Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zero Collection Goes Budget In Japan

Just one year after its release, Rockman Zero Collection is heading back to market under a new budget price.

On April 21, 2011, Rockman Zero Collection will be re-released under Capcom's "New! Best Price!" label, priced at 2,000 Yen (roughly $23.95 USD). The game itself will remain unchanged from its original 2010 release, save for a slightly alternate packaging.

Usually, Capcom does these best price things in groups so it's a little odd to see Zero Collection all by its lonesome; where's Operate Shooting Star's budget re-release? No sign of that at the moment, but do recall the game was already marketed far below the standard DS game price tag... that and it wasn't a hot seller to begin with.

News Credit: @Rockman Unity


  1. Hmm, that's a pretty reasonable price for a hit game like RockMan Zero Collection. Hell, I still have that english game, MegaMan Zero Collectuin and managed to beat all 4 games in it, save for Easy Scenario Mode and the Mod Cards and changes it has was pretty sweet.

    Anyway, this is great news for newcomers to MegaMan Zero or RockMan Zero fans who can't afford it or are too lazy or their parents don't have time to get, or they they didn't have time to get it.

  2. Anyone who wanted this game would have had it by now.

    Seeing it reduced is pointless, since it can be found for $5-15 in a lot of stores, even in Japan.

  3. @Amir: Not everyone has the games already. I certainly did not until I got Zero Collection.

    You have to admit, it is nice for the new folks out there who don't have the originals, or for those who lack a GBA or a DS with a GBA slot.

  4. I wanted this game.
    I don't have it.

    Maybe I just didn't want it enough?

    Only true wanters have this game by now?

  5. @Dr. Jerk:

    I mean, if someone was wanting to get Zero Collection, they'd have gotten it already by now.

    I mean, it's been out for almost a year, I think, right...? I dunno, I personally thought it was a waste, seeing how it had basically no new bonus content. (MOD Cards are not new, they were in JP version)

  6. @Amir: I was referring to the original release.

  7. I don't have it either and I want it!

    I guess I didn't want it bad enough!


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