. This is how businesses screw up.

  18. @Amir

    I'm not butthurt, i'm just stating the facts. And aren't you trying to ingrone me? It sounds like you're not trying. Even for a Crapcom supporter...

    If you don't have anything nice to say, then shut the hell up and mind your language...

    Plus, THe companies I mentioned are WAY better than Crapcom, so I'm not butthurt about it, so shut the hell up Amir and try not to talk to me anymore, ok?

  19. @ Role:
    The context of this discussion is Capcom making money off of their old IPs. This is good business. You are so emotionally stirred by other things that Capcom has done that you took the conversation off topic into whining about PR. I said nothing about whether their PR is good or bad, so I don't know why you are crying to me about it. Unless you are going to make the statement that making money off of old IPs is bad business, we have nothing more to talk about within the context of this article.

  20. @Musashi/HeroManX/Alantor:

    "so shut the hell up Amir and [...]so shut the hell up Amir and try not to talk to me anymore, ok?"

    Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't YOU the one always going out of your way to attack HIM? For at least the past year, you've always been so quick to antagonize him whenever he stated his opinion about something, that was different from everyone else's.

  21. @Krazy Monkey

    He started this when I said other gaming companies are better than Crapcom. Like him, I'm stating my own opinions till he responded to me.

    So clearly, this time, he's the one who atanozied me this time.

  22. @Musashi:

    That's hilariously ironic.
    Seeing how anytime I ever post something on here, you're always barging in trying to be all "No you're wrong cause I say so" or "Don't listen to him, he supports Crapcom".

    Which also makes your whole "I'm not butthurt" statement so hypocritical. It's practically EVERY time you post, you're saying "Crapcom this, Crapcom that" and then shoving "Oh and Sega/Nintendo is better" comments near the end. Every single time.

    Big whoop, Capcom hasn't been giving Megaman the gaming support that it probably should. Sega and Nintendo have been neglecting a LOT of their big-name franchises for years. When's the last time you've seen a new F-ZERO? An actual new Pikmin? Hell, even Game & Watch Gallery games have disappeared off the face of the Earth, when they used to be a bi-yearly thing for the portables.

    Could Capcom be doing a better job at this? Yes. But constantly bitching about it doesn't help matters. In fact, it only gives the Megaman fanbase a worser reputation than it already has gotten thanks to all the drama since MML3's cancellation.

    And honestly, I'd rather give the company support and have hope something will happen in the future, than to boycott it entirely out of some childish spite, and then one day find out the whole company is gone for good.
    You, on the other hand, would love that. Seeing how you're like a little kid, changing your "favorite thing ever" practically every week and getting pissed off at it forever at the slightest alteration.

  23. @Amir

    Typical tough guy response.

    Let's not forget your rants on MegaMan Zero Collection remember that? You seemed to bitched about the game which sold pretty well.

    Also, you keep saying that the gaming companies I mentioned keep neglacting their products. Where's your proof, hmm?

    You don't have any proof to back up your opinion which you liked to turn into a fact.

    It is you who acts like a kid. I was stating my opinion and trying to ignore you till you responded to my post on this blog.

    Keep supporting Crapcom, Crapcom supporter and Nintendo and Sega and other gaming company hater...

  24. @Musashi:

    I'm going to answer your post, piece by piece. Maybe then you might gain the ability to read.

    "Typical tough guy response"

    Actually, any viewers would say that towards you. Seeing how all I'm doing is actually presenting what's going on, and you flipping out and going "CRAPCOM BAD! SEGA-NINTENDO GOOD! UR DUMB IF U SUPPORT CRAPCOM CUZ UR DUMB" to basically everyone. :3

    "Let's not forget your rants on MegaMan Zero Collection remember that? You seemed to bitched about the game which sold pretty well."

