Sunday, November 13, 2011

Closer Look At Ultimate MVC3's "Mega Man X"

As you've no doubt heard by now, Mega Man X has been relegated to an alternate costume for Zero in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The news has caused a bit of controversy throughout the community, leaving many fans with a sense of bewilderment. It's unfortunate, but that's how Capcom chose to proceed. Sigh.

Tonight, we have a closer look at Zero wearing the skin of his comrade. Krisan Thyme and Global-Trance, the duo who hacked into the original MVC3, have unearthed victory pose portraits from early copies of Ultimate. Lo and behold, "Xero" was among the assets, pictured right. Click here for the Hi-res version.

Compared to Zero's victory portrait, you can see that it is clearly a skin. Same face; different skin tone and eyes. Unsurprising, all of the DLC costumes -- including Mega Man X -- are on the disc just waiting to be unlocked. No official word yet on the costume's release date or pricing, but that news is likely forthcoming. And for the record, no additional DLC characters have been found on disk. Make of that what you will.

More ripped Ultimate assets, including victory portraits of Tron, Zero, and Frank West in MMX outfit, available at Global-Trance's webspace here.

Source: Shoryuken


  1. Looks so cool. Dunno why they're so against having a Mega Man w/ his own moveset (and music!).

  2. Keep on trolling, Capcom.

  3. Already on disc?


    Then why do I have to pay for something that I already bought?

  4. F*ck the costumes there's a more pressing matter here. Did they not find any DLC characters or did Capcom actually learn from that mistake?

  5. @Anon:

    They did not find any DLC characters on the disc. Make of that what you will.

  6. @Protodude: Well crap... so we don't know if the DLC characters are already planned out or not... Although seeing as costumes already are I'll say they have some characters planned.

    Also Protodude perhaps you could try to help calm the masses over this a little? The one comment on the Zero/FW comment page mentioned us being little babies could really be hurting Megaman now and in the future, especially for the next Smash Bros.

  7. Of course there aren't any DLC Characters on the disc, they're saving them for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Arcade Edition.

  8. Okay, now why are they charging money for this? It would already be one thing if Mega Man X was a separate character slot and had a completely different moveset from Zero, but an alternate skin? You've got to be kidding me.

    "Dunno why they're so against having a Mega Man w/ his own moveset (and music!)."

    According to the producer, Mega Man apparently doesn't have enough variety, but as many people noted, that was nothing more than sorry, pathetic copout excuse to try justifying it.


    Capcom, no excuse for putting X alt costume on Zero! So much RAGE inside me!!!

  10. but Phoenix Wright has his own ridiculous moveset, why not have Megaman/X has his own... he can punch kick like any fighter can do and he can do anything with his buster too... THIS IS JUST PLAIN STUPID CAPCOM

  11. So Capcom says, "Hey, these kids really want Mega Man X. Let's put him in the game... as cheaply and with as little effort as we can. And then charge them extra!" But Xero looks better than Talbain. His supporters should be rightfully p****d.

  12. Whatever. Next move, Capcom.

    On a totally different note, let me say this so that P-Dude and everyone else takes it for future reference:


    I repeat.


    Very primitive, but that's how they roll. If no other extra content is found on the game, then it is it. MvC veteran Classic Mega Man is not in any (current) itineration of MvC3 as a different playable entity, with its own moveset and content. Nor is Mega Man X, which won a popularity contest for most wanted character in MvC3 and was relegated as al aternate, pay-to-unlock skin of Zero.

    *sigh* can we now focus on other stuff? I mean, actual Capcom-related MM news are very bumming these days...

  13. Well someone there brought up a good point on the "on-disc" issue. Otherwise how would you play people who have costumes you haven't downloaded?

  14. @Musashi

    What about SSF4's Arcade Edition DLC, none of that was on the disk. Same with the later costume packs.

  15. I'm not really surprised with disc-locked DLC, Capcom is notorious for this kind of stuff, especially Niitsuma. I think Ono is actually starting to understand the appropiate use of DLC, but again, Japan doesn't like DLC very much so while aggravating, it's a bit understandable.

