Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Game Center CX Features Rockman 4

The latest episode of Game Center CX aired in Japan last week, and Rockman 4 headlined the popular segment "Arino's Challenge" in which host Shinya Arino attempts to best a classic video game, or meet a set challenge.

The Rockman 4 portion, broken into three parts, is available to watch online, albeit in raw Japanese format. Thankfully, Arino's shenanigans transcend the language barrier, making the experience enjoyable for all. Part one's below; hit up this link here for the rest!


  1. I LOVE Game Center. Awesome!

  2. Oh sweet, this show IS still on! The DS games are really amazing too, btw.

  3. I don´t know why but I feel kinda offended watching an "455hole" knowing a cr4p about beating toad man, the easiest boss of this awesome game.

  4. I don't know which is more sad. The fact that he died so many times at the easiest boss in all of Mega Man.. Or.. that I know half of what he is saying from watching TV shows and Anime.... ._.;


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