Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mega Man Perfect Harmony Demo Now Available

For those not in the know, Mega Man Perfect Harmony is an ambitious fan-made project by Rud of the Rocks Clan. The game not only mashes up the best elements of 8-bit era gameplay (with a few twists), but also includes four-player cooperative multiplayer. Now that the playable demo is out, I simply had to pass this along to you.

Perfect Harmony fills in that multiplayer hole Capcom has yet to rectify. Gameplay is incredibly authentic, dense, and just plain fun. Best of all? It works. By all means, don't take my word for it. Try it out yourself! You can download the playable demo at the Rocks Clan. There you'll also find full instructions on installation. 

As per usual, just about everything you see could change before the game's release. But so far, the game's pretty solid as is. We'll keep you posted when the full game hits!


  1. My main complaint is that Enker is nowhere near 8-bit.

    Despite my love for the first Megaman Killer, I think that Roll would have done better as the P4.

  2. Woah woah woah. Why is it this fangame gets a mention for it's demo but not others such as Chrono X?

    Also, I'm calling shenanigans on this game. Many elements do not feel 8-bit, as well as the fact that they have a melee attack which is VERY reminiscent to Zero's own. Dash feels X and Zero-ish as well. Also not liking that double jump feel.

    If they wanted the dash, melee, and double jump(ONLY Bass gets exception on the dash and double jumping business), it should've been a 16-bit X game, not 8-bit Classic. I refuse to consider this a Classic game. It needs a major revamp before I consider it one.

  3. @Anon 2:

  4. Am I the only one having trouble getting this game to work? Immediately after double-clicking the application, the logo shows up, and it suddenly stops loading and crashes.

  5. Interesting concept. Just... why Enker? I mean, he's an 8-bit dude, sure, but not exactly my first choice for a Player 4.

    Roll would've been better because of that "lethal joke character" thing.

  6. @Protodude: But CX gets no other mentions at any other time though. Which is why I am insanely confused by why PH is getting attention for the DEMO(key word demo) yet when CX does their's, they don't get a mention or anything. This is only PH's first, while CX is curently working on their 4th, and the 3rd was already pretty good quality. THAT'S what I'm taking issue with here.

  7. On that note why don't we ever talk about games similar to Mega Man? Like Rosenkreuzstilette?

  8. @anonymous:

    Could it just possibly be because this is what Protodude wanted to post about? *eyeroll*

  9. ^
    I assure you, my failure to talk about the game in full was not intentional. A lot of fan-related material gets passed my way, and unfortunately, I can't stay on top of it all.

    However, I will gladly promote future CX material from here on out; including not only demos, but other events such as CX-related contests.

  10. Makes me almost want to blatantly promote my game, but I'll at least wait until I get all the RMs programmed.

    Good to see you're at least willing to talk a bit more about Chrono X, though. They deserve it, methinks.

  11. Wow, some good fangames are being made lately. I think I'll download it right now.

    Don't worry, Protodude. We, at the Chrono X team, understand that you can be busy. Especially what with MegaMan's current situation, -- meaning that you're looking for some juicy MM-related news to report -- ,as well as any real-life obligations you have. Our team goes through similar obstacles in our lives, which is why demo4 is taking a bit longer than expected. Things happen, right?

    Honestly, we wanted to hold off until demo4 releases to showcase what we had, since it's miles better than the 3rd in every possible way.

    In any case, I can see why some fans would write these kinds of posts. We've expressed a desire to get our game known constantly on Facebook, and most fans know this. Some fans take it upon themselves to spread the word of our game, which can lead to this. Don't hold it against us, though. A few fans of any game is never a good indication of said game.

    Again, no pressure, Protodude. Keep up the good work with keeping us up to date with all the latest MegaMan news. I'm sure every MegaMan fan who reads your blog religiously, applauds your efforts for continuing to provide a well-informed news post.

  12. Sounds good. Just keep me posted about Demo 4. I'll set aside a post; no problem.

  13. lol whats will enker?

  14. its funny when you die then one of your friends will laugh at you then you start messing with his controller then he died too lol

  15. Why Enker anyway? Roll seems like a more fitting choice...

  16. Mind if I self plug, Protodude?!

    My site is nowhere near as popular as this rad blog, but I do try to focus on fan-made creations (although, I haven't made a post about Harmony yet!).

  17. I like what I see. While Enker isn't my first choice for P4, it works. Dude with a lance. I can dig it.

  18. Hey, my fault! Sorry guys, I had asked him from summer up until now, and he promised me a post several months down the line in order to avoid favoritism.

    Also, I uploaded a windowed version of the game just now, because I heard there were a few crashes for the full screen version, my apologies.