    It's a tad bit annoying though since MvC3 caters mainly to the West anyways, so you'd think even if Japan is against it, they'd adopt a business plan that applies to the main audience it's targeted towards.

    I'm not really sure if the whole Marvel license is a problem for post-release content. But UMvC3 is definitely the reason vanilla had terrible post-release support.

  16. WOW!... Is X looking good, or is X looking GOOD!? XD


    (o.O......... X with a Zero face......?)

    But yeah, at this point I'm still not sure whether to be happy he's in the game in some form, or still really bummed that X isn't a character and is now just something Zero can "slip into"... it's going to be very, VERY interesting to see what Capcom will do now.

  17. True, extremesonic. Then there is still some hope for A Mega Man getting in the game. Only one that really would please everyone at this point would be Classic Rock (pardon pun) himself. It would provide more than a feeling (okay, I'll stop), it would provide some bloody least for now. They'll have to apply a lot more salve to heal all these wounded fans.

    Pssh...and then I remember what Sven said. "we all need thicker skin". No, I think we explained time and time again what we need. They had 12 slots to play with. Couldn't have been to hard to add the two top Marvel and Capcom characters from all these polls to one spot of each side. Then do as you will with the other 10. Rocket Raccoon? Interesting! Strider? Thank you!

  18. @extremesonic:

    I was not aware that Capcom does have certain games where DLC is done right. That is very good. But then again, why are they still releasing games with fake DLC, when they know how to make DLC right?

  19. As Axem White already mentioned, Ryota Niitsuma said zero had the more favorable move set for this style game. I don't see how people are now shocked about what they've known for over half a year (January 24, 2011).

    MusashiAA said, "CAPCOM DOES NO DLC. JUST PAY-TO-UNLOCK IN-GAME CONTENT." Uh, no. Somebody was able to unlock Jill and Shuma on vanilla MVC3 and they were found to be incomplete. Somewhat playable, but incomplete. It was posted on back before those characters were available for DLC (link seems to be down, but info archived HERE).

  20. I don't see how you could make X's face any more different. It looks just fine to me.

  21. @ MusashiAA

    Don't sweat it. For most of their games, it's just like you said, you just pay to "unlock" content.

    They have been doing this for years. I don't see why the fans are so surprised about it.

    MM Battle & Chase has Duo on the disc.

    Misadventures of Tron Bonne has servbot #41 on the disc.

    MM9 and MM10 have the DLC already within the game itself.

    The Battle network games have the special event/ promo chips already within the game itself.

    It's smart and cost effective on Capcom part because they don't have to host files for you to download. The downside for the consumer is obvious (paying for what we technically already have). But one upside about this on the consumer end is that this "DLC" will not get lost or become rare over time due to it no longer being available for download.

    Things like an action replay can give you access to such content (if you know how), which is what I did with the games mentioned above (haven't used such software on the 360, Wii, or PS3 yet though).

    As for UMvC3, what's on the disc may be all there is unless they planned ahead for actual DLC (very possible but I doubt they did), or they have another upgrade/revision to the game.

  22. first off, the link to the zero portrait is broken.

    second, on disc DLC. really capcom? mega man aside, that's just wrong no matter who the company is.

  23. Pfff, it's just symbolism about how X wants Zero inside him. Deal with it, people.

  24. I'm hearing rumors that this X costume actually will have has different win quotes and a different voice actor. If these rumors are true, perhaps this costume won't be as bad as we thought?

  25. "And for the record, no additional DLC characters have been found on disk."

    Now I'm sad. :C

  26. @November 14, 2011 11:18 AM

    You've spoken all our minds.

    But seriously though: This is pushing the bill a tad bit too far. Either Capcom hired someone new who has no idea what they're doing or they're desperate to be a hated company: Right now nothing that they're doing makes ANY sense from a business standpoint.

  27. "MM Battle & Chase has Duo on the disc.

    Misadventures of Tron Bonne has servbot #41 on the disc.

    MM9 and MM10 have the DLC already within the game itself.

    The Battle network games have the special event/ promo chips already within the game itself."


