Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage Rockman Puzzle Unearthed

Thought this was pretty neat, considering I (and many of you) are pretty big fans of vintage Rockman goods...

Currently up for bidding on good ol' Yahoo Auctions Japan, a sealed Rockman jigsaw puzzle set from 1991. '91 marked the beginning of the blue boy's merchandising career (coinciding with Rockman 4), so it's possible we're looking at one of the very first pieces of official Rockman merch. in the franchise's twenty three-year history... Unopened, no less.

When completed, the 300-piece puzzle forms a rather snazzy image of Rockman posing with Eddie and Rush while Dr. Wily looms in the background. The puzzle measures in at 260x380mm or roughly 10x15 inches.

Pricing isn't too bad... at least without import and proxy fees. Currently, it's going for 3,000 Yen ($36.80 USD). That price will go up depending upon your location and proxy bidding service of choice (Rinkya and the like).

If you've got the means to do so and would like to add this item to your collection, you can bid on it right here.


  1. hey i hope it's not to late to ask this sorry if it's unrelated but, i want to kno if anyone sent there art for the megaman book if it can have many entris in one email or does it have to be separeted, thank you. and by the way i like that puzzle it looks awesome i hope its not the only on cuz i want X3

  2. Anon:

    I think it would be best to put entries in one e-mail. That way, UDON won't count you as multiple persons.

  3. Great puzzle, very interesting. Thanks to this.


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