    For those of you who consider this more of a 16-bit game, it is a fan game that is the first in a spin-off series that takes place between the classic and X, tying the two together.

    Anyway, I spent every second of free time I had on this, hope everyone enjoys! XD

  19. @Danwilson808: dude.... never self plug -_- It's just not cool man. Especially when it's something that Protodude technically competes with.

  20. Crazy idea, but I think I'll talk about the demo.

    Maybe this is less overwhelming with more players, but in single player its too much "mash the fire button" and "welcome to bullet hell shooter".

    Character speed and jump are too fast and high (if you are shooting for authenticity there, if not then it still works, takes getting used to).

    Off screen killing/off screen enemy attacks really hurt the game, essentially forcing you to kill every enemy or risk ending up in an even worse bullet hell nightmare.

    Smoke Man looks more a mid-boss than a robot master, looks out of place next to the rest.

    There is potential here for sure, and I know a good number of my comments are being changes/fixed, along with other things (like screen transitions), but right now this doesn't feel like Mega Man.

  21. Oh also loved the character select screen. I just finished play some Namco X Capcom before I downloaded the demo, and thought I was hearing things in the character select screen, but nope that's an 8-bit rendition of the Opening Theme. Love it.

  22. I would like to try it, but I can't find the download link. The given link is a little bit on the non-functional side, and browsing the site itself gives no traces that it even exists in playable form...

  23. Okay, it's back! Rud had some minor adjustments he wanted to make.


  24. It tries to setup a video resolution lower than 640x480 pixels, probably 256x240 pixels full screen! That's weird! It should run in windowed mode, perhaps activating some 2x image resize.

    Other than that, well... not good, it's kinda early to say "it's accurate". The MM engine needs a lot of work.

  25. Not a bad attempt at a fan game, but so much hinders the gameplay, particularly in single player.

    #1. The stages are too long and too linear. Some creativity would be nice.

    #2. The number of enemies should vary depending on the number of players (as was the standard in the multiplayer arcade cabinets of old).

    #3. I can play most MM fan games seamlessly on my PC, but this thing lags like crazy.

    #4. Enemy shots shouldn't follow you indefinitely, it defeats the purpose of trying to avoid large clusters of enemies.

    #5. Any death in single player sends you alllll the way back. Mid-level save points please.

    #6. Enemies don't drop nearly enough power-ups. One health bar (enhanced, though it is) isn't nearly enough to get you through these levels.

    It's not a bad game, but for MegaMan, the initial approach is all wrong. Never put the gimmick before the foundation, it just doesn't hold up.

  26. I am in complete agreement with the first anon (who also has the first comment on here). The use of Enker as player 4 doesn't seem to fit, and Roll would have probably made a lot more sense.

    This does seem interesting, though, but I'm a bit... taken back by seeing the original Mega Man dash, wall-cling, and use a saber. And a lot of the graphics seem to clash.

  27. The only thing i´m gonna say is:

    Megaman + Power Metal = EPIC WIN!

  28. Okay, things just got a lot weirder.

    First, the download page was missing as mentioned. Now, the ZIP file is classified as virus "Win32:Dropper-EIH [Drp]" by avast!. Clearly, I was not meant to play this game.

  29. Eh, kind of disappointing. I'll refrain from complaining about Game Maker and how much ass it sucks (as that's not the designers fault, well, not completely the designers fault at least).

    But, there are way too many enemies. It's like a bullet hell, not a fun one. Usually, bullet hell games have a pattern you can learn to see and such, this does not. It's just random bullets everywhere.

    Secondly, that path to the left is a nice secret at Light's lab, but if your main character is anyone other than Bass you can't complete one of the jumps and as such you can't go there in Multiplayer.

    Just know that path to the left at Dr. Light's lab is the best level design you guys have in the game and good luck with the rest of the development.

  30. Seeing as people are suggesting fan games for protodude to pimp I want to suggest a game I fell in love with and was posted on rocksclan as well

    megaman co op by mafoosh
    It has a few issues but the game play is very spot on (Jumping, run speed, firing). It also emphasizes the co op aspect in having levels where you work together. The big issues right now are instadeathes (Too many) boss behaviors(No patterns yet) and some issues with the camera when one player dies (Being worked on).
    Mafoosh sadly doesn't have too many people commenting on his stuff or subscribing to his channel yet. Please support him because he is really good and is showing a lot of improvement as he goes along. Also he is willing to listen which a lot of game makers are not.

  31. Hey Protodude. I suggest another fangame you may like, it was made by someone named Maddrex and it's called the Mavericks series, a MegaMan X fangame series using RPG Maker 2003.

    Check out his Youtube page which is this.

    I promised you won't be disappointed.


  33. When I click the link to the website or the Download Link,it just sneds me to an ad. Help?

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