    *anger let out*

    Good god. Of course the data for the event chips/cards was there in BN/SF games. Because if you encountered those cards the game had to be able to recognize them. And the game didn't do updates.

    PS1 games didn't do updates, thus thats why they had the data there, so that when you did the way to unlock it, it unlocked without a problem.

    Pokemon does it too you fool! How do you think you can go online and battle other people who have event pokemon you don't have such as Mew? BECAUSE THE GAME ALREADY HAS THE DATA IN IT SO THAT IT DOESN'T F*CKING CRASH WHEN YOU DO FIGHT IT AND BECAUSE GAMEBOY-DS GAMES DONT UPDATE.

    God people. Megaman 9-10 was probably so that leader boards could be read without issue, I don't know you'd have to ask Capcom.

    And think this through. IF Capcom DID NOT put the DLC costumes in, the game would require an update when they DID release them. There probably will be updates when new DLC stuff comes out so the game can freaking read it.

    Now calm the f*ck down. You know Capcom isn't the only company that plans DLC before a games release so don't be getting on their backs like as though they are the only ones.

  28. @Kips

    According to GiantBomb (and iMDB) Ryota Niitsuma was involved with the direction of the following games:

    -Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes
    -Street Fighter IV
    -Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
    -Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

    The sad thing is that very likely tomorrow Capcom will be rewarded with sales of UMvC3 from rabid fighting game addicts who are more than willing to part with $40 for what is, in all seriousness, not worthy of a separate release.

  29. @ Stealth Woman: I doubt those rumors are true.

    While it would be closer to actually bringing X in as a separate character, it seems like it would be completely unnecessary for one DLC costume to get all that while other costumes don't do that (to my knowledge). Not only that, but I doubt Capcom would even lift a finger to give the fans that much for wanting X in-game.

    But indeed, I will agree that this is a bit of a botched attempt at pleasing the X fanbase, even if it is something.

  30. Classy Crapcom did it again. Meh, I don't care for what they do any more. If they want to release a game called Mega Troll, MOAR DLC Fighter or Resident Capcom, leave the noobs alone to their own stupidity until they fall.

    Don't feed the Capcoms! XD

    Talking about DLC, no hints of Doc Ock showing up?

  31. Ryu's win portraits are like "Feels good man.." XDDDD

  32. @Saito Volnutt

    Those rumors aren't too unbelievable. I heard other alts are getting unique dialog and win quotes. But most of the other alts are just different looks for the same characters. Zero's alt is a full-on different character. So maybe it's not too much of a stretch to believe Capcom would give the X alt a different voice.

    Then again... this is Capcom... there aren't even alternative colors for the costumes as far as I know.

  33. @November 14, 2011 2:01 PM Anon

    Yeah, But again, that's terrible marketing: You're appealing to one set group and driving away another, When that's the exact opposite of what you want to do: You dont want to drive ANYONE away.

  34. @ Anon # 10

    Wow. Dude, seriously. You need to calm down. You missed the point of my post.

    I already know why the data is already within the game. And there were systems before the ones you mentioned that were update-able in some form or another. And even if, they weren't, that doesn't mean that the game itself can't be updated as a separate release (many companies have done that. It's nothing new).


  36. Eyes not the same. That is all!

  37. Sorry to the haters, but while I'm a huge lifelong MM fan, I'm also a fighting game fan. Come midnight tonight, I'm getting Ultimate MvC3. And when the X DLC alternate is out, I'll be getting it too (along with the Spencer one and a couple others, maybe all of them, as they're all pretty good for the most part).

    Consider this my way of supporting MegaMan.

  38. Screw Capcom. Time to buy a GameShark and unlock those DLCs! >:D

  39. @ November 14, 2011 3:23 PM Anon:

    Now that I've had the chance to look into the rumor itself (*guessing it came from Joystiq*), I've found out that some DLC costumes have special dialogue, so that at least isn't farfetched. And yeah, Zero's DLC X costume is basically a whole new character design.

    So, more or less, Capcom probably went partially out of its' way to bring X in some form into the game. However, bringing in a different voice actor for it might be going too far. (Even then, it probably won't be that hard for Johnny Yong Bosch (Zero's VA) to have a different voice set for X, since it's still technically Zero he's voicing.)