    Which were perfectly acceptable rants on things that were reasonable to complain about. I vented against the busted control scheme they tried to advertise as "fully customizable", I vented against it's really badly done screen resolutions (which, when people hacked the game, realized that the game was NOT emulated, but actually remade from scratch, meaning they had no realistic reason on why they did that bad compression shit), the lack of actual new content (MOD cards aren't new, Easy Scenario got bashed at HARSHLY for being WAY too easy, etc.), and how the JP version had US version changes (no blood, etc.).

    And selling well? It sold horribly. It didn't even break 100k, and it's now in bargain bins at EB Games/GameStop for $4.99 used and $6.99 brand new. With the way EB/GameStop does it's pricing policy, that means it REALLY did bad.

    "Also, you keep saying that the gaming companies I mentioned keep neglacting their products. Where's your proof, hmm?"

    Do you honestly think I have to go and look for that for you? Go outside for once and look in game stores. Do you see a new F-ZERO game on the DS or Wii? Or even a new Pikmin that is not just a re-release? Hell, when's the last time Sega made a brand new Jet Set Radio or Space Channel 5?
    It's not just Capcom who's neglected a few of their bigger name franchises. Hell, even Metroid has been neglected this year, and it's the franchise's 25th Anniversary much like Legend of Zelda.

    And thing is, I'm gonna keep supporting Capcom until they stop making products I'm willing to buy. They're still making high quality fighting games, fun survival horror-action titles, and amazing content for the Monster Hunter series.
    The funny note, is that if I were to tally up all the money I've spent for specific companies, Nintendo and Ubisoft would actually be the ones I've spent/supported on the most. XD

  25. I'd love to buy X2 on the Virtual Console. Please Capcom, bring it to Europe! And hurry up with X1 while you're at it.

  26. @Amir

    Where's your proof on Zero Collection being in bargin bins? Oh, that's right, they're in Canada cause you're too lazy to check them out.

    Also, you're good at making big white lies, namely your fake girlfriend, Yume.

    Plus, Street Fighter is overated. No wonder you're a Street Fighter fanboy. Fighting games are overated and hard due to their complicated controls.

  27. Actually, Musashi and Amir, Mega Man Zero Collection sold approximately 210,000 copies. But that's lifetime, worldwide sales. And still, not very good. At all.

    One thing we have to face as Mega Man fans is that Mega Man games typically do not sell in high quantity. They make profit because they are cheaper to produce and require shorter development cycles, the exception being Legends.

    For example, only 5 Mega Man games ever are "million sellers," including Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network 3, and Mega Man Battle Network 4. To put this in perspective, not a single one of these has sold as well as Sonic Heroes or Mario Party 5. Heck, even Shadow the Hedgehog, considered one of Sonic's worst games, has sold about on par with Mega Man X, considered one of the best games. Something is wrong, and we have to admit to it.

    Mega Man Legends sold roughly 120,000 copies, in lifetime worldwide sales. Legends 2, about 100,000. That is just bad. Bad enough to put a company in the red for quarterly earnings, especially since Legends cost more to produce.

    Anyhow, my point is, putting X2 on Virtual Console is hardly an offense to me. It's smart. If you have an old property, why not offer it on a service that is specifically made to cater to fans of old-school video games? Some people don't own the old SNES cartridge or the Collection discs, or simply like the simplicity of being able to digitally download the game and play it without any fuss.

    At any rate, I doubt we'll another X game. I think putting X2 is just for easy money. I don't think that's a bad thing though, putting the game out there is the smart thing to do. I only wish Capcom would offer more classic games for download, like Demon's Crest. Also, why would you say they aren't making anything new? What about Dragon's Dogma? Street Fighter X Tekken?

    I hope I'm wrong about releasing more Mega Man games, but I'm thinking Mega needs to shift a new paradigm to be relevant again, in the gaming public's eyes. He does have the benefit of a very dedicated fanbase, so I doubt Mega Man will ever "die."

    Besides, other fans have had it WAYYY worse than us. Shenmue fans are never going to get Shenmue 3. Earthbound fans had to wait until 2006 to get Mother 3, and it didn't even get an international release! Shining Force fans haven't had a traditional tactical RPG in ages.

    The last "official" Mega Man game we got was Mega Man 10, released in March, 2010. If I have to wait until 2012 or 2013 to get another game, I'd be fine with that, as long as it's quality product that appeals to me, the longtime fan. I highly doubt Capcom will come out of the blue to announce a new Mega Man game for any occasion, if an announcement comes, it will probably be for some kind of media event. Maybe they'll wait for E3 or Captivate 2012.

  28. @Musashi: Resorting to personal attacks now, are we? Also:

    "Fighting games are overated and hard due to their complicated controls."

    Your opinion is still not fact.

    @December 5, 2011 3:39 PM Anon:

    I'm sure that if Capcom LEARNED HOW TO ADVERTISE MM, sales wouldn't be as big of a problem. ;_;

  29. @Musashi:

    Aww, poor baby. Can't actually win in the debate so you resort to attempting to make personal insults instead? :3

    And what's with this "Where's your proof" bullshit? Go to any fucking video game store and chances are you'll find at LEAST one copy of the game in a ridiculously cheap price, used, and a seldom-cheap price brand new. I'm not wasting gas and time to go in every EB Games and GameStop in my city alone, and snap photos of their bargain bins just to show you that nobody fucking bought Zero Collection. XD

    And it's not my fault you suck at fighters, kiddo. SF4, MvC3 and the upcoming SFxT are perhaps the easiest fighters to play and get "good at", by far. So if you can't even play those games at a decent level, that's pretty sad.

    Then again... you were pretty horrible at Brawl, so that probably explains it. XDDDDD

  30. @ Radix

    That's...not exactly the point. Mega Man never was a big seller like Mario or even Sonic really. And Capcom did put a lot of advertisement focus, mostly when he was at his heyday--the late 80s and early 90s, when three of his "million selling" games came out (2, 3, and X). We saw several covers on Nintendo Power in the states, a cartoon series, appearance on Captain N: The Game Master, comic books, figures/merchandise and far more. In Japan, he had many more TV spots, short ads, manga, and so on.

    Had the games sold consistently more, like Sonic or Mario's numbers, they would probably afford more advertising budget, but you have to admit it does operate kind of like a cycle: if the record shows its a moderate seller, it gets moderate exposure. You can try to debate the point that if it were more heavily advertised, sales would be up, but it's not a direct correlation.

    Things haven't been that great for Mega Man's sales for a long time. I'm surprised how many games we've had. I've proudly brought almost all of my Mega Man games new right away at launch, but I get the feeling many others haven't done the same. You have to admit it's troubling when even the games we think of as successful hits didn't do that well in hindsight.

    For example, even after Mega Man's initial wave of popularity and media exposure (cartoons, magazine covers, and more), you'd expect sales to carry over well. But...

    Mega Man X: 1,190,000
    Mega Man X2: 450,000
    Mega Man X3: 300,000
    Mega Man X4: 220,000 (PS)
    Mega Man X4: 70,000 (Saturn)
    Mega Man X5: 200,000
    Mega Man X6: 160,000
    Mega Man X7: 140,000

    Things have been going downhill by quite a bit. It's troubling. The stark fall from X1 to X2 is certainly surprising. The issue is more than just "learn to advertise Capcom!" It's that Mega Man has traditionally not been a big seller. And with the game industry being stretched so thin these days (on one extreme, massive budget games like Mass Effect or cheap/free phone games like Angry Birds), the middle ground is disappearing quickly, which is unfortunate.

  31. @December 5, 2011 8:35 PM Anon:

    ...oh. :(

    Well, crap. I seriously doubt CoJ's going to bother with new paradigms and such when they've still got the assets to previous MM games lying around...

  32. If this had been a PSN release with trophies and stuff, I would jump on it. But man, I already have X2 on the SNES. I don't need another copy.


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