    As far as alternate colors go for the X costume, I'm pretty damn sure Capcom can get ideas from X's armors in his series. Either that or Capcom can keep half-assing shit as per standard plan of action when it comes to pleasing fans.

  40. There's not going to be any DLC characters, guys. T_T if there were chances are the BradyGames guidebook would have that info already. Capcom's been really sloppy with hiding the new characters- trust me, if there were 'DLC' characters, if they're pulling the 'DLC' characters off the disk too, just like the 'DLC' skins.

    Hate on Capcom is raging within me. They will never get my money ever again, of this I assure you.

  41. @Dhylec

    I don't mean to call you out, but you typify why we can't have nice things...

  42. @ November 14, 2011 1:59 PM anon:

    okay, so you can't update the old games. fine. can't help that.

    but charging someone for something that they already have? you're just allowing them to have access to it, when they already had the item to begin with. look up some of these things online. one guy was playing as Bass on the wii version of MM10 the very day the game came out because he used a cheat. bass is fully in the game already. the only thing you're paying for is an unlock key.

    would you like to buy a house, with some rooms locked, and then have to buy the keys to those rooms as well? why should you? you already paid for them when you bought the house and they're already there! however, had you bought a house with all rooms available, and you needed more rooms, you could have some ADDED ON.

    DLC: Down Loadable Content. the only content you're downloading is a key to unlock what's already there.

    as i already said, mega man aside, that's wrong no matter the company.

  43. Dhylec said...
    "...while I'm a huge lifelong MM fan, I'm also a fighting game fan."

    Wordup, Dhylec. The bitter fans not buying the game represent about .0001% of the buyer base, because the rest of us MM fans will be happily enjoying UMVC3. Not buying UMVC3 as a "statement" to Capcom doesn't even register. Your bitterness is insignificant.

  44. @WolfShadow: Wrong. Mortal Kombat and the original MvC3 both had guides.

    Mvc3's only detailed KNOWN DLC, aka the costumes already announced, whihc there was none, as well as Shuma and Jill. Mortal Kombat's was the same as well.

    And look at Mortal Kombat. It got FOUR DLC characters and guess what. NONE were detailed in the guide.

    Let me say that again. NONE OF THEM WERE GIVEN IN THE GUIDE. And no one expected Freddy Krueger to be a characer as a result so don't even begin.

    Capcom most likely wants to have some surprises, thus not saying anything about characters.

    @ Nov 15: 10:41 AM Anon:

    But see there's your problem. If Capcom didn't do on disc, it means that they'd have to do an update, meaning the data would end up in your system for the costumes still. Maybe not as much as on the disc, but still an update. Which is why they just shoved it on disc. Easier, doesn't waste their dev teams time, nor yours.

    Think about it. You can either a) Pretty much get the costume instantly and go play or b) Wait for an update to download, then wait for whatever else of the costume you need to download, and then go play.

    I'll take a over b any day.

    And tell me though. Yes Bass was in game, who knows why. Maybe it was just easier to do, who knows. But then again it's also the WiiWare version we're talking about here. Maybe some constraint by Nintendo forced them too, since he was in the instruction manual as well. But your also ignoring the fact that the three special stages and Endless Attack Mode WERE NOT included in game. So it may have been easier just to include it.

  45. @Wolfshadow: I heard that Capcom's waiting for the UMvC3 sales to come in before they consider future DLC. Many people are planning on buying the game, so I guess there's a tiny sliver of hope?

  46. Well considering the fact that X has used a saber in 2 (perhaps more) games, I consider this a win for MM fans. I can finally have the X vs Zero battle I have imagined since the announcement of MvsC3.

    To the whiners bashing this all I have to say is that it could just be saving character slot space to make X and Zero in the same spot, and as long as he says lines X would say I could care less if its the same voice actor (considering the fact the original voice actors are Japanese, they never sound right in English to begin with).

  47. people above me can go suck megatwat's metalic dick

    you people allways have aspurgers when it comes tp dlc'

    megaman cause 9/